Bio Organic Orbs, Rods, Energy Spheres

CR 402:

…Then another question: Apart from the other-dimensional bio-organic space vehicles similar kinds exist here on earth, which are showing all kinds of forms.
Through your observing devices I have seen some which look like huge, strange snakes or insects, etc. and swift as an arrow fly through the atmosphere.
Besides, there are countless disc- and discus-like energy objects and bio-organisms of different sizes, which overshoot high above the boundary of the atmosphere and also gather space debris of earthlings and accompanying it for a time.
Also rockets are sometimes accompanied by the things and somehow “assessed”.
This is now the question, whether these things are seen or not by the men in the rockets or in the so-called space stations; one hears nothing about it?
The existence of these bio-organisms and energy objects is well known, but officially there are no explanations given because it is unknown by the “astronauts”, and all who have anything to do with it, that concerning these forms, a certain energy-intelligence is exhibited, however, they are entirely harmless.
As I know, the observers of those bio-organisms and energy objects are calling them RODS.

CR 478

A question: Is the term orb, respectively orbs, known to you?
Yes. Why do you ask?
They are luminous ball-shaped objects that are seen and photographed all over the world, as I’ve been told.
That is correct. They are another form of the RODS, therefore electromagnetic bio-organisms, that are actually energy structures, have an energy intelligence and that also react upon a human consciousness, respectively upon thoughts and feelings.
We already spoke about this at the 402nd official contact conversation on the 29th of October 2005.
Then the matter is clear.
Thanks for the explanation.

CR 163


But furthermore, from personal experience, I still know of alleged UFOs that are neither insects nor other life forms but rather self-luminous energy fields that form damn similar manifestations as the flying insects, etc. when they are driven through the atmosphere by the air currents. As you once explained to me, these are static energy fields that dissolve in this way of glowing. But then, I still know the manifestations of static energy forms that rush like wheels or balls along the ground or through the air, which suddenly explode like balls of lightning.

CR 457

Billy: …
For about the last 10 or 15 years or so, films have been floating around which show so-called rods.
At the 250th contact, you and I spoke about the so-called bio-organic flying objects (Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, Conversations, Volume 7, pages 298 & 299), whereby you said the following:
81. In contrast to that, however, it is much more often the case that bio-organic flying objects make an appearance in this space-time-configuration, and, indeed, not only on the Earth, rather also on many other inhabited and also uninhabited worlds.
82. So we can also observe such Bioorganer, as we call them, on our worlds, whereby at this stage we still do not know, however, exactly what kind of forms of life they are.
83. The dimension-changers, as we also further describe them, are larger and smaller flight capable, bioorganic life forms, which are often a fluorescent radiate very bright light and inhabit a parallel space, that is to say, a parallel universe.
84. In their nature, they are absolutely harmless and even playful.
85. They often appear individually or in smaller groups, where they may size from a few meters up to several hundred meters in diameter.
86. They live in a parallel space which is still closed to us. We know its data well, but we have not yet been able to penetrate it in such a way that would enable us to take up communicative contact with these life forms.
These rods are but bioorganic missiles?
In my opinion, it would have to be so, because the bioorganic missiles which I have seen on monitors in your ships, look identical to the ones I have seen recently on television.
23. It is known to me, that since for some time earth people have filmed Rods, as they call it, which actually concerns bioorganic missiles.
I thought so.
Question settled.

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One thought on “Bio Organic Orbs, Rods, Energy Spheres

  1. Interesting parallel life forms, I thought I saw some about a decade ago.

    I likened some to jellyfish pulsating in the sky. Others to Chinese lanterns, still not sure if they what they actually were.


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