In the year 1942, at the age of 5, a boy in Switzerland named Eduard Albert Meier started receiving telepathic communications.

The man sending the communications was named Sfath. This man mentored and taught Eduard both from a distance and face to face for a period of 11 years.  Here is a little known experience during one of Eduard’s visits inside Sfath’s personal spacecraft at age 7…

“At that time the stay with Sfath lasted a little bit more than four hours during which he provided me with immense knowledge. By the end of the gathering he asked me to lie back in my armchair after which he then put a funny structure of countless wires and the smallest apparatuses etc. around my head. Speculating what now would follow I watched him calmly, how he was meddling with apparatuses, buttons and switches, and then suddenly I heard and saw tremendous things in me. Everything was suddenly simply in me; an immense knowledge, insights and all sorts of other things. I felt as quite suddenly strange forces penetrated inside me, as I suddenly became capable of recognizing things and events of the future, wanted to cure people of illnesses by use of any force, and many other things. Then this influence again suddenly stopped, and Sfath removed the funny device from my head with the explanation that I would now possess all the abilities which has been inputted in me by the apparatus, but which however already was developed in me from earlier times. Now I would never lose these abilities again, only I might never bring them egoistically or simply apply them for the purpose of profit or demonstration. This, he explained me then, also applied to scientific tests and to whatever forcible external influence, should attempts be made to penetrate into my knowledge and my abilities, for example by hypnosis. Thus the blockade would appear also in this respect and doom all attempts etc. to fail. Besides, the blockade is to such extent strong that it under certain circumstances would even endanger the life of those who would undertake forcible Intrusion attempts (That was also in fact the case, something I several times came to notice in the course of my life.) “

After this, Eduard was brought back to Earth to the same location they started from. Sfath then disappeared in his pear shaped space ship. He contacted Billy several times afterwards via telepathy. Through the telepathic contacts he was given more information.

The telepathic contacts with Sfath ended in 1953.

A Woman named Asket took over the telepathic contacts in 1953 and met Eduard face to face for the first time in 1956.

The contact with Asket continued a number of years more, during which time he lived in his parents house and then also during the time when he left home and visited 42 countries in Europe, Africa as well as the Near- and Middle East. He also worked in all these countries and added that, above all, he learned and improved his knowledge and competence further. In doing so he was often visited by Asket, or picked up for subsequent flights in her space ship.

During his travels, Eduard picked up the nick name Billy, so his initials became B.E.A.M.

Meetings with Asket ended in 1964.

Billy married his wife a few years later and started to raise a family.

When it was officially time to start his public mission, he began receiving communications from a woman named Semjase in 1975.

This led to physical meetings out in the countryside where no one was around.  Semjase explained her role and also promised Billy the opportunity to take many photographs, films, and recordings of ships in the future.

Over the years contacts continued with people named Ptaah, Quetzel, and others.

At the meetings, the extraterrestrial humans would give Billy information about the world and his mission.

Since January 28, 1975 and until March 2020, there have been 2067 personal and 1518 telepathic contacts with Plejaren extraterrestrials and members of their Federation. The contacts are still on-going. 730 contacts are documented and available as contact reports.

As of 2021 (January): 17 volumes (each 500 pages, hardcover, DINA4) of Contact Notes are available (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, German only!) total pages=8,129

After the meetings, they telepathically transmit the conversation they had word for word, so Billy can type it up and share the report.

Not all of the contact reports have been translated into English, and not all communications are recorded.

In addition to the contact reports, he has taken more than fourteen hundred pictures from inside and outside of their beamships, dozens of films, sound recordings, and even received small objects like pieces of metal and crystals.

There are more than 130 written eye-witness testimonies that lend proof to all of the events in Switzerland.

Why Billy?

Billy was prepared from an early age to become a prophet, the last of seven of the line of Nokodemion. You have probably heard of the other six names.  His spirit form is very old and wise.

His mission is to spread the most important information that is necessary for the human race to survive and thrive.  It is not an easy mission.  So he is getting some assistance.

We must take every bit of this information and use it to our benefit, or else suffer the consequences of negative causes and effects.  No Plejarens are coming to save us.  We must do it ourselves, by learning the truth one individual at a time.

Many people have tried to assassinate Billy, as well as discredit his story and tamper with his evidence. They have succeeded on many occasions, so a lot of pictures are missing.  Some false images were switched with real ones.

The Plejarens knew that many of the photos and films would be disputed and manipulated, and this has brought large amounts of publicity to the case.

Over 250 documented predictions of world events such as the Gulf Wars, AIDS, Ebola, the 9/11 attacks, natural disasters, political events, space events, assassinations and deaths, etc. all came to pass exactly as Billy recorded them months or years in advance.

Due to the extremely sensitive and sometimes secretive information, Billy has had numerous threats and more than 22 attempts on his life.

It is without a doubt the most and best documented E.T. contact case in the world, and it is still ongoing.

The most important resource is not the pictures or movies, though. It is the teachings.

Billy has written 70 books and booklets, as well as numerous essays and articles, in addition to the contact reports. However, almost everything is in German, and is slowly being translated to English now. The blog posts on the home page are some of my favorite excerpts from the contact reports, books, and articles published over the last 40 years.

In addition to the contact reports, other free resources related to the case are the “Goblet of The Truth”, and other essays and compilations of outer space related information available for free on the ebooks/downloads page.


New Details about Billy’s childhood and adolescence:


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