Two Kinds of Dark Matter

CR 360


It’s plain as day. – Then the last question: It must have been 1946, if I remember correctly, when Sfath explained to me that there are two different types of dark matter in the universe and in the material belt of the universe, respectively. He spoke of a heavy and a light dark matter. As I still remember well, he said at that time that only through these two forms of dark matter could the material universe and all the galaxies, suns, planets, comets, meteors and gas nebulae etc. be created. This is understandable to me, but Sfath did not say how these two forms of dark matter form galaxies etc. In this respect, am I right in assuming that the two forms of dark matter cause and go through very specific physical processes, and that they cause a change of matter and, through rotation, a compression, and that gravity is then also created, by which an actual compression is stimulated, which goes beyond a normal compression? And is it correct that the infinitely existing electrons and neutrinos also play a role in this process, since they also have a certain mass and, under certain circumstances, come together to form rivers or streams in the space of the universe and also condense?


45. That can be confirmed, but to speak about it officially in an explanatory way from my side at this point in time would be against our directives.


I see. Our scientists are not yet ready.


46. That’s the meaning of my words.

47. But now, my dear friend, time has passed and I am back to my other duties.

48. Goodbye and Salome.


Salome, Ptaah – farewell, my friend.


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CR 529


31. But well, what I am allowed to say is at least that the Dark Energy is the actual centrifugal force of the material belt, which is erroneously considered by the terrestrial science of astrophysics and astronomy to be the entire universe, leaving aside the other six Universe Belts because they are unknown to scientists

32. The centrifugal force runs through the entire material belt, whereby it spreads out according to its rotation.

33. And that the speed to the outside increases more and more is due to the fact that the centrifugal force in the inner area of the belt is logically lower than in the outer areas.

34. And as the extension of the matter belt increases, the outward speed also increases, and consequently the galaxies etc. move away from the inner area of the matter belt with ever-increasing speed.

35. I am not allowed to explain more about this.


That is enough for the time being, because your explanation will give our scientists many nuts to crack, as it will also do with many other things. These clever people do not even know that the Creation of Universal Consciousness is a pure spirit-energy-individuality, which itself does not think, but where everything is aimed at causing all things to become existent, to pass away and become again, by purely spiritual-physical and natural-physical laws. But since letting something become an existence in the human sense, such as an idea and love for the thing etc., is called and valued as something valuable, already in primeval times attempts were made to explain this to the human beings by speaking of an idea and love of the creation of universal consciousness. This, although the Creation does not consciously create these values, but only practices them spiritually and physically, which is called universal consciousness for the understanding of the human beings. In the human sense, Creation is not consciously active, as is characteristic of the human being, but rather individually in terms of spiritual physics, from which natural laws and laws of nature arise, which in a causal form work independently.


CR 530


It is good that you bring it up, because they are actually two different things, because the dark energy is one thing, while the dark matter is something completely different, but I am not allowed to make any explanations.


Exactly, that is what you explained on my Great Journey, which is why I have also mentioned it now, so that the matter is clear: Dark Matter is really a form of matter, an extremely fine form of matter, but not a pure form of energy, which is where centrifugal force comes from. Energy itself is a mass at rest, so to speak, but it has the ability to unfold power from within itself and have an effect. At least that is how I remember your explanations. However, when it comes to energy and power, the human beings of the Earth always talk about only one thing in relation to energy and power, even though they are fundamentally two different values, because energy is not power, but power is created from energy.

467th Contact, 28th June 2008

6. You can.

The dark matter in the universe, we have talked about it several times, but it was always in a private way, so nothing was ever written about it in the contact reports. You also kept me silent about this topic, the last time was about five years ago. Is it still not allowed to say anything about it, I mean, what is the function of Dark Matter and what do you call it?

7. There is no need to remain silent about it, so you can openly reveal your knowledge.

Which you could also do, but if you think that I should say something about it, then please do: If I remember correctly, you call dark matter expansion substance, and this has the property that it also expands every solar system, every galaxy and the entire universe. Black matter is therefore an expanding matter, so to speak.

8. That is correct.

471st Contact, 16th September 2008

213. Your assumption is correct that black holes can only form in the belt of matter, because only in this belt are the necessary conditions available through which they can form.
214. In the other matter-less universe belts the formation of black holes is not possible.

