Give Peace A Chance

CR 232 (November 17, 1989)

Ptaah: …Currently you have 3,406 Peace
Meditation participants on Earth and all of you
included in this number may be proud of performing
the one and only effective and right Peace Meditation,
which, in the human beings of Earth, triggers those
peace impulses that are stored in the storage banks,
that hit the human beings from there, are being
understood and brought to fruition by them and will
slowly allow the peace to become reality.

CR 708 (May 29, 2018)

Billy: Then the question: do you know the number of
human beings on Earth who are making an effort in our
Peace Meditation? You used to check this in the past.

Ptaah: Our last count revealed 37,486 persons
worldwide who make a very serious effort to regularly
carry out the Peace Meditation, which indeed is not
much for the entire mass of humanity on Earth, but it
still shows that the mission is bearing fruit, even if it is
growing very slowly.

Billy: Which unfortunately is the case, however, it is still
a success.

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