A Word About Authenticity of Extraterrestial Evidence

CR 260/700

The following response was given on February 3rd, 1998, during the 260th Contact:

Ptaah: …”Overall, as we’ve determined through detailed investigations, you had made 1,476 photos with your Olympus ECR 35 mm camera, as well as 34 films with your movie camera that you could use with just one hand. Of the photos, several hundred were stolen from you, and moreover, at least which we could clarify, 230 of these were falsified. There was also falsifying through the manipulation of several films, and to be sure, in the way that our aircraft were suddenly represented as though these had been suspended from thin strings or wires, etc., and so, the impression was made that these were models….”


[Editor’s note: Before jumping to conclusions about the authenticity of evidence and information derived from the ongoing Billy Meier contacts with extraterrestrial humans, one must also consider all other forms of evidence, such as witness testimonies, sound recordings, metal samples, circumstantial evidence, published information, documents, world events, motive, logic, reasoning, and rational thought.]


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