40 out of over 1400 pre-digital photos of benevolent E.T. craft

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(Editors note: It was 1476 photos, so I changed title to say “over 1400” pictures having to do with the Billy Meier UFO contact case were taken.   Hundreds more photos were lost, stolen, or intentionally destroyed.  There are several 8 mm films, sound recordings, metal samples, other physical objects, and over 100 eye witness testimonies of events at the residence and around the region.  The case isn’t about the pictures.  It’s about the messages, teachings, warnings, and information.  There is a library of data and evidence to review, as well as numerous books.  They really are only engaging directly with Billy, but it is for the benefit of us all.

I don’t think it is possible that a person would or could make up one thousand, four hundred and seventy six false (pre-digital) photographs, twenty four (pre-digital) fake films, and more than six hundred and twenty two phony conversations in the contact reports.  Especially since the films and photographs have been professionally analyzed by experts over the past few decades, and were found to be authentic and legitimate, excluding the evidence that was switched, stolen, or deliberately falsified.)


9 thoughts on “40 out of over 1400 pre-digital photos of benevolent E.T. craft

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