Tunguska Crater Caused By Exploding UFO

CR 542

Thanks, Ptaah. That’s roughly how Bernadette and I also imagined it. But now I have a question again, which relates to an apparent contradiction, because in the matter of the Tunguska catastrophe, those private conversations between you and I are not included in the official contact reports. When we talked about it on various occasions, you also explained that the three great planetary peoples, including the space travellers who exploded their spaceship over the Tunguska area, had left their old home and found three new planets far away. These were uninhabited worlds, but they were suitable for them and they could use them as new home worlds for themselves. However, you have kept quiet about the details of how the whole thing works, which is why it is now necessary to go into them in more detail, because somebody has stumbled upon the fact that the 365th contact report in volume 9 contains different information than the 428th contact report in volume 10. At the 476th contact report you then gave a further explanation. For me the matter is actually clear, but not yet for a reader, probably also because she has not yet read the 476th report. Here I have copied out four parts of the report, also one from Asket:

Asket’s Explanations

(Written down on the 1st of September 1964 in Mahrauli/India. Literal reproductions by Asket with the help of her apparatuses, which enable these literal reproductions from her subconscious. The following statement was made by Asket on the 3rd of February 1953 while we were in her ship in the Jordanian desert mountains)
76. So these insane facts were spread to the three distant worlds and made known to the races that had lived for thousands of years in peace and love and in complete harmony with all life-forms and with each other.
77. The madness of the earthly religions was taken up by scientists and new expeditions were sent to Earth to investigate all the necessary religious facts in years of work.
78. After the return of these expeditions, it was decided, after detailed investigations, to teach all peoples according to the earthly Christian religion, in all matters.
79. This was a fatal mistake, because within only 11 years, the peaceful humanity of the one faraway world, which until then had only lived according to the laws of creation, was transformed into the faithfully Christian image of Earth human beings.
80. At first there was fighting and discord in the innermost circles, but then everything spread very quickly and public unrest broke out.
81. Soon the life-forms were murdering each other, until everything degenerated into a vicious worldwide war.
82. In the end there were attacks on the other two worlds, one of which was destroyed.
83. Finally, other races of space travellers became aware of this, intervened and violently ended the deadly conflict, which was already slowly spreading to the whole solar system.
84. The earthly religions brought by the expeditions and Christianity, which had triggered the destruction, were strictly forbidden to any life-form.
85. All existing religious material was destroyed and the old form of life became again the supreme law.
86. Any advance and any further visit to Earth was forbidden, and there was even a provision that if a ship should unexpectedly stray to Earth and find no possibility of progress, the entire crew together with the ship would be totally eliminated.
87. This also actually happened about 1,000 years after this regulation was issued, when a large spaceship still in earthly space was no longer able to free itself from Earth, where it had been hidden for several months with severe technical damage in the country you call Russia.
88. The ship was only able to climb a few hundred metres and then sank again.
89. According to the regulation that no spaceships etc. were allowed to approach Earth any more, any assistance was also impossible.
90. On the other hand, it was forbidden for other races from space to bring help to the damaged ship, because an earthly epidemic had broken out among the crew, which was very dangerous for these life-forms.
91. Knowing that no help was waiting for them, they constructed a huge bomb out of life’s building blocks, which they called an atom, forced the ship as far up into the sky as possible and then simply let it crash.
92. Like a giant comet it crashed down to Earth, and before it hit the Earth, the atomic bomb was detonated at a height of a few hundred metres.
93. A huge explosion tore the ship and crew apart, turning everything into dust and destroying the landscape.
94. All that remained of it all was a huge crater, erroneously called a meteor crater by your scientists.
95. More than 4,300 life-forms of extraterrestrial origin were destroyed in this gigantic destruction, which can only be attributed to the earthly cult of Christ, because the real reason for this destruction was the madness of this earthly religion.

365th Contact Report, 28th January 2005

11. The articles are very interesting, but they do not correspond to the reality of the events of the time.
12. It is true, as you know, that the event was caused by a space flying apparatus of Earth-foreigners intelligences, exactly according to Asket’s description, as you read it to me with the 86th to the 95th sentence of Asket’s explanations.
13. The crew of the large space flying apparatus, which was destroyed over the Tunguska region on the 30th of June 1908, came from the Setkatis Galaxy, a large spiral galaxy also known to terrestrial astronomers as M 101, some 17 million light-years away.
14. The home of the space travellers was a planet a little more than the size of Earth and is called Ketulas. It is a satellite of the solar system Bliira, which includes two suns and 18 planets, but only three of them carry human life.
15. The galaxy can be observed from Earth from above, so to speak, but the Bliira solar system is invisible from Earth because it is beyond observation.
16. The crew of the space flying apparatus belonged to the Gilas people, which is why we call them Gilaser.
17. The Gilaser people were already very advanced in space technology at that time and were also able to build huge space flying apparatus using small planetoids.
18. In these they created large cavities, in which they placed equipment for propulsion, for powerful on-board weapons, for external protective screens and electron collectors, as well as energy storage systems, living quarters, work premises, food production facilities and life-support systems etc., in other words everything that was necessary.

