Himalayan Snow Could Be Gone By 2030

CR 223

Yes, I know the history relating to this. – Well, I once again have a question about the greenhouse effect on Earth, about which we’ve already spoken several times. In this connection, you said that the glaciers will melt rapidly all over the world, but what about the so-called perpetual snow on the high mountains here in Switzerland, on the Himalayas, and on all high mountains of the world in general?
29. The age-old snow and ice fields of all mountains will also be affected by the great melting process, so even the Himalayas, with which you surely also mean Mount Everest, whose masses of ice and snow will have melted away approximately by the year 2030, if the warming process still rises further.
30. As I already explained at an earlier date, however, two factors are involved in this process approximately equally: on the one hand, the Earth person, with his senseless destruction of the environment, etc. and, on the other hand, the normal processes of nature, through which periodic, planet-wide climate changes are caused, which are acute in the present and near future time and will further spread.

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