Teachings of Mohammed were falsified and also incorrectly interpreted

CR 437

Billy: However, I want to say something regarding the events in Iraq and in Israel as well as Palestine and Afghanistan, so then the following: the warlike actions in the world take on always worsening forms, also regarding the civil war in Iraq, where the extreme Sunnites and Schiites are misled, that the Jihad, respectively, the holy war must be carried out with weapons, and I mean both against the same faithful ones and also against the different faithful ones, respectively unbelieving ones, as these are called. In the case of the Sunnites and Schiites and converted ones, who fight against one another, or in the case of the Taliban it must be said, that the Jihad is completely misunderstood, because Mohammed meant something completely different than to carry out war with weapon force. His actual teaching was in effect, that under the Jihad it is to be understood as the individual battle of the human against himself, so that he becomes an especially good, positive, virtuous and true, worthy and honorable human. So therefore the teaching of Mohammed of the Jihad fundamentally in effect was, that the human must lead the ‘holy war’, not with deadly weapons and not against other humans but against himself, in order to gain self-knowledge and truth, so that he truly lives in humanity as a human being and can fulfill creative laws and recommendations. However, these teachings of Mohammed were fundamentally falsified and also incorrectly interpreted, and in fact, up to the present. This occurred also with the teaching that the human should live in a correct, good, positive and virtuous as well as law fulfilling and recommendation fulfilling way, in order to be an advising model to children and youths as well as also adults of all ages, as all of the prophets taught, even if it was offered by them in other words. That these parts in addition to many other of Mohammed’s teachings were falsified, led to the fact, that many aspects of his teachings also led to incorrect interpretations and to evil results, like this unfortunately today still continues to have an influence, and in fact, particularly through the radical, terroristic Islam of those misguided ones who pretend to be Muslim men and Muslim women, however who neither understand nor live the teaching of Islam. True Muslim men and Muslim women are not extreme Islamists and therefore not terrorists, because they are endeavoring to be truthful, self-knowledgeable, peaceful and true humans and to live in peace and humanity with other faithful ones.
Ptaah: 39. These are good words.
Billy: However, there is still something to say about this, namely, that it corresponds to a wide spread misunderstanding, that every Islamic war has corresponded to a religious war and that then it always has been the aim of the war, to convert the defeated people by force of the sword to Islam. Of course there have been such religious wars, which however only apply to the early battles of Mohammed, in which he of necessity had to raise the sword against Jewish and Meccan adversaries of Medinan authorities, otherwise he and his followers would have been murdered. Only the Surah1 9.5 references this, in which in the actual original form of Mohammed the following has been taught:
“And when the forbidden months have passed, then fend off yourselves of the adversaries, who serve idols, where you meet them, seize them, and besiege them, and lie in wait for them, in their own ambush, in order to put them into captivity. However, only deprive them of their lives, if it requires self-defense. However, if they repent, then temper justice with mercy, let them pay the Zakat2 (poor tax) and give them freedom, so that they can go their way.”
Here however the falsification of this teaching saying in Islam has become established, as it came to be taught and also translated in the following form:
“And when the forbidden months have passed, then kill the idol servers, where you meet them and seize them, and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush. If they repent however and they perform the prayer and pay the Zakat, then allow them to go their way. Truly, Allah is forgiving, merciful.”
or one other translation version:
“…kill the idol servers, where you find them … however, if they repent and perform the prayer and pay the poor tax, then let them go their way.
The truth is this, that Mohammed neither in this nor in other teaching verses has spoken thereof, that enemies should simply be struck down and killed, but he spoke then that this is only to be allowed in the case of actual self-defense. As in all times, when Mohammed’s effective and true teachings were falsified, so were they further falsified by would be knowing hack writers, where also then slander of the prophets and untrue, lumped together, stories belong to the agenda. Actually it would be necessary, like with the Talmud Jmmanuel that Mohammed’s teachings were to be written down, after he actually brought his teaching. Now, however as far as regarding the effectiveness of Islamic war, goes: in the later history of Islam many wars were purely world conquest wars, like these since time immemorial were connected to all migrations of people. Such has this also occurred in the conquest of Palestine by the ancient Hebrews, as well as however also in all Germanic, Arabic and similar world-wide migrations of peoples which have occurred. And like in Christianity in the seven crusades etc., the Arabic wars of conquest also have a typical religious background – which particularly is overlooked, concealed or denied by Christianity, in regard to its own wars of conquest. Now the fact is in Islamic wars of conquest, that even if a religious background existed, the defeated people fundamentally acknowledged the Islamic suzerainity3, as they simply paid them the demanded tribute. However, as far as it concerns their religion, respectively their beliefs and their worship as well as the civil order, they were able to keep everything, without having had to atone for them or having been forced to Islam. The Islamic idea of theocracy did not exclude tolerance for other faiths, but only, because the subjugation was purely political in form. Of course it was for as long as anyone can remember and thus since all in the beginning – like with Christianity and all religions; Buddhism excluded – Islam fanatics, used Mohammed’s teaching in incorrect and falsified ways for their power claiming and actually searched to spread Islam with the sword, which is why this, as knowledge also has spread world-wide and unfortunately is not to be denied. But those, who acted like this, were not genuine Muslims, but degenerate fanatics, who made the falsified parts of the teaching for their own benefit. If then I also speak or write about this, like for example in the book “An Open Word”, that in the Islam teaching facts are cited, which are associated with war, sword, murder and manslaughter etc., then it is only about facts, which have originated through the falsification of the Koran4 and which have nothing to do with effective truth and reality, because Mohammed brought no war and murder teachings, but a teaching of love, truth, freedom, harmony and peace for all humans on the Earth, and entirely the same, no matter what race, religion, or other religious faction or whichever people or whatever social position they belonged to. Thus he worked like all of the prophets of his line before him and after him.
Ptaah: 40. Again good words, but indeed this is not surprising.
41. This would be different, were you not the herald, who brings the teaching of the spirit as well as the teaching of the truth and the teaching of life.

