Earth’s SETI Advertising Called Stupid by Alien

CR 578


I can understand that. Thanks for your explanation. But what I still want to ask: So you have clarified that there is no danger from this Earth-foreign grouping for you Plejaren and for the Federation. Should I assume according to this declaration that it can be dangerous to get in contact with any Earth-foreigners or aliens? To find contact to extraterrestrials, that is what the Earthlings have been trying to do for decades, especially through the SETI program, in which a probe with information about the Earth and the Earthly humanity was shot out into space.


57. I know this, and it is effectively a profound stupidity of the earthly scientists responsible for it, because it cannot be foreseen what kind of Earth-foreigners will be when they get hold of the SETI-probe.

58. Civilizations of foreign planets, both in the Milky Way and in other galaxies, are not necessarily peaceful-minded and are conquering other habitats or worlds they colonize in war.

59. And yet, among these conquerors there are often quite barbaric beings who are in no way inferior to the Earth human beings in terms of similar machinations, as they are peculiar to them, if religious mania and sectarianism are left out of the equation, for in this form we know of no Earth-foreigners who have degenerated in terms of religious sectarian belief as the majority of Earth human beings.

60. Therefore it is particularly stupid and irresponsible what was started with the SETI program, because if one day the probe falls into the wrong hands, it can become quite bad for the earthly humanity and lead to disaster.


The responsible earthlings know everything better, but maybe there will be a comprehensive and huge catastrophe on Earth due to overpopulation before the SETI probe is found by alien conquerors. And there is no doubt that this catastrophe is already pre-programmed by the ever-increasing overpopulation and its effects on nature, its fauna and flora, the climate as well as on the planet itself and in relation to everything that is necessary for the life of mankind.

5 thoughts on “Earth’s SETI Advertising Called Stupid by Alien

  1. I think you will find that rather than SETI itself being called stupid it was the act of sending the probe out into space with an invitation and our info on it that was stupid.


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