Loch Ness monster and her family

CR 230/720


We spoke once about the Ness Sea, therefore Loch Ness in Scotland, in connection with so-called Nessie, whereby it is supposed to deal with a saurian, for which, however, up until now, no proof of existence could be brought forth.
But you have said that such an animal does actually exist in Loch Ness and that all that, therefore, it is not about a fairy tale.
I would like to see the beast.
Can you take me to it sometime?
109. Actually, two parent animals and a young do exist.
110. It thereby deals with an aquatic predatory saurian, therefore about Plesiosaurus which have sustained themselves for many generations.
111. However, proving their existence will be very difficult, because the animals themselves only seldom make their way into the higher waters, or even to the waters’ surface in such a way that they can be sighted.
112. We have observed these distant saurian descendents for many years and have, during the course of our research, also found petrified fossils of their distant predecessors, which we left where we found them where they will perhaps be found some day by terrestrial palaeontologists or other Earth humans.
113. Naturally I will take you there so you can see the animals, however you must not make that public for the next 12 years


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