Two Kinds of Dark Matter

CR 360


It’s plain as day. – Then the last question: It must have been 1946, if I remember correctly, when Sfath explained to me that there are two different types of dark matter in the universe and in the material belt of the universe, respectively. He spoke of a heavy and a light dark matter. As I still remember well, he said at that time that only through these two forms of dark matter could the material universe and all the galaxies, suns, planets, comets, meteors and gas nebulae etc. be created. This is understandable to me, but Sfath did not say how these two forms of dark matter form galaxies etc. In this respect, am I right in assuming that the two forms of dark matter cause and go through very specific physical processes, and that they cause a change of matter and, through rotation, a compression, and that gravity is then also created, by which an actual compression is stimulated, which goes beyond a normal compression? And is it correct that the infinitely existing electrons and neutrinos also play a role in this process, since they also have a certain mass and, under certain circumstances, come together to form rivers or streams in the space of the universe and also condense?


45. That can be confirmed, but to speak about it officially in an explanatory way from my side at this point in time would be against our directives.


I see. Our scientists are not yet ready.


46. That’s the meaning of my words.

47. But now, my dear friend, time has passed and I am back to my other duties.

48. Goodbye and Salome.


Salome, Ptaah – farewell, my friend.


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3 thoughts on “Two Kinds of Dark Matter

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  2. What kind of crappy teaser is this!? There isn’t anything I like better than a buld-up to no end! Argh!😕
    I’m okay. I’ll be alright. This time. Spinning compressions you say? Perhaps Schauberger will finally be recognised.

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