Van Gogh bye bye

CR 604

29. Everything is based on empty and false assumptions, which are very unfortunate.
30. The fact is that van Gogh neither committed suicide nor was he murdered because the incident was the result of an unfortunate accident.
31. My father Sfath clarified the matter at the time and found that Vincent van Gogh suffered not only from the onset of insanity, but also from a strong persecution mania, which was the reason why he obtained a weapon and always carried it with him in a hidden way.
32. On July 27, 1890, when he went out to the surroundings of the village in which he had found shelter, he set up his easel, to which he had attached a small self-made tray, and placed his weapon on it so that it could be quickly at hand should someone attack him.
33. What then happened was that the gun had a misfire and hit the bullet van Gogh as he stepped carelessly in front of the barrel of the gun, explicitly at the moment the misfire occurred.
34. So he did not want to kill himself, but the whole thing resulted from an unfortunate coincidence based on carelessness.
That probably explains his answer, “I think so,” when he was questioned by the police. The handguns at that time weren’t foolproof yet, so it’s easy to imagine that van Gogh’s gun suddenly had a misfire or self-ignition and the shot went off, which hit him, which he died of almost 30 hours later.

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