The truth about Glyphosate

CR 574

Excerpt from the 574th official contact conversation on the 2nd of November, 2013


Recently, I watched a program on television which dealt with the poison glyphosate. It is the most frequently employed herbicide in the world which has been on the market for almost 40 years and which is used in enormous amounts. It is said that it is harmless to the human beings when only 0.3 milligrams per kilogram of body weight is absorbed and that this can even be increased to 0.5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. You know a lot about these things; in your view, what is to be made of this?


Glyphosate is dangerous and causes cancer, deformities and miscarriages, as is also the case with all pesticides and herbicides as well as with all neurotoxins, which penetrate into and are stored within naturally growing foods when they are sprayed, such as in vegetables, berries, fruits, corn, mushrooms and grain. Through the food, these poisons are then ingested by human beings and cause harm to the health. Along with cancer, deformities and miscarriages, many forms of allergies are also caused by all herbicides, pesticides and neurotoxins, which find their way into the human body via foods and through the pores as well as through the breathing, whereby also manifold illnesses arise, the causes of which are not recognised by the terrestrial physicians. Glyphosate and also all other pesticides and all herbicides as well as neurotoxins are much more dangerous than is mendaciously claimed by the chemists, manufacturers and users. Contrary to that, there is truly no milligram safety limit for these substances, because even in the slightest amounts which lie far below one milligram per kilogram of body weight, herbicides and pesticides as well as neurotoxins are very alarmingly dangerous for the health and therefore cause illness. Nevertheless, the World Health Organisation and the American Environmental Protection Authority consider the use of this poison in tiny amounts to be of just as little concern as the European authorities do. The seed is already drenched in neonicotinoids, whereby also the plants growing from it are poisoned, and ultimately, naturally, also the human being is drawn into the poison-cycle of the chemistry. During the growth, the plants therefore absorb the poison which consists of stable chemical compounds, which only break down extremely poorly and consequently pass into the growing plants. Above all, the seed is already poisoned with neonicotinoids and indeed especially canola, sunflowers and corn. These insecticides are many times more poisonous for the human organism than the infamous DDT, through which so much harm was brought upon uncountable Earth human beings. As a rule, neonicotinoids are not used in an isolated form, rather they are frequently used preventatively, whereby the whole matter is made very much worse. An isolated application would indeed have lesser health-damaging results for the human being, but the harm to the health would nonetheless remain very enormous.

Billy: Your explanation is clear and unambiguous and says that the chemists, who concoct this stuff, lie just as much as the manufacturers and users of these poisons do.

Ptaah: That is indisputable

Translation by Vivienne Legg on the 21st of September, 2014


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  2. unofficial, unauthorized translation:

    The poison glyphosate is once again a widespread topic of conversation because it is declared to be without responsibility as harmless and also harmless to human beings. It might be good if you would say something else again, because that would certainly be important.

    Against all the denial of the manufacturer Monsanto, its ‘expert assessors’, and the governments and health authorities which controlled the weed killers, Total herbicide glyphosate as harmless and not harmful to human health, the exact opposite is the case. As a result of your interest, we have been able to prove in large – scale research that glyphosate is life threatening even to the smallest extent for humans as well as for all living creatures of the fauna. In humans alone, cancer and many other diseases and diseases are triggered by glyphosate, but all mammals and other forms of life are often injured in health, even by the least amount of the glyphosate, which is extremely toxic. Plant diversity is also impaired and eventually eradicated. Moreover, the lowest amounts of poison glyphosate are also found in the plants which serve as foodstuffs for humans and for mammals, etc., when treated with the weed-destroying agent. Thus, the smallest amounts of toxic glyphosate residues are found in human foodstuffs and also in industrially produced foodstuffs, as well as in fodder plants and waters, which serve the wild living organisms and small organisms as food and drinking water. In all feedstuffs, too, accumulations are found as toxic residues, particularly in products used in agriculture for the feeding of horses, cattle, pigs and poultry.

