Why Your Next Car Should Be Electric

CR 469/700

Yes, then something can be expected. Here I have another question concerning the petroleum extraction: How much time do we have to calculate until the petroleum extraction with respect to the worldwide reserves is exceeded?
It has already been exceeded for quite some time, which, however, is concealed by the petroleum producing states and by groups of companies.
Is this also the case with Saudi Arabia?
The petroleum producers are pumping water under the petroleum deposits in order to drive the petroleum up to the surface. In the course of time it can happen that the water rises above the petroleum reservoir and then, in the end, only this water is extracted.
This would mean the end of the petroleum production. The whole thing would evoke a worldwide catastrophe, because the whole economy would collapse.
The petroleum would get ever more expensive and just as prohibitively expensive for the private consumers as for the whole transport sector which is dependent on petrol and diesel oil as well as kerosene.
Through this the transport of food from foreign countries would be stopped the same way as also the transport of other economic goods of every type.
Also mass tourism would collapse, and the people would have to go on holiday in their own countries, if they are then still financially able at all to do it.
The cars, tractors, machinery, ships, aircraft and motorcycles would become valueless scrap metal and the people would have to go again on foot or on bicycle and on horse carts etc.
Also many products, like all kinds of artifacts and articles made of plastic would disappear or get prohibitively expensive. And food itself would have to be cultivated again in the countries, which, however, would not bring much because of the overpopulation and, consequently, famine would arise everywhere.
In fact a de-globalization will occur in such a case – which is really threatening – as well as also an enormous unemployment, which in the industrialized states alone could include up to 30 percent, while criminality and anarchism would take on uncontrollable proportions.
To cultivate their own food again themselves in their own countries for such a mass of overpopulation as is given in those individual countries, which would have to become extremely active again in agriculture and horticulture, is as good as impossible, because the land resources as well as the existing farms, the market gardens and the plantations do not suffice for it, because already too much good cultivated land has disappeared, has been obstructed, concreted over and destroyed.
A catastrophe is then unavoidable also with respect to the energy because residential buildings and other buildings cannot be heated anymore because of the lack of petroleum, just as power stations cannot generate energy anymore, if these are operated with petrol.
Also the lubricants for the motors and generators, as well as for machines of all kinds will be lacking and will bring many things to a standstill. And an uncontrollable disaster would also arise in the hospitals with respect to medicines, as well as to the medical equipment, and so forth, and as a result many people would die.
That’s how I see the whole thing, if other ways of energy production and other materials which can replace petroleum as substitute for the everyday life articles and other goods cannot be found immediately.
However, the two materials tar and natural gas belong into the same category, and are not eternally-constant either. Also the biofuels are an enormous problem which can only be solved through a definitive abolition/ban.
And, if radically effective measures for a worldwide birth control are not taken finally, then in fact the great disaster cannot be stopped. If all the evil really happens, then a scenario arises on the whole Earth which can be well marked as the end of the world or as the Third World Fire.
Now ask yourself whether the clever heads among the researchers and the scientists as well as the responsible ruling ones are clever enough to find possibilities and to take measures as quickly as possible to prevent this surely threatening catastrophe.
They can only do this, however, if they finally listen to the warning and by taking out their fingers from their mouths in order to create effective and far reaching measures concerning a worldwide birth control as well as clean and petroleum-independent possibilities for the production of energy, and doing things properly.
It is also necessary that the people in general reflect and do the right thing in order to correct the criminal and senseless consumption of the fossil resources. Additionally, cars, ships, aircraft, motorcycles and coaches/busses etc. may not be used anymore for spins and holiday trips, and sports and race meetings etc. may not be held anymore if fossil and bio fuel is used.
The use of vehicles with combustible engines to drive 100 or 200 metres to the next shop for shopping or to one’s place of work is criminal, is fostering the threatening disaster and must be prohibited.
Cars should be allowed only for absolutely necessary transportations and other important journeys, though a vehicle with combustible engine should be allowed to go for the shopping and for the reaching to the job only if the way exceeds five kilometres.
Transport of handicapped and sick persons, important goods as well as school transport of children should be considered as necessary, but only with vehicles which are serving that purpose and are specially marked.
And what will be unavoidable, if everything comes true, is the fact that all problems will become still greater and more extensive in relation to the rapidly increasing overpopulation, and they may not be overcome anymore.
So the demand for energy and the need for vehicles of every kind, for accommodation and houses, for medicines and for the basic consumer articles for daily use will rise just as ever more rapidly as the demand for food. And exactly in relation to the latter it is insane that enormous and irresponsible destructive exploitation is practiced by those who keep various kinds of domestic animals which are fed with the best food that would be best meal for the human beings.
This both with regard to first-class meat, which is used for dog and cat food, as well as also with regard to various grains, vegetables, fruits, poultry and fish and all sorts of other animals which would be best food for the human beings.
So everything which is done against the evils becomes obsolete and completely worthless even before it is completed; be it through nuclear or solar energy, the power of the wind or of the water or through the energy produced by the incineration power plants, or through medications against illnesses and epidemics, which more and more frequently and more dangerously appear as epidemics and pandemics.
But also the drinking water always becomes a bigger problem through the increasing overpopulation, and ultimately becomes a rarity, while the people are fleeing or are being expelled from their native countries as gigantic streams of refugees and invade the industrialized countries, where they hope for a better life, but causing more and more refugee tragedies and catastrophes.
Also, as a result, illnesses, epidemics and parasites are spread and are carried into the host countries, as this happens also through the transport of goods and products; consequently new problems and catastrophes are caused for the refugees in the countries in which they had been received.
Another evil develops by the fact that more and more sexual intermingling of members of different peoples take place, which in the long end leads to big problems and to new illnesses and inevitably to a change of behaviour etc., depending on the scale of that intermingling.
However, from all of this hate arises because of other mentalities, religions and cultures, which leads to evil acts of violence which cannot be controlled anymore in a simple and peaceful way.
You are picking up things here, which actually have hands and feet (are making sense), as you have the habit of saying. The catastrophe mentioned by you already has begun to develop, even if the responsible ones of the terrestrial governments and the economy etc. do not yet see the whole of it, or simply do not want to admit it, as is also the case with the scientists and the general people.
And you are speaking the truth that this global catastrophe actually is threatening and overtaking if the responsible ones of the governments and the scientists as well as the general people do not immediately undertake the necessary action in order to stop this already running process and do the right thing.
I myself also calculated this as a great probability according to the law of causality, respectively of cause and effect with regard to that which is occurring on Earth for quite some time and also at present, and what can be expected. One must only sum up one plus one, then the result emerges by itself as an irrefutable factor of reality.

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