Aha, then the case is clear; therefore, certain physical factors are necessary for this, such as vibrations or radiation, dark matter and fine matter, which compress and thus become so dense that they become an enormously heavy mass and develop an enormous gravity and thus an attraction of gigantic strength.

215. I am not allowed to give any information about this.

535th Contact, 4th February 2012

9. That is unfortunately the truth.

Then the question is whether you can tell me the mass ratio with regard to all the coarse matter and dark matter in the universe, or whether you are also not allowed to do so?

10. There is no secrecy for that.
11. The Dark Matter in the entire universe is about seven times more in terms of mass than the total mass of all other forms of matter.

435th Contact, 5th October 2006

76. All gross material matter of all kinds renews itself, thus creating new galaxies, stars and planets etc.
77. During this transformation, which takes place over a period of about 2 billion years, certain residues remain, which are also deposited in the transition zone and in the matter belt as dark energy and as particulate dark matter, which can be captured and measured using special techniques.
78. This Dark Matter therefore has a much higher age than the actual coarse-matter of the visible matter belt or the visible part of the universe, which Earth human beings erroneously refer to as the universe, although this matter belt only makes up a seventh part of the effective universe.

515th Contact, 7th March 2011

60. dark matter, which is still very mysterious to earthly scientists, also plays a certain role, especially with regard to the transport of the sun’s hot energy, because without the influence of dark matter this would not be possible.

Here is my question: On the one hand you say that ‘Dark Matter’ is an expanding substance or matter, but on the other hand you also once said that only through ‘Dark Matter’ is gravity possible and can function. Isn’t that a contradiction? Somehow I just do not understand the whole thing, it confuses me.

103. As far as I am allowed to make a statement, I will explain the following:
104. Dark matter is an interactive mass, which means that it is massive particles which – measured in the atomic range – have an enormous weight.
105. These massive particles have an interaction that is related to both gravity and expansion force, which is why I explained that dark matter is expansion matter, although I did not mention that it is also gravity matter.
106. So without the dark matter there would be neither centrifugal force nor gravity.
107. So without gravity no expansion substance can exist, and without expansion matter no gravity.
108. Both factors, centrifugal force and gravity, are everywhere, but they are only perceptible and therefore also measurable, but not visible, because they radiate neither light nor darkness visible to the eye.
109. I am not allowed to explain more about this.

So far I understand what you are saying, but I would be interested to know how it works and other connections, as well as whether ‘dark matter’ also exists in the ‘black holes’, which seems logical to me, although I also know, because you told me, that there are small and large ‘black holes’ in the whole space of the universe, apart from the central ‘black holes’ at the centre of the galaxies.

110. I am not allowed to explain further about ‘dark matter’, but with regard to ‘black holes’, I can say once again that they exist in almost incalculable numbers throughout the universe, and also in free space.
111. So there are large ones that comprise or contain millions of times the masses of the sun, while others are small and almost puny, as you once said, because they do not cover even one cubic metre.
112. And, of course, ‘black holes’ also contain ‘dark matter’.

CR 592

Thanks, then once again I have a question about dark matter, which you call expansion matter. I was asked a question about what is meant by this. So I answered what you explained to me, that expansion substance is the universal gravitational force, which runs through the whole universe like a net and forms knots in groups, in constant change. And if I myself have understood correctly what you have explained to me, then the entire network corresponds to an invisible gravitational energy, which attracts or forms and collects every form of fine matter, and at the same time expands or expands, from which material formations and even galaxies are formed, whereby in this respect the very energetic nodes play a particularly important role. So this invisible universal gravity net, especially its nodes, forms all kinds of fine-matter, whereby this fine-matter matter is not yet known to earthly scientists. The nodes are constantly widening and expanding, which ultimately results in visible matter that develops into galaxies. And because the dark matter expands in this way, you call it expansion substance, whereby the invisible matter develops and expands into nodes or visible matter, from which planets, suns and whole galaxies develop over billions of years. Dark matter is not to be confused with the factor called dark energy, which corresponds to the universal centrifugal force.

80. This is correct, but this only corresponds to what I have explained to you, which you may also pass on.
81. However, our directives do not allow me to explain more about this…

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  2. What kind of crappy teaser is this!? There isn’t anything I like better than a buld-up to no end! Argh!😕
    I’m okay. I’ll be alright. This time. Spinning compressions you say? Perhaps Schauberger will finally be recognised.

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