FIGU in a nutshell 49 bullet points about FIGU pdf document

Goblet of The Truth                                                           We Came From The Stars

gottpage1         we came

 Space Related Excerpts (from over 2/3rds of the 622+ contact reports so far..)

plejaren info-space related- cover


New Essay –Destruction of the Environment as the Consequence of Overpopulation

destruction of the environment cover


To save the PDF files, click on the link or image, let it open up, and click the “Save a Copy” icon.

The ‹Goblet of the Truth› is not only a source of knowledge, truth and love, but also a straightforward handbook, text book and factual book for everyone who is asking themselves what they need to pay attention to in life and how they can live better lives.

<We Came From The Stars, And Then From Mars> is my compilation of contact reports and essays by Billy Meier explaining the galactic history of humans starting from 12 billion years ago.

<Space Related Excerpts> is a compilation of contact reports in which Billy and the Plejaren discuss planets, stars, physics, astronomy, geology, and other related topics.

FIGU in a nutshell 49 bullet points about FIGU



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