Buddha had no big belly!

CR 205

Right, so I said. Then now, I have a question that doesn’t concern itself with such things but that is related to Buddha. Siddhattha Gotama, [Siddhartha Gautama], “Buddha,” is always represented as very obese, but to my knowledge, he wasn’t so corpulent at all. Do you have some knowledge concerning this?

18. Siddhattha Gotama was a man of normal stature, with a height of 170 centimeters (5’7”) and a weight of 67 kilograms (147 lbs).
19. All statues or visual representations concerning his figure and entire body are based on distortions, as this is also the case with regard to various interests of his teachings, which were not only misunderstood by his students, etc. but which consequently became misinterpreted and widespread.
20. This also applies to legends woven around him, which were invented by his followers to make more of him than he really was, namely a simple yet educated person, but who was not very informed of and not well-educated in the real spiritual interests and in the spiritual-creative laws and their relationships and their workings and who even misunderstood many of the facts of the teachings and also wrongly taught these as a result.

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