428th Contact Report, 10th July 2006

It is unstoppable, the thoughts just start running. But before we turn to the correction work in Hans-Georg’s book, I would like to ask you a few questions about the things you mentioned at the 424th official contact conversation on the 17th of June, namely about alien invasions of terrestrial airspace. There was the Tunguska catastrophe, where those space travellers suffered an accident and blew up their big ship because it could not be repaired. Is that also included in your investigations? You did not say anything about that, although it would be interesting to know how things stand in this respect.
11. The large spaceship that suffered an accident and was destroyed, which resulted in the so-called Tunguska event, belonged to a people who live in a distant galaxy of your space-time continuum.
12. Christianity, however – which was brought to their homeworlds by some of their space travellers and spread rapidly – led to severe religious battles.
13. When order was finally restored, the space travellers were forbidden to enter earthly space again.
14. About 1,000 years after this decree, due to faulty coordinates, a large spaceship of this people strayed into the SOL system and stranded on Earth due to a serious accident that was still occurring, from which it could no longer move away.
15. The spaceship was hidden in the Tunguska area for several months with heavy technical damages. Far away from the hiding place a large number of the space travellers mingled unrecognized among the Earth human beings and became sexually involved with them, which resulted in the fact that many of them got syphilis and also infected many others when returning to their large spaceship.
16. This had very bad consequences for the astronauts, because very quickly dangerous mutations of the disease developed due to their otherness, which just as quickly spread to an epidemic and epidemic, which cost many lives.
17. They could not expect help from the homeworld, because according to the old regulation it was forbidden to approach the Earth.
18. In addition, other extraterrestrials stationed on Earth – namely us and our Federation – were forbidden by the government of the space travellers’ homeworld to provide any help, so we had to follow our directives.
19. So the Earth-foreigners had no choice but to self-destruct as their destiny demanded, so they built an atomic bomb, took the space flying apparatus to a possible height in the atmosphere and then crashed it, only to detonate the bomb.
20. The massive explosion completely tore the space flying apparatus apart and shredded it to pieces, the enormous explosion turning virtually the whole ship and the entire crew of 4,387 human beings into dust and ashes.
21. From our side everything was observed and recorded, therefore we of course also passed on our information to the homeworld of the stranded space travellers, but we were not allowed to intervene in the events.
22. So we had to let things run their course, but we were confident that we could teach the government and the people of the space travellers that they were no longer in danger from the religions of the Earth human beings if they would no longer be allowed to interfere with them.
23. In the course of time our project succeeded, which also resulted in all three peoples respectively races – namely their three – joining our Federation.
24. They come from an area of a large galaxy cluster, which is about 400 million light-years away from Earth.
25. The three peoples resp. races have three different homeworlds, but they are closely connected to each other and call themselves Bardan as a people unit, just as they also call their homeworlds Bardan 1, 2 and 3 and have a common government.