    Toxic glyphosate residues are, however, also contained in feedstuffs for lifeforms, which are kept by humans as domestic subjects such as dogs, cats, birds, mice, rats and hamsters, etc. Due to the low glyphosate residues in the natural foodstuffs, these are thus obtained in various ways In the food of humans and all living creatures, is also contaminated with the food of slaughtered animals consumed by humans. This in turn causes malformations in newborns, miscarriages, kidney damage, as well as different types of cancer. According to our research, glyphosate harms the environment and health of humans, fauna and flora in a way that is not in itself inherent in all other known herbicides. And when it rains, the leaked glyphosate is flushed from the plants and paths sprayed with it, into the next sewage ditches, into the sewers, streams, ponds and rivers, as it also seeps into the ground and poisons the groundwater Glyphosate is highly toxic to waters. Depending on the dose, glyphosate destroys almost everything that lives and grows in the water, whether fish, insects, newts, frogs, dragonfly larvae, algae or water plants, but many land creatures also die from it and become sick and sick Glyphosate contaminated water drink. And what kills the fauna and flora does not go unnoticed in humans, makes him sick and suffering, because he suffers from cancer, allergies, diseases and illnesses, and suffers miserable misery by glyphosate residues. And in this way it goes on for years, in which Glyphosate gradually creates cancer, disease, suffering and disease. This includes autism, which is usually already produced in the mother’s liver by glyphosate-contaminated food of the mother, and is then also absorbed by the newborn, which is also contaminated with mother’s milk.

    However, glyphosate is not only about farmers who I have mentioned in agriculture, because it also affects all gardeners and amateur gardeners as well as railway workers, pathkeepers, etc., who directly deal with glyphosate and, via skin pores and possibly also via the mouth, glyphosate residues Which are also found in all basic foodstuffs. Glyphosate thus comes into barley, oats, rice, rye, and wheat, and also into many flour products, such as pastry and bakery products, but also in cereal flakes of all kinds, but also in maize, soya and sugar, and so on Vegetables and berries, as well as the drinking water, because the toxic substances, as already mentioned, seep into the ground water and this is used sooner or later by humans for the food preparation and drunk also by all imaginable possible creatures. And when the glyphosate is absorbed by man through food and drink, even in small quantities, it sooner or later has its toxic effect, even in mothers with regard to the mother’s milk, by which fetuses are already present in the mother’s body in one way or another As well as malformations and miscarriages. Also, airway complaints and skin diseases are caused by glyphosate, as well as an ever-increasing, increasing loss of biological diversity, such as the rapid biennial death.

    Glyphosate also triggers chronic botulism in cattle, a disease caused by poisoning that can affect both humans and all mammals. Even in small amounts, glyphosate and other glyphosate agents harm the human embryonic and placental cells as well as the DNA of humans, amphibians, animals, animals, reptiles, birds, fish, other aquatic organisms and all sorts of other forms of life. In the human body, glyphosate can lead to complete cell death within 24 hours. Glyphosate also paves the way for Alzheimer’s and diabetes and, as already mentioned, also for cancer and all kinds of diseases and body diseases, as well as for depression, heart attacks and sterility in both sexes. Glyphosate also has very high negative effects on soil fertility and the entire soil organisms. Also certain disease-causing parasitic molds are promoted, such as fusaria, which kill their host. Micronutrients can no longer be absorbed by the micro-organisms and fungi, and the disease protection of plants can no longer be guaranteed, as a result of which the earthworms, which are essential for the aerating of soils, are also lost or that these soils contaminated with glyphosate are avoided. Glyphosate occurs in the urine of humans and animals and other creatures of many species, even if they have not come into contact with glyphosate directly when spraying plants, soil and water residues.

