A Word About Authenticity of Extraterrestial Evidence

CR 260/700

The following response was given on February 3rd, 1998, during the 260th Contact:

Ptaah: …”Overall, as we’ve determined through detailed investigations, you had made 1,476 photos with your Olympus ECR 35 mm camera, as well as 34 films with your movie camera that you could use with just one hand. Of the photos, several hundred were stolen from you, and moreover, at least which we could clarify, 230 of these were falsified. There was also falsifying through the manipulation of several films, and to be sure, in the way that our aircraft were suddenly represented as though these had been suspended from thin strings or wires, etc., and so, the impression was made that these were models….”


[Editor’s note: Before jumping to conclusions about the authenticity of evidence and information derived from the ongoing Billy Meier contacts with extraterrestrial humans, one must also consider all other forms of evidence, such as witness testimonies, sound recordings, metal samples, circumstantial evidence, published information, documents, world events, motive, logic, reasoning, and rational thought.]


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CR 404


6. Since the 1940s, ‘Billy’ has been in contact with extraterrestrial people, especially with us Plejaren, and all the countless attempts to convict him of lying and deceit or fraud and charlatanry have failed miserably, and that for more than 60 years.
7. And since all these attempts have always been fruitless, malicious slander was created, emanating not only from his own wife and supposed friends, but also from envious people, know-it-alls, critics and other adversaries who had never seen him face to face and had never spoken to him.
8. ‘Billy’s’ photo and film material takes us back to a time when today’s computer technology was not even in its infancy.
9. When he took his photos and recorded his films, the photo and film industry was so costly in terms of tricks and special effects that they could only be carried out by financially heavy photo and film studios.
10. For ‘Billy’ alone it would have been financially unaffordable to produce trick photos and animation films in such good and perfect quality as this one was created by him.
11. Not to mention the fact that he never had a studio and the necessary equipment for it and also no knowledge of photo and film technology.
12. Further obstacles would have been his wife, who constantly watched him jealously and suspiciously with Argus eyes and who would have exposed him in public out of hatred and desire for renown, if she had been able to detect irregularities, fraud, lies or swindling in him in any way.
13. Useless attempts at slander on her part were nevertheless made at an early age, and these did not end even after the divorce of the marriage.
14. On the other hand:
15. How could he, as a one-armed man, have handled all the techniques that would have been necessary to make trick shots?
16. But how could he, for example, also have hung models of jet ships in the open air, because it can be proved that all photos and films were taken by him in places where nothing but the open sky above the objects is visible – with a few exceptions, where the jet ships circled around weather pines.
17. And that large objects and not small models were photographed and filmed, this was proved by a US-American research team on the spot as well as by expert analyses by scientists in the USA.
18. Nevertheless, opponents around the world tried to denounce ‘Billy’ as a swindler, liar and cheat or simply as a charlatan.
19. Thus slanderous articles, writings and books were written and even TV movies were produced to compromise him, to which even his wife maliciously reached out her hand, as well as so-called longtime ‘friends’ who joined the said family member, although they themselves had experienced many things during the years regarding the real existence of our beamships and regarding unexpected encounters with us.
20. Even impossible slanders – which could not be more ridiculous-have been set up and even books have been written and published about them, for example by a certain Kal Korff from the USA, who claimed that ‘Billy’, as a one-armed man, had built a seven (7) metre model of a beamship and transported it on his small motorbike to those places where the photographs and films were taken.
21. According to the defamations, these models were then allegedly hung on balloons or lifted up by helicopters.
22. Other untenable slanders were spread by ‘Billy’s’ wife, such as that he had prepared container lids etc. and photographed them as beamships.
23. In fact, the forms of the slanders took such ridiculous forms that it is surprising that adult individuals fell for it – alleged UFO experts who thought and still think they were.
24. Malevolent people did not shy away from outrageously falsifying ‘Billy’s’ photo and film material and putting the falsified material back into his hands – without him noticing – or directly distributing it worldwide with the claim that it was original footage.
25. The falsifications were partly made so clumsy that even laymen could recognize them as such.
26. The whole thing ultimately led to worldwide hostility against ‘Billy’, who was thereby defamed as a swindler, liar, cheat and charlatan, which was only too willingly and maliciously exploited by self-important know-it-alls, adversaries, envious people, enemies and self-proclaimed ‘experts’ etc.

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