It is out there. Can you handle it?

CR 711


‘Wahrheit (truth)’:

Truth is well-founded in the perception and cognition of reality and thus in a reflection of the same, because the truth is established in reality, which on its own is reality-true (actuality), corresponds to an absolute concordance in logic, i.e., logicalness and proves the authenticity, realness, purity and rightness of real reality, which as such has no possibility of doubt, and indeed in every respect correlates in regard to an effective real, true situation, i.e., irrefutable facts of a taken place, existing, made, present or future occurring assertion, claim, a being existent, a circumstance, an event, a deed, speech, impulsation, situation, matter, action, a presence, occurrence or a behavior, etc.

2 thoughts on “It is out there. Can you handle it?

  1. No, I’m sure that we can not handle it in it’s purest form, for why else would we be here looking for it through an evolution in the first of places???
    Does not also that which is not true contribute to the definition of what truthfulness is through the law of contrariness as being what the truth is not? For how else do we make a determination as to what is and is not true without knowing through experience by reflection?


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