    There is a classic, respectively, acute botulism, and chronic or visceral botulism, both forms being produced by toxins from the bacterium , the nerve pelvic resp. Neurotoxin is of enormous importance and is the most potent poison. From a purely theoretical point of view, a quantity of only 40 grams would suffice to destroy the entire earthly humanity. If the symptoms of botulism are observed in diseased cattle, then excretion or respiration occurs in a conspicuous manner. A life-threatening emaciation, as well as a performance drop in appearance, e.g. In case of swallowing resp. Tuberculosis and cancer. Other symptoms are a duck run, also called a wading lap, as well as a raised belly, tuckles and restricted reflexes, which also include a disturbed drinking behavior and persistent salivation, as well as rashes of the stomach and non-healing skin wounds as well as rumen paralysis resp. Paralysis of the largest of the three guardians, which serves as a large ferment chamber. Primarily, botulism bacteria multiply in flesh and plants as they decay from putrefaction. If such bacteria are absorbed by cattle by food which is impregnated with the nerve-substance BoNT, then a case of classical botulism results. Chronic botulism results first from the spores of the botulism bacteria only when they are absorbed with food and only begin to act in the intestinal tract and begin to germinate. Those involved in chronic botulism
    Chronic glyphosate poisoning cattle become permanent sequestrants of botulinic bacteria. This also creates an increased and permanent risk of infection for non-diseased animals, which can also infect farmers, other people and other living creatures. In humans, in the case of an infection, eyelids, muscle weakness, swallowing difficulties, such as a lump in the throat, are frequently threatened with urge to urinate with residual residual urinary symptoms. Glyphosate kills bacteria and bacteria in the stomach and intestines in human beings, bovines and all forms of life. This results in severe damage to the intestinal flora, which means that bacteria of all kinds, especially the botulism bacterium, Can be adequately repelled.

    However, the policy does not prejudge the prospect of an effective risk classification for glyphosate and therefore a corresponding ban on the dangerous active substance is not considered at all. It is sobering that Montanto and the majority of health researchers, politicians and rulers have known for about 20 years that glyphosate contains life-threatening substances for all living creatures. However, this is irresponsibly trivialized or fundamentally denied, as a result of which many people continue to die and die from cancer and other diseases and diseases, as are many birth defects caused by glyphosate. From a political point of view, hardly any resp. Nothing at all to prohibit the glyphosate in principle, can only be assumed as to whether there is ever any prohibition.

    The fact is that many of the politicians, commissioners and high-ranking employees who have to decide about such things, such as genetically modified feed and food, are closely connected to the agroindustry and are horrendous about their advocacy of the production and sale of glyphosate get paid. When looking at these politicians, Commissioners and high-ranking employees who vote for the glyphosate and other toxic plant protection products and their residues, it is clear that certain of these advocates are, among other things, closely linked to the toxin manufacturers , Such as the major companies BASF, Bayer, Monsanto and Syngenta, etc. These are groups that are strongly opposed to a ban on certain pesticides and all of which also contain glyphosate-containing agents in their product ranges. If it is taken into account that Monsanto alone generates sales of 2 billion US dollars with its glyphosate-containing product , then it should be absolutely clear that all other agro-conglomerates and their group representatives also deserve a great deal of money and, Active ingredient. But your knowledge speaks in an absolutely clear word that the plant-destroying agent glyphosate is highly hostile to life and even deadly to man, to fauna and flora, and therefore to the whole world. The fact that, however, from a political point of view there has not yet been sufficient to prohibit glyphosate in its production, sale, and use, can be effectively treated as a political failure. It is simply incomprehensible that, despite all the negative signs, glyphosate-containing agents may continue to be mass-produced, sold and distributed, even though an immediate production, sales and utilization stop must be the only correct measure that can be considered.

    Fact is that our research clearly proves that glyphosate causes health and further damage and even the death of humans and the fauna and flora.

    The interests of agriculture and large-scale horticulture are no longer to be allowed to take advantage of any economic pre-eminence; instead, it should be done immediately where glyphosate has long been causing great damage to the fauna and flora On human health. An immediate stop of the production, sale and use of glyphosate is of utmost urgency, since food and feed are causing death, eradication of fauna and flora as well as spoilage.

    Last but not least, the entire political system, which does not account for its responsibility and which allows Monsanto and the entire economy to exert pressure on farmers and large- Companies are getting ever more horrendous profits – without regard for the people, the nature, their fauna and flora, the waters and the whole environment.

    FIGU Special Bulletin No. 104, June 2017 26
    Unofficial, unauthorized translation

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