476th Contact Report, 3rd February 2009

1. You have not misunderstood anything, just as I have not confused anything.
2. But it is still my mistake, because I did not mention that all three peoples of Gilas emigrated from their original home planet Ketulus in the system Bliira, 17 million light-years away from Earth, and settled 400 million light-years away in the spiral galaxy in the Coma cluster of galaxies M 101.
3. Their three new home planets they call Bardan and consequently themselves now also Bardan.
Aha, and why did they emigrate?
4. A worldwide epidemic killed more than 4/5 of all Gilaner within three decades, so the healthy survivors fled and sought new homeworlds, which they found with our help.
5. In order to end the epidemic, which also affected all other life-forms and was completely eradicated by them, the only option left was to incinerate the entire planet surface.
6. Unfortunately, no cure or containment could be found or produced against the disease.
58. The whole thing may indeed appear to be a contradiction, and obviously it would have been necessary that we should have had our private conversations in this regard as official conversations and made them public.
59. But what I have already explained in relation to this matter should actually make it clear what the facts are.
60. But perhaps it was also unfortunate and confusing of me that I split one and the same factor into two parts and spoke of two different names of peoples, planets and galaxies.
61. If this has created an apparent contradiction, then this is regrettable on the one hand, but on the other hand it was unintentional.
62. So now there is probably a need for me to state the relevant facts openly and in more detail in order to clarify everything:
63. As a further and final explanation, I do not want to go into all the details, but only so far as to make everything a little clearer:
64. After the heavy faith struggles, which were caused by the introduction of Christianity from Earth to the world population of the Gilaser on the planet Ketulas in the system Bliira in the galaxy Setkatis, also a planet was destroyed in such a way that life was no longer possible on it, after which a decree was issued that the Earth in the SOL system was no longer allowed to be approached.
65. Christian delusion was strictly forbidden, but this did not stop fanatics from secretly continuing their Christian faith underground, which then came to the surface again 694 years later and spread again, on both planets that were still habitable.
66. This led to the emergence of various religious groups, respectively sects, and from these, new religious struggles that spread to both worlds and wreaked enormous destruction, making the living conditions for the populations of the planets increasingly precarious over the decades.
67. What now needs to be further officially explained is this:
68. Again:
69. After the catastrophe of the first religious war about 1,000 years ago, the Christian delusion continued to modernize in a secret underground way, and consequently, after 694 years, further religious fights arose, which could no longer be contained for about 300 years and, moreover, spread to both inhabited planets and claimed millions of victims.
70. These battles also caused severe destruction of nature and the atmosphere, and all but a few remnants of animal and plant life were also exterminated.
71. Then it happened that an epidemic broke out on one of the planets, which spread to a worldwide pandemic, spread to the whole world and finally also to the other planet.
72. According to the terrestrial calendar, it raged for around three decades, with 4/5 of all Gilaser, respectively Gilaner, as they called themselves, falling victim to the epidemic on both planets.
73. And consequently, when everything had progressed so far that both worlds would soon no longer be habitable, large space flying apparatus respectively large spaceships were built and sent out to various regions of the universe to search for and explore new habitable worlds.
74. One of these space flying apparatus was built from a meteor, and so it happened that about 1,000 years later a large Gilaser space flying apparatus came to Earth again, the one that had been built from a meteor.
75. However, this was brought to Earth due to an error caused by an unfortunate technical error of a coordinate device, and in the end, however, an attempt to repair another damage also resulted in a serious accident.
76. And since they were forbidden to receive help from others to return home, and since we Plejaren and our Federation were also not allowed to offer any help according to their home worlds, and since they also had the order to destroy their large flying apparatus if it was no longer possible to return under their own steam, and since sectarian Christianity was once again taken over by the crew because it was infiltrated by Christian secret allies who had been able to operate secretly in the space apparatus for a long time, those who remained unimpressed by sectarianism followed this order.
77. And that they followed the order to destroy the planet was not least because they were informed that the wars of religion had been finally ended and that there was a danger that those who had once again come to Earth would once again bring disaster back.
78. This was in the form of the Christian delusion of faith which was again widespread among the crew of the space flying apparatus.
79. So it was feared on the home worlds that Christian sectarianism could be brought back again.
80. The history of the situation and the Tunguska explosion is well known to you, but is that the Gilaser respectively Gilaner came to Earth in 1907 with their large space flying apparatus, converted it into a huge atomic bomb and then exploded it on the 30th of June 1908 high above the Tunguska region, killing 4,387 human beings.
81. At the time they left, their home was still the planet Ketulas in the Bliira system in the Setkatis galaxy, which I also explained at the 365th official contact conversation.
82. However, during the time when the Gilaser were on Earth with their large space flying apparatus, the crews of another large research space flying apparatus and with our help – calculated from the Earth – in the so-called Coma Galaxy Clusters found a new system with three (3) uninhabited but habitable planets named Bardan 1, Bardan 2, and Bardan 3.
83. The two homeworlds in the system Bliira had become so inhospitable and almost uninhabitable as the third planet, which was destroyed to the point of uninhabitability, that the remaining populations of the two only poorly inhabitable planets had to be evacuated and brought to the Bardan planets with powerful emigration space flying apparatus respectively.
84. After that everything was arranged within a few years to carry out the whole thing.
85. The total migration to the three Bardan planets then took 11 years according to earthly time calculation.
86. Since then the peoples of all three Bardan-planets call themselves Bardaner.
87. Accordingly, at the 428th official contact conversation I named Bardan 1, 2 and 3 as the home worlds of the old Gilaser respectively Gilaner as Bardan and their peoples as Bardans, to which I also counted those who were stranded on Earth.
88. This is precisely because I also connected those who had lost their way on Earth with the new name of the new worlds, which obviously led to confusion, which was not my intention and is to be described as confusing and a mistake.
89. But since the Gilaser with their large spaceship in 1907 still came from the system Bliira, I also named their home planet Ketulas, the home system Setkatis, the people Gilaner respectively Gilaser and according to their origin also the human beings of the large space flying apparatus in this way.
90. Then I named the new home Bardan in the Coma cluster of galaxies, because those who were stranded on Earth belonged to the same people.
91. Obviously I should not have done that, even though those who strayed to Earth actually belonged to the Bardan people, who, according to earthly time, had finished their emigration to Bardan in 1926.
92. However, in a private conversation with you, I obviously did not mention the whole thing extensively enough.
The whole thing is actually a little confusing at first sight, at least for the first impression, but after your explanation everything seems understandable to me when I look at it logically. I can remember that you mentioned some things once. But one more question regarding the abandoned and now hostile planets in the Bliira system of the Setkatis galaxy: Can they once again bear life? Then regarding mistakes: I would like to say that no human being is free from making mistakes, and on the other hand this also proves that you Plejaren are only human beings and not superhumans or the like, and therefore not perfect. And he who believes himself to be free from error, cast the first stone – so it has been said since ancient times.
93. What you say hits the nail on the head – as you sometimes like to say.
94. But regarding the two planets in the Bliira system:
95. Both of them, as well as the third, which was destroyed to the point of hostility to life, were eliminated by the Gilas six years after the end of emigration, because they had also become a danger for the Bliira system and would have affected its order, because they were maliciously pushed out of their orbits during the war.