CR 721

74. In the case of Muhammad, for example, it was more than 100 years after his death before the first words were written about him, and his teaching was completely disregarded and rewritten and replaced by a completely re-invented one.
75. Hence, the true teaching that Muhammad brought, the ‘teaching of the prophets’ i.e. ‘teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life’ was not simply falsified beyond recognition, but it was, as was already the case with the same teaching of Jmmanuel, completely denied and replaced by a new truth-falsified religious history that was fantasized together from the ground up and directed towards a godhead and spread.
76. In addition, over the course of centuries, new rules, rituals, prayer-, behaviour- and other regulations as well as religious laws etc. were invented over and over again, which were consciencelessly fantasised into the irrationally- and confusingly-invented senseless religious teaching and were mendaciously ascribed to the proclaimers Jmmanuel and Muhammad.

CR 721

237. If one has a close look at the life history of Mohammed, then it must also be said concerning this, that there is hardly a true word in all that which is supposedly ‘handed down’ about him, for just as with Jmmanuel, all around no one was knowledgeable in writing and written language, except his first wife, the widow Chadidscha.
238. She was a member of the highly respected Quraish tribe and heiress of a caravanserai and a trading business in Mecca.
239. At first, under her matriarchy, Mohammed did various works for her, before they got together and married, after which she appointed him as a business partner.
240. The woman was connected to Mohammed by sincere love and was also able to connect with his teaching, which she held in high regard, although she did not record a single word of his teaching or of his life in writing.
241. The incredibly infamous calumny that Mohammed is said to have fathered several children with this woman corresponds to a lie beyond compare, because the woman was incapable of conception and therefore could not be impregnated by Mohammed.
242. However, since Chadidscha wanted to have children, it was decided in agreement between her and Mohammed, to adopt several orphans and to secretly pretend that they were their own.
243. After his wife died, he married Sauda bint Zama as his second wife, with whom, however, he also did not father any descendants, nor with Aischa bint Abi Bakr, who was his third wife and who, contrary to the slanderous ‘traditions’, was neither 6 nor 7 or 9 years old at the time of marriage, but 19 years of age.
244. And the malicious story of slander against her, which is said to have arisen during the campaign against the Banū l-Mustaliq in the year 627, is just as much a malicious lie as is the story of the twelve ‘mothers of the believers’, which was built up on nothing more than lies and deception.
245. This applies equally to the many lies that Mohammed, in addition to his regular marriage, married a greater number of women and had slaves as concubines, for in fact it was only the three wives Chadidscha, Sauda bint Zama and Aischa bint Abi Bakr, whom he had married after the death of Chadidscha, and also these marital bonds remained childless, because even with these two women, he was not of the sense to procreate offspring.
246. All the larger numbers of other women who were around him, were in no way in any marital connection with him, nor in any kind of relationship of a slavish or concubine-like nature, rather they were all well protected in his care and friendship.
247. So, long after his death, other women were imputed to him by lies and calumnies of alleged relatives and chroniclers and so forth and had no truth content whatsoever.
248. This also applies to the veiling of women, as well as to completely different senselessnesses.
249. Maliciously minded ones who were against the spreading of the early wrong Christianity that had emerged centuries earlier, through which the true teaching of the proclaimer Jmmanuel was completely falsified, saw in it an opportunity to falsify the teaching of Mohammed as well.
250. So, in his time, they seized the opportunity to falsify his teaching, which was indeed the same as that of Jmmanuel, and to spread rules and regulations, just as it was with regard to the teaching of Jmmanuel.
251. Just as Jmmanuel was not able to defend himself against it, so it also happened with Mohammed, because when both had gone their last way, their ever-identical teaching was abysmally falsified and new religions were created from it.

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