Om My God

CR 697

Sfath: (February 17th, 1945)

8. The German name ‘Gott’ (God) corresponds to many changes, transformations and alterations of the most ancient term ‘Gudaana’, which originates from the original language of the universal proclaimer Nokodemion and means ‘Creation’, in which the meaning of ‘Creation’ and ‘Universe’ is fundamentally anchored.

9. The term ‘Gudaana’ was brought into this world some 13,500 years ago, after which it has been altered, transformed and used for an imagined higher might in many languages over the millennia.

10. As a result, the actual meaning and value of the word also underwent a complete change, whereby human beings invented a being for the original meaning of ‘creation’ and ‘universe’, who was supposed to be responsible for the creation of the world and the heavens.

11. So the term ‘Gudaana’ was transformed into a completely wrong meaning of a higher entity, which found its way into the earthly languages as ‘God’.

12. There are other forms of the origin of the term ‘God’, but when it was brought to this world ages ago, from the very beginning – then also in much later times – variations, abbreviations and changes arose from it in various languages of the human beings of this world.

13. In the north of the world, for example (note Ptaah: Europe), abbreviations like ‘gheu’, ‘Guda’ and in further languages and changes also ‘Guth’, ‘God’, ‘Gud’ and ‘Got’ arose, as originally in other countries also ‘Alan’, ‘Don’, ‘On’, ‘Manu’, ‘Siwan’, ‘Koot’, ‘Kot’ and ‘Ko-Kot’ etc., with which various meanings were associated, but which ultimately always pointed to a creative force, might and entity, which was personified according to human incomprehension and in a further and final change of terminology called ‘God’ and finally conceived as ‘God-Creator’.

14. If now, however, in the understanding of the term ‘God’ in every use of language in our day and age, it is thought of, understood and used in its origin as ‘creation’, ‘creation’ and ‘universe’, then it can be used in this sense in a correct manner, but indeed only in the understanding of this sense, but never in the form of a religious belief of a confused religious doctrine of faith, by which in every case solely and always a worshipable Creator God and God the Father is meant.

15. A human being can also justifiably be called ‘God’ if he possesses and cultivates the predominant character trait of love, and thus for him the welfare of human beings is paramount.

16. To be able to call a human being ‘God’ in this sense means that his commitment in every conceivable way to other human beings and all living things (note Ptaah: all of nature, fauna, flora and the universe) must be the highest thing he can accomplish in love.

17. His love, therefore, cannot be an emotional love, but only a living and acting love that bestows everything.

18. The designation ‘God’ for a human being also requires of him self-sufficiency, and through his being there must also be justice and moral equality, goodness and mercy, forbearance, understanding and all beneficial qualities for fellow human beings.

19. Also, if a human being is to be named ‘God’, he must be resourceful, inventive, industrious, imaginative, artistic, imaginative, helpful, beneficial, honest, compassionate, peaceful and successful, as well as productive, rich in consciousness, musical, intelligent, creative, gifted, ingenious, witty, original, active, educative, talented, knowledgeable, constructive and effective, etc., and he must live righteously as well as altogether creatively and, moreover, in accordance with creation, which, however, has in no way anything to do with a higher power of creation, as well as nothing to do with a confused-religiously conceived creator God and also not with ‘creation’ or ‘creation’ and the ‘universe’.

20. The possibility of the existence of such a human being would be a state of the highest possible perfection, which may be possible in the infinite reaches of heaven (note Ptaah: universe) with very highly developed human beings with very isolated human beings, but will not be the case on this world (note Ptaah: Earth) for an unimaginable amount of time.

21. Due to degenerate beliefs, human beings have also fallen prey to thoughts, emotions and degenerate forms of behaviour in very early times, through which other human beings were persecuted, murdered and war was also waged on peoples if they were of a different faith than those who were bent on hatred and revenge.

22. The otherness of the different groups of people also played a major role, as did the food that was fought over.

23. Out of all this were born unspeakable evils, which took shape as vices, conceit, agitation, envy, excitement, hatred, greed, false expectation and confused hope, passion, rage and anger, intoxication, hysteria, extravagance, restlessness and over-excitement of all kinds.

24. Everything also produced wild fantasies, mirages, illusions and confused delusions, which became ever more profound and ended in a morbid delusion of belief, from which religions were finally formed.

25. For many thousands of years, through the delusion of what were at first only very small diverse religions, people have sworn by an unreal God invented by human beings, who was at first only regarded as a mirage, animal, object, sun, human being or moon, etc., but in later times as God, who is supposed to sit on a heavenly throne and who was perversely elevated by the God-believers of all times to the status of a creator God.

26. This non-existent and man-invented God is said by those who believe in him to have created the universe and the stars as well as everything in general, to be love itself and to be forbearing and just, although at the same time he demands punishment and even death for mistakes committed and holds human beings responsible for their weaknesses and imperfections, although he is supposed to determine all actions and deeds of human beings himself.

27. The case, however, is different from what the God-believers assume, for it was not a God who conceived and created the human beings, but they invented this God and devised the fantasy and delusion in this respect, which they worship and adore in their confusion.