CR 538

Newspaper articles

Subject: Tunguska Catastrophe
In Semjaseblock 27, Billy talked to Ptaah about the so-called ‘Tunguska catastrophe’ or the nuclear explosion of the spaceship in 1908. Some reports and speculations on the internet come surprisingly close to the truth. There was demonstrable radioactive radiation at that time; eyewitnesses even reported the shape of an object. Maybe the information is interesting for Billy.

Example 1

(source = http://www.science-explorer.de/tunguska.htm):

“The Baskir engineer and geophysicist A. V. Solotov examined splinters of trees that had survived the catastrophe by cutting them into annual rings, then burning them and analysing the ashes. He found a general increase in radioactivity for the year 1908 by finding the radioactive isotope caesium 137 in the wood.

Thermal damage to the trees, complex biological effects such as accelerated growth and somatic mutations, changes in the palaeomagnetic properties of the soil, thermoluminescence of the rock, increased uranium content in Trapp samples (igneous rock) and anomalies on a global scale were detected; they are declared as consequences of the disaster.

In the disaster area, the growth of pine trees with three-needle tufts, probably a mutation as a result of the disaster, was concentrated. The flight of the alleged Tunguska object was observed over a large territory, even in places 500 km from the epicentre. Over 800 eyewitnesses have been found over the years who saw the object and in some cases heard its sound.

The Tunguska body was described flying from south to north.However, no agreement was found between the observations in the south and west and those in the east, because then the Tunguska body would have had to move on two different trajectories at different speeds. According to this, a constellation could result, according to which either:

a) the statements are not correct,

b) it is two different flying objects,

c) or the body in question changed its flight path and speed. In the latter case it would have had to move on a non-ballistic trajectory with changing azimuths and heights, which is impossible for a natural body.

…Kanzantsev went a step further in his hypothesis of a nuclear explosion and said that an interplanetary spacecraft visiting Earth and using nuclear energy as its propulsion, for some reason, crashed over the taiga, exactly where Kulik’s ex-peditions had so unsuccessfully searched for the remains of the meteorite.

Example 2

(source = http://www.sax.de/~stalker/pad/200005/):”

What happened in the summer of 1908 in Siberia?

What event still puzzles the experts after more than 90 years?According to many eyewitness reports, on this last day in June, a brightly glowing object descended from the sky for about 10 minutes. It glowed in a bluish-white light and was usually described as tubular. As the body descended, a cloud of black smoke formed and a roar resembling cannon fire sounded. A column of light at least 20 km high was also seen. The heat that caused the explosion was so intense even at a distance of 65 km that a farmer tore off his shirt because he thought it was on fire.

The shock was so strong that seismographs around the globe recorded unusual deflections. The explosion could still be heard 700 km away.”
Further interesting articles:http://www.sueddeutsche.de/wissen/jahre-tunguska-katastrophe-der-sagenhafte-knall-1.522431http://www.alladvantage.de/mythen-und-legenden/tunguska-sibirien-1908.php

Best regards,

Achim Wolf, Germany

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