When ETs use Jedi mind tricks

CR 31 of 766

11. Your lines of thought are often very difficult to detect.
12. But now take a look at this equipment here, which we have developed specifically to provide you with better photographic possibilities.
13. You can simply put your camera against this screen and take photos of the outside.
14. As you see, you can also look through this transparent material and see the outside, just as if it was a simple glass window.
15. The device next to it however generates multiple radiations, which make visible or simply preserve the existing colour shades, etc., of the objects, so that they may be captured on film.
16. In this manner you will be able to produce good colour photos… or so we hope.
17. From our side we have another camera, which is very similar to yours.
18. If you give me a film, I can help you with this second camera.
Of course… but I am surprised, because as you already told me once, you use a completely different technique to create photographic images. But now you suddenly come with a matching camera.
19. (laughing silently) The camera is a product of your technology, and it was acquired by one of us.
You surprise me; you must have gone into our villages or cities then.
20. Is that so strange?
I always see you in your suits, and with these clothes neither you nor any of yours could step into the eyes of the dear Earth people.
21. Sure, but we also have clothes of your type.
22. We need these because we move amongst you here and there, naturally shielded from swinging waves, so that we won’t be harmed by the swinging waves of the Earth-humans.
23. However, we can only do this for a short period each time.
That doesn’t really surprise me, but why don’t you go out with me sometime, then?
24. We can reach an agreement about that sometime.
That was quick, however we have the so-called police, who often for whatever whim, will check on people. How will it be, if someone asks for your identity papers?
25. You have many questions, but don’t worry about it.
26. We don’t have identity papers of your kind, because we don’t need such things in that form.
27. Should it happen however, that we get asked for such documents, then we are able to adjust this by influencing thoughts.
28. This adjusting takes place through the power of our thoughts, by which a mock appearance is created for the concerned questioner and information from actual persons of your world are simulated for him/her.
29. An eventual police officer, etc., would thereby get the impression that he/she had some documents in hand, etc., and that he/she was verifying them.
That is deceit, Semjase.
30. No, it deals only with the creation of a hallucination, if you want to call it that.
I understand, so let’s leave that.

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