Gamma Ray Bursts

CR 230/722

Date/time of contact: Wednesday, 11th October, 1989 – 04:01


…I suppose that is right, but let us leave that alone and talk about something else: On my Great Journey, Ptaah explained to me that some 500 million years ago, in or near our SOL system, a tremendous gamma-ray burst occurred, killing and extinguishing at least two-thirds of all life forms on Earth in the air, on land and in the water. In three to five seconds, such a flash is supposed to generate and radiate as much energy as our sun would develop in around 5 thousand million years.

My question now on this is whether you can explain to me what triggers such gamma bursts that are supposed to be rare in and of themselves? Some time ago we also talked together about the fact that, if I am not mistaken, an asteroid dangerous to the Earth will be discovered in the year 2003 or so, which will come dangerously close to the Earth in the year 2014. What will be the exact date of discovery? Then I still recall that you once said something that also in the year 2028 an asteroid would head towards the Earth?


794. That is of rightness.

795. We have already talked about this.

796. The asteroid, which is to be expected in 2028, will then pass relatively close to the Earth, so the planet will not be affected unless still something unforeseen arises.

797. With regard to the object to be expected in the year 2014, the following has to be explained:

798. We are talking about the large wandering asteroid we call Soran.

799. It will be discovered on 24 August 2003.

800. It is in fact a dangerous object, which can really cause immense harm, if it turns out that due to today still incalculable circumstances it gets even a small fraction out of its orbit, which normally passes very close to the Earth.

801. Already in ancient times the orbit of the object passed over and over again dangerously near the Earth, whereby both the planet as well as the Earth moon were occasionally hit by small asteroid fragments, which dragged along in the tow of the wandering asteroid.

802. And with regard to the formation of the gamma-ray bursts, it has to be explained that they are caused by gigantic discharges when black holes explode.


At the same time, there are of course also wandering black holes, such as the one that drifted around 500,000 years ago to the SOL system and then apparently exploded. It must have been that way, if l interpret your words well. Already Sfath spoke of wandering black holes, but also Ptaah. And in terms of the wandering asteroid: Are you saying, then, that nothing can yet be predicted more precisely in relation to the projectile from outer space? However, a view into the future would certainly make that possible, wouldn’t it?


803. That would certainly be possible, but we have not made any foresight in this respect because, at least for the time being, it is not yet of any importance.

804. And what you said in the context of the gamma-ray burst is correct; at that time, it emerged from a wandering black hole.

805. If a black hole in the center of a galaxy detonates due to a huge discharge, the whole galaxy usually also explodes in a gigantic gamma-ray burst.




[Note: 2003 QQ47 – a potentially dangerous asteroid – On 24 August 2003, the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Program in Socorro, New Mexico, discovered an asteroid that could strike Earth on 21 March 2014 with a probability of 1 in 909,000 (luckily no more)…Source:, Thursday, 4 September 2003]

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