E.T. debunks Nibiru and Annunaki

CR 227/700


There are very clever people on the Earth who assert that the solar system consists of twelve planets, whereby the Sun and the Earth’s Moon are also counted as planets.
And since until now only the nine planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are known – therefore nine – yet another planet is made up and added with the name of Niburu, and further labels such as Anus, Planet-X, Marduk, Phaeton, Olam, Vulkan and Persephone, and so forth.
So, together with the Sun and the Earth’s Moon, and Niburu, the stupid thesis of twelve planets in the solar system is supposedly proven.
The Anunnaki people supposedly lived on Niburu and they supposedly gave all kinds of help to the Earth humans.
As a young wandering planet, the planet Niburu – as it is asserted today – was supposedly captured by our solar system around 4,000,000,000 years ago, and – always according to this assertion – it then developed.
Niburu is meant to have thereby penetrated into the inner solar system and effected, respectively, evoked, certain alterations of the inner planets and moons before it disappeared again to then become aligned into an orbital period of 3,600 years.
And – in opposition to that which corresponds to the truth, that the Earth fundamentally formed from material from space, from gas, planetoids, and so forth, and that the Earth’s Moon, as a satellite from your space-time configuration, was captured by the Earth – it is asserted that the Earth had been a part of the planet Tiamat and our Moon was once the largest moon of Tiamat.
Niburu’s last pass through the solar system supposedly occurred about 160 years before Jmmanuel’s birth.
What is to be made of all that?
110. These stories are known to me, because I have studied diverse ancient terrestrial texts, also including many cuneiform tablets, among others.
111. That is why I know that the humans in Akkadia, Babylon and in Sumer already knew the planets of the solar system, and so forth.
112. However, that which emerges from old texts regarding the Annunaki and the planet Niburu is based on mythological facts as well as beliefs, misguidance and erroneous assumptions.
113. The Annunaki beings were a pure imagination of the Earth humans, who, full of fantasy and according to their beliefs, fabricated the “Annunaki people from the planet Niburu”, as the giant shape in the sky appeared, which truly did not deal with an actual planet, rather it concerned an uncommonly big comet, which actually does have an orbital period around the solar system of around 3,600 years.
114. That therefore only entered as myth into the imagination of the ancient Earth humans. Indeed, it truly never existed, because the comet is not in a position to bear human life.
115. It must be said in addition to that, that the designation Phaeton is completely wrongly used, because Phaeton was the planet which was destroyed by its inhabitants, namely Malona, which shattered into thousands of pieces and today forms the asteroid belt.
116. Regarding the planet Malona, respectively, Phaeton, it is also wrongly asserted that that was the planet from which the Earth and its Moon arose.
117. Tiamat, namely, is a designation born of an old Earth language, for the planet Phaeton, respectively Malona, which was destroyed through human irrationality.
118. Now the only thing still to say is that a big planet, with great speed, on the other side of the Sun, orbits the star and can therefore never be seen from the Earth.
119. It deals thereby with an uninhabited planet which we have given the name “Kathein”, which, however, will drift out of the solar system in the time to come.
120. But that does not concern the aforementioned comet.
121. And apart from that there are yet two different belts on the other side of the orbit of Pluto, in which comets and wandering planets move, a great number of which penetrate into the inner solar system at regular, periodic – albeit sporadic – intervals.
122. Thereby diverse ones of these can also sporadically endanger the solar planets, which, again and again, at greater intervals in time, also leads to comets actually impacting with planets.



CR 257

Thank you for your execution. – I have one more question that refers to the Hale-Bopp comet: Is this really the comet that caused excitement in Egypt about 3600 years ago and about which different things were written as ‘Nibiru’ at that time and which is also called Nubiru and Unis? By the way, I mistakenly wrote UNI instead of UNIS in the bulletins. UNI is another world body in our solar system, which has nothing to do with the comet UNIS or Nibiru/Nubiru, if it really is this one.
145. It is correct that the Hale-Bopp comet is the comet Nibiru known since ancient times.
Then again a question about the appearance of the comet in this year and the circulating assertion that the ‘gods’ should return to earth with this comet.
146. I have already explained in detail that all these assertions and speculations correspond to complete nonsense, as does the assertion that the comet is directed by the ‘Gods’ or that the comet has any influence on Earth or Earth humans or any other earthly life-forms.

147. If any influences occur in connection with the comet in terrestrial humans, then these are absolutely and without any doubt based on delusional and pathological imaginations, which are in no direct connection with the comet.

3 thoughts on “E.T. debunks Nibiru and Annunaki

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  3. This is interesting. Reads like the TV show soap. However! The question still stands and many mysteries have a strong symbolism written as history. EI: the bible. And the first moon landing an act. Oh Well! Until aliens come and say “Hello Earthlings.” I’ll stick to TV.


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