No Selfies with Semjase

CR 155 of 722


I know. You have a tremendous amount to do in this regard. But can we now talk about something else? Semjase once told me that I may not take a photo of her because she moves every now and then on the Earth among the human beings and may not be recognized. But that can’t be the whole reason because this explanation seems somewhat flimsy to me.


121. To explain something incompletely to you is almost impossible:

122. Yes, there is another reason, and it is based on the fact that a lot of damage and harm can be caused by photos if human beings with evil thoughts concentrate negatively upon others and upon photographically depicted human beings.

123. Negatively oriented Earth human beings could affect us so heavily and viciously and inflict a lot of harm and evil upon us if they could steal photographic images of us.

124. This is the second and most important reason why we may not let ourselves be photographically depicted.

125. With Asket and Nera, we could allow it only because both of them live in the DAL Universe and cannot be affected from the Earth in their lives in the aforementioned way because no forces of any kind can penetrate through the barriers of the Universe.

126. Graphical representations, however, are harmless.

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