Even if the world is full of devils…

(note: unofficial translation, contains some errors, link to original source at bottom)


Life is good; this conveys the message of Creation, and this message is love, as it is expressed in true form in all things.

May man therefore open his eyes to it and see and experience the world and life so full of wonders, as both are actually full of them.

May he perceive the world and the life with all his senses, thoughts and feelings and not simply look at it unawares, so that he becomes aware of the real life again and lives in the world of reality, in which true love is omnipresent and only has to be recognized and perceived.

May man therefore walk through the world and through life with open senses and cultivate happy relationships with his fellow human beings in order to give himself and all others joy, love and peace as well as harmony and come to the realization that every day he has a thousand reasons to be grateful to life and to live it in honour and dignity.

While some occurrences in the world and among human beings may sometimes give rise to critical tones and evoke ironic or unfriendly thoughts and feelings that give rise to momentary joylessness or lower morality, in the end the guarantee remains that it is true happiness and a good fortune as well as an act of creative love to have been born into this world and into this life.

May man perceive his life and the world in peace and harmony and also live in this peace and harmony as it corresponds to his inner concern.

May he bear in mind, however, that he will only be able to accept himself and his fellow human beings if he agrees with himself and practices tolerance not only towards himself but also towards his fellow human beings and spreads love, joy, peace and harmony. For every human being this is a life task, besides the fulfillment of the meaning of life, which lies in the striving for something higher and more perfect. Only in the fulfillment of these values can man be at peace with himself, with his life and with the world. And the person who is pure with himself lives in peace and radiates a pleasant attraction, which touches his fellow human beings.

Man, however, is not born in this purity, but has to become it through his own efforts. In doing so, logic and reason as well as a need for peace, love and harmony or joy may have been original, but perhaps also sadness or bitter experiences and insights, which led to the recognition that things could not go on in the old style and that it was therefore not possible to continue to live past the life and reality of the world.

Since time immemorial man has endeavoured to find his equals and to create a natural and harmonious and thus also peaceful and love-strengthened relationship with his environment, because it is in his nature to do so. From the very beginning, however, this presupposed overcoming one’s own ego, shaping and harmonizing it correctly and thus finding one’s way to one’s fellow man, getting to know and understand him, standing by his side and being helpful in all situations of life, both in good and bad times. This means, however, that true love must also be felt for him; love that must not simply be built up emotionally, but through a true feeling. And only this true love creates reverence and dignity.

Only in this form can man live what he speaks; true love, peace, freedom and harmony. And only if man actually lives these values can he not be drawn to repetition, because these values are continually renewed and become greater goodness and authenticity. So may and must man himself always set the standard, and thus demonstrate what he demands of his fellow men. May man also know about the fallibility of men in general, and may he forgive this fallibility in true love, forbearance and understanding, both in respect of decency and morals, but also of ignorance, poverty or wealth, physical handicap, beauty or ugliness or other externalities, etc.

May humankind only look inward at his fellow human beings and perceive their true nature and not just look at it blindly and superficially. And he may also consider that the appearance of pure observation and contemplation is very often deceptive because there is no actual perception of the effectiveness. Thus an adversity can be extremely sensitive, knowing, full of love and wisdom, but the supposedly noble and worldly can be a true devil in his thoughts and feelings and in his actions.

Some humans recognize the truths of life and the world and live according to them. Thus they find inner tranquility, inner peace, inner freedom as well as true love of feeling and harmony. Thus they find harmony with their fellow man, find balance and comfort in dealing with themselves and with their neighbour, and true love thus becomes their lasting validity and an indisputable value of life. And when man has once experienced and lived the value of true love and keeps to it, he has gained an invaluable purpose in life, which cannot be surpassed by anything. Nothing can harass man more in this love, even if the world were full of devils.

Niederflachs, Bülach ZH, Saturday, 16th September 1950, 18:16

Eduard, 13 years old


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