Size of and distance to our galaxy’s Black Hole

CR 227
Billy: Nevertheless, let’s leave this, Quetzal, and talk about something else. Tell me: if I remember correctly, you told me some time ago that there are different so-called black holes, and these would vary from small to enormous. I talked with a visitor about the black hole of our galaxy and was then asked how big the actual core of the black hole of our galaxy, i.e. our Milky Way, is. This one specifically asked about the actual core and not about the total extent or total size.

So I gave the answer, which I had recalled in accordance with your explanation, that the diameter amounts to 17 light hours. One told me that this probably had to be a mistake because black holes, if these should actually exist, would have to be much bigger and would comprise light years. But the black hole of our galaxy, as you said, comprises only 17 light hours in the core, while only the outer and radiating area is to be measured in light years.

Quetzal: 22. Your answer was correct.

Billy: I’m glad about that. A wrong answer would have probably led to the fact that one would have accused me that I had made up something.

CR 237
Billy: Our scientists of astronomy say that the central Milky Way sun is about 45,000 light years away from us. But you’ve explained to me that this is an erroneous calculation and mistaken assumption, as the real distance amounts to 10,000 light years fewer.

Ptaah: 203. Our distance data are certain. 204. The Sol system, outside the Milky Way, constitutes something like an enclave because it floats as a single system far outside a spiral arm.
205. The distance to calculate from there to the middle of the central sun is 35,002 light years. 206. A distance of 79,471 light years is measured from there to the Nisan system which floats on the outer end of one of the solar systems on the other side of the Milky Way’s opposing spiral arm.

CR 576

In our Milky Way centre, how big is the black hole?
93. The black hole is about ten times larger than the Sun in the SOL system, and its mass is also millions of times larger than the Sun.

One thought on “Size of and distance to our galaxy’s Black Hole

  1. This is extremely hilarious to me because of one other fact. That when we are technologically capable of discerning between a distance of 35,001 light years and 35,002 light years away from Earth, debating on whether or not Billy told the truth will be irrelevant! 🙂


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