Life on Earth did not start in the Oceans

CR 222

But now, a few more things still come to my mind, which I would like to ask you: as it follows from your explanations, life on Earth originated in the water, whereby it then developed in the shore sand of the waters. This is in complete contrast to the claims of the earthly scientists, whose explanations purport that life had developed from the so-called primordial soup. If I still remember correctly – completely in accordance with your information – life is to have originated in the fresh waters of the Earth. Seas, however, are very salty – at least here on Earth – whereby the highly sensitive genetic material and outer covers of the first organisms would have probably been destroyed because saltwater is extremely aggressive, and the life forms that emerged first were still highly susceptible to such influences. So I ask myself, what type of water was given then, in which life could evolve, before it could also find its way in saltwater at a later time?
59. The saltwater of primeval times was actually very aggressive in the primordial seas and contained values that were twice and three times as high as those of the current salt concentrations in the earthly seas.
60. Thus, life also did not originate in these salty primordial seas which were also partly strong in potassium but rather in smaller and larger land waters, in small and large ponds, as well as in small or larger lakes, which consisted of fresh water that arose from torrential rains.

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