Shroud of Turin? Bold faced lie

CR 415


That too was said in the television program. Okay, then still the question about the shroud, the so-called Shroud of Turin, which is claimed to be a shroud that carries the image of Jmmanuel alias Jesus. However, about this you once told me that it would be an image of an Italian merchant.


9. That is correct, because the shroud does not show the image of Jmmanuel, but that of a merchant from Turin/Italy, called Caesar Canova.

10. The shroud was made by the brother of the deceased, Luciano Canova, an alchemist.

11. The process took place on 7 June 1324 and lasted until 10 June, i.e. 4 days.

12. During this, the procedure was not such that the shroud was placed on the deceased and the latter was rubbed with chemicals, as is often claimed, but it was a very early form of photography, whereby the corpse was placed vertically in front of a large glass lens, through which the image was then projected for four days through an effect of sunlight onto a large fabric surface soaked in chemicals in a dark room, after which the shroud was then treated with silver nitrate and the image became in that way visible and retained.

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