Bespoke Clothing

CR 536

Billy: …But you are wearing such interesting new clothes. Is this the latest fashion?

25. Thanks for the lecture.
26. No, the clothing does not correspond to a new fashion, it is technical.

No need to thank me. Aha, technically conditioned. Then it must be something I do not know. But now the question about the Earth’s population – did you ask Ptaah about how many of the human beings are currently on Earth?

27. Yes, you do not know the technology yet, but you will soon know what it is all about.
28. This census was not done by Ptaah but by Enjana.
29. So I want to call her so she can tell you the number herself.

Does she really have to come here for this? You could just ask her and tell me the result.

30. I want to do that, but she can answer you directly.
31. Well … (Florena just speaks into the room with Enjana, and the answer comes.)

1. Greetings.

Ah, it is good to hear you, I am very happy to hear you. Your voice sounds just as if you were here in the room. Greetings also to you. Are you here or not?

2. Thanks.
3. No, I am not in your workroom, but in my flying apparatus.
4. So you want to know the number of the Earth’s population at the end of last year!
5. This was exactly 8 billion, 199 million, 430 thousand and 908 on the 31st of December 2011.

Many thanks. That was it.

6. Then I will return to my work and bid you farewell.

Salome, and thanks again. … Man – girl, that was something new to me again. The way you just talked your way out into the air and in the same way Enjana’s answer just came out of the room. Don’t you need any more equipment for that?

32. The technique used is not new, but it is not in the form as you know it.
33. We have been using this form of communication for several hundred years, but generally in connection with our activities on other planets only for 22 days, because now the necessary technical requirements are integrated into our clothing.
34. This contains in its material a self-regenerating energy source and serves both as a transmitter and receiver, whereby the conversion of what is to be transmitted and received is constructed in such a way that the human voice as well as sounds are directly manifested in the room in a vibrational way, according to which you could perceive Enjana’s voice as if she were present here in your working room.

And this is now part of your normal equipment?

35. Yes.

One thought on “Bespoke Clothing

  1. I will guess the fabric contains crystal impregnated thread since crystals will vibrate also similar is a tuning fork used for healing

    The movement of the fabric from the body create vibrations would create energy and transmit sound vibrations

    it’s something to think about


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