Update on Peace Meditation

Important Announcement

Dear Members of the “FIGU-Landesgruppen” and “FIGU-Studiengruppen” as well as “FIGU-Interessengruppen für Missionswissen”,
We would like to inform you about some organisational innovations which will allow special facilities concerning the performance of your meetings/assemblies as well as meditations in a group or individually.
With immediate effect you are free to choose and schedule any day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday, and any daytime or night-time for performing your official monthly assembly. The same also matters for the peace meditation (PM), which may now be performed at any desired and suitable point of time, in a group or individually. This time-based flexibilisation became possible through technological measures by Quetzal. Using the meditation pyramids for the PM is not required any longer, but using one is still recommended because this enables a connection of the meditating person with the “relay pyramid” at the Semjase Silver Star Center, which amplifies the impulses. We think that this new regulation will bring some ease, especially for all of you who are living in a time zone quite a distance away from Europe.
The hitherto valid time rules in Statutes and Bylaws as an exception still apply for the Core Group of 49 at the Mother Centre SSSC in Switzerland. The necessary adjustments in the Statutes and Bylaws as well as on website and in booklets etc. will be successively processed in the coming weeks.
We embrace the opportunity to thank you all for your valuable cooperation towards our great and joint Mission.
Hinterschmidrüti, April 6, 2019 Kerngruppe der 49,

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3 thoughts on “Update on Peace Meditation

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