That which we witness, we are forever changed by, and once witnessed, we can never go back

Sighting Report

(Telephone call, 13th April 2002, 21:46 and 22:13, in the presence of Madeleine, Hans-Georg and Freddy)

“Mr. Meier, I know you on the one hand from seeing you and on the other hand through television reports, newspaper reports and journal reports. About three months ago there was also a report about you in a Thurgau daily newspaper. But the reason why I am only calling you today is that we had to think for a long time whether we should say anything at all about what I am about to tell you. Furthermore, and this is actually the main reason why I am only telephoning you today, I and my two companions first had to process our experience to such an extent that we can understand what we actually saw with our own eyes. I would like to tell you, Mr. Meier, honestly that we never believed in UFOs and thought you were a nutcase. And we honestly thought other things about you. We are very sorry about that today, because through our experience we have gained a different picture of you, so we think today that the things you say are true and that the stories about you are told, written and broadcast on television. But now I would like to come to why I am calling you so late in the day:

It was 14th March, three weeks ago. When I came here early in the morning, from Dussnang/TG via Sitzberg and Schmidrüti, at about 06:10, together with a colleague from work and my brother, I drove to work in my car in the Zurich Oberland. We saw a large, disc-shaped UFO with a fairly strong yellowish-white glow, flying from the south over the Schmidrüti army complex towards the north at an altitude of only about two or three hundred metres. In order to be able to observe the UFO better, which we estimated to be at least five metres in size, we stopped at the left-hand bend on the hill above Schmidrüti, from where you can look down on a large lumber yard and a biotope, got out of the vehicle and observed that no sounds of animals could be heard and also no sound of the object, which suddenly lost height quickly and seemed to fall down to the farmhouse Hinterschmidrüti, shining brightly and then just suddenly disappearing, without could see or hear anything. At first we actually thought that the UFO had crashed, so we climbed over the gate on the hill of the Hinterschmidrüti farm and walked forward to check. But apparently everything was all right, because the homestead was in its place unharmed, and there was no sign of the UFO. Do you, Mr. Meier, have an explanation for this, because first of all you deal with such things, and secondly it was the house of the FIGU association, where you live, over which the UFO crashed and suddenly disappeared. Unfortunately, we cannot talk about our experience with anyone in our circle of friends and acquaintances, because with everyone we know, we would only make ourselves ridiculous, as we know from earlier statements, when such things were discussed. But since we still cannot really cope with and understand what we have experienced despite all our efforts, not even our wives, to whom we have of course told everything, we would like to talk to you about it. However, we do not dare to come to you in Hinterschmidrüti, which is why we would like to talk to you about everything at our home, or somewhere in a restaurant, if we could meet at a certain place. We would be very grateful for that.”

S.u.H. Sch./R. M./Switzerland

… Well, what do you say?
4. What shall I say to that?
5. The whole thing is true.
6. It’s what happened.
That’s all there is to it, I mean why did you do it? People got quite a scare and still are not over it, as I was told on the phone. First there was the story with the Pirgler, and now this.
7. I have already observed the three men on various occasions.
8. For years they have been driving their vehicles regularly at the same time on the road above the centre, except Saturday and Sunday, as I have noticed.
9. So I was interested to know what kind of people they are, so I took the liberty of listening to their conversations in their vehicle.
10. I noticed that they also talked about you and the centre and that your explanations regarding the contacts with us were probably just stupid inventions and fantasies etc., as well as your photographic material regarding our aircraft could probably be nothing more than fakes.
11. Somehow this annoyed me, so I decided to find a way to prove the three men wrong.
12. So I came up with the glorious idea of how you used to say that the next time I come to you in the early hours of the morning, I will fly by visibly and slowly for the three of them.
13. I actually did so on the 14th of March at 06:10, in which I enjoyed the amazed and disbelieved faces of the three men when I gave them my short demonstration.
14. But the three were not the only ones who were able to observe my flying machine, for there were two other people in Schmidrüti at this early time, each one separately, however, who will with complete certainty keep silent about what they saw, for I have found with both of them that they are afraid of making themselves ridiculous, because they have been calling you a swindler and a nutcase since you came to live here and now they do not want to revise their opinion of you in public.
15. You would call that cowardice.

CR 326

title of post is quote by Angeles Arrien

But wait, there is more to the story!  The aftermath…

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