7 Subatomic Levels

CR 349

Yes, I know. But unfortunately it can’t be changed, because the ‘scribes’ have a different opinion. Now I have another question concerning the subatomic levels, of which there are seven in all, as far as I know. Can you give me the names of them?
58. I would have to change the terms from our language to yours, because our terms would not help you.
Of course.
59. Good.
60. For your understanding, I will first give you our names of the different levels, which I will translate literally into the German language, so that I can attach to each term the meaning according to your language in relation to the subatomic and sub-subatomic levels.
61. The seven levels which are called Ralin in our language are called

Kadanralin (Subatomic),

Surinralin (Supersubatomic),

Nanirralin (Nanatomic),

Naniaralin (Subnanatomic),

Liknanralin (Supernanatomic),

Delralin (Molatomic) and

Glanralin (Quanatomic).

Thank you, that’s enough and helps me out.



See also: https://billymeier.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/pioosr-plejaran-info-only-outer-space-related.pdf

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