28. They have fallen prey to this fantasy being in their delusion and have lost themselves in the process, which has been the reason from the beginning that they have fallen prey to envy, vices, excitements, conceits, surges, hatred, false expectations, greed, hopes, passions, rage and anger, states of intoxication, hysteria, overexcitement, unrest and over-excitement.

29. This has prevented them – and will continue to prevent them today and in the future – from becoming independent and blameless, self-responsible, peaceful, self-confident, of good character and blameless, etc., as well as from attaining true humanity.

30. And this is what the human beings of this world have done because, through their wickedness and depravity, they have made themselves incapable – and still do – of governing themselves and of living without illusions and without divine delusions.

31. So they have delusionally created an unreal God and thus a supreme being to suit their needs.

32. So they have created the need for ‘God-existence’ and firmly believe in it.

33. Every rational human being puts a good face on the evil and erroneous game, while the believers, in their confusion, believe that their invented God receives their prayers, signs acts and helps them in need and misery.

34. The truth, however, is that every believing human being’s God of faith serves only as a pretext for the most foolish claims and for his guilty conscience.

35. And so wars are also started in his name and revolutions are led, murders are committed and even punishments punishable by death.

36. According to their needs, the believers in God make of their God what they want and for what he is useful to them at the moment.

37. But the throne of this man-made God will begin to shake, for in the times to come many believers will fall away from him, because they will no longer feel like continuing to play a believing role for an invented God who will increasingly become a comical figure.

38. The alleged might of God and with it the monarchy of God will be abolished by many human beings in the times to come, and it will be these who will one day strive for real peace and frown upon the quarrelsomeness and war-mongering, all evil, all degenerate evils of human beings, and who will finally no longer call upon and worship the God invented by confused human beings as the representative and supreme authority of all the powers of an obsolete delusional faith.

CR 001


40. An additional task is aimed at the sects and religions, along with the related underdevelopment of the human consciousness.

41. Above everything there remains but one that possesses the power of life and death over all creatures.

42. It is Creation alone, which has laid its laws over everything; Laws that are irrefutable and have eternal validity.

43. Man is able to identify them in nature if he makes the effort.

44. They show him the way of life and the path to spiritual and consciousness-related* greatness, which embodies the goal of life.

*Development of all aspects related to the consciousness.

45. When Man indulges in his religions, i.e. malevolent, erroneous doctrines, his consciousness wastes away more and more and ultimately leads to a bottomless abyss.

46. Man may recognize that a god can never assume the role of Creation or decide over Man’s destiny.

47. A god is only a governor as well as a human being who powerfully or dictatorially reigns over his fellowmen.

48. God is not Creation but only one of its creatures, like all creatures who are dependent upon Creation.

49. But Man follows his erroneous religious beliefs and claims that God is Creation itself.

50. He goes even further and claims that a normal human being by the name of Jmmanuel, who has also been called Jesus Christ through conscious error, is God’s son and Creation itself.

51. There are various New Age sectarians who go further still and assert things that approach delusion.

52. Yet, as was mentioned already, beamship frauds and charlatans follow in the same direction:

53. Quite clearly, they put out the lie to the world that we, or our brothers and sisters from other parts of the cosmos, are coming as angels and the like upon direction from God (whereby they mean Creation) to bring terrestrial mankind the long-desired peace, the truth of religion and God’s protection and commands.

54. This is nothing more than a well-planned lie by sectarians, frauds or charlatans.

55. Because we have never proceeded by such orders and we also will never do such.

56. Creation itself never gives commands because it embodies the greatest power in this universe, and never has to resort to commands or religions.

57. Religion is only a primitive machination by Man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only life forms that are weak in their consciousness succumb.

58. Bring this truth to the light of the world and make it known to the people.

59. This is an additional part of our task.

60. If this does not happen, mankind will slowly destroy itself and fall into complete “spiritual darkness” (darkness of the consciousness).

61. We know that you are aware of a secret old text whose originals were unfortunately destroyed through the carelessness of our commissary, who was your friend and regrettably failed through fear.

62. Disseminate the translation of this text, for it is the only truly authentic one and contains no lies.

Approximate list of “gods” or “IHWH” or “JHWH” or “kings of wisdom” who came to Earth and ruled in various periods:

OM (AUM in Sanskrit) is an ancient word derived from the old Lyrian language, which was long since lost on Earth. The actual meaning of the acronym OM is disclosed when the full significance of both letters are revealed by an explanation of the two words whose first letters are the “O” and the “M”- OMFALON MURADO. When abridged as O and M, these two words OMFALON MURADO possess the identical, indeed, an even greater tonal-harmony significance than when the two are fully pronounced as OMFALON MURADO. For this reason, the abbreviation “OM” was used and became the traditional form. The ancient Lyrians referred to their writings about the truth–the BOOK OF TRUTH–also as the OM, OMFALON MURADO, LIFE’S NAVEL or the NAVEL OF LIFE. The text, entitled “OM” incorporates all Creational teachings, that is to say, the book holds all teachings of wisdom and life as a written record.

Voice of the Aquarian Age Number 50, OM

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