Noah’s Ark inspired by- yup, an Extraterrestrial

CR 248/700

Of course. I will also do that. Now, I once again have something concerning the Bible and, specifically, with regard to the so-called Noah’s Ark, which was actually built at one time, however, at a completely different time than what is claimed in the Bible. The Biblical Flood did not happen at the time claimed by the Bible but in the year 4613 B.C. and was brought about by the Destroyer. Quetzal made the following statement:
4,613 B.C. – Destroyer falls into the Earth’s orbit, which disturbs the Earth in its rotation and in its revolution around the Sun, triggering immense earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and elementary storms, and from the whole event, the Biblical Flood arises. The rotation of the Earth is changed and a polar shift takes place.
The Biblical Flood, therefore, conforms with reality, even though it has been placed in another time by chroniclers, as this also applies to the fabrication and the events surrounding Noah’s Ark. This was actually built around 98,400 years earlier and, hence, around 100,000 years ago, calculated back from today. Is that true?
116. That’s right, but from what source does your knowledge stem?
From Quetzal, of course. At one time, I was together with him on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey, respectively on the Russian-Turkish-Iranian border and, indeed, because I was interested in the history of the Ark. There, he explained to me these very things. The Ark landed around 100,000 years ago and not on the peak of the 5,165 meter high Ararat but around 30 kilometers away and not at the height of a summit. The size of the ark also corresponds to the one given in the Bible. With this, the many animals and only a few human beings had really survived an earlier flood that, like the Biblical Flood, was brought about by a pole shift.[3]
117. That is not correct, for it was a colossal tidal wave that was caused by a large comet that nearly collided with the Earth and caused enormous catastrophes, including the gigantic tidal wave, through which the Ark was lifted high onto Mount Ararat.
Pardon me, then I probably mixed up the two events.
118. That must be so.
Thanks for your correction. Now – Noah did not live at the time of the events with the Ark and neither did his family. Nevertheless, the event happened amazingly close to what the Bible reports; it’s just that the builder was a man named Noahkadnosser (= Man of Peace), and he maintained contact with an extraterrestrial named Zebalon (= He who Brings the Hosts of the Universe), who explained the approaching danger of the comet to him and advised him to build the Ark, which he then did in collaboration with his family and, hence, survived the immense flood – along with his family and with many domestic and land animals. These factual events have been handed down since approximately 98,000 years ago by word-of-mouth again and again, whereby the name Noahkadnosser was gradually altered and fell into oblivion and finally ended in the name of Noah, while the extraterrestrial, who was in contact with Noahkadnosser, was renamed and became elevated to a god. After the Biblical Flood, the actual Bible-Ark-Noah history was then created, whereby the true origin of the events ultimately became lost.
119. That is what is also recorded in our chronicle with regard to the important events on the Earth.
120. Your explanation is, therefore, correct.
It is simply astonishing, so I think, that in spite of the later biblical falsification, the history of the Ark has been so well-preserved for more than about 100,000 years, when one just considers that during that time, very few people lived on the whole Earth. Do you, perhaps, know the number of people who lived at the time of the comet catastrophe and the number of people who died?
121. There exists with us no precise data about this but only estimates.
122. These say that prior to the massive tidal wave, approximately 870,000 people lived on that part of the Earth, but as a result of the catastrophe, about 650,000 lost their lives.
123. Out of the surviving 220,000, about 140 people lived on the Ark, who, after the time of the flood, then settled the land again in the Middle East, where many foreigners then also immigrated.
124. This total of about 220,000 people had it very hard because for many thousands of years, they were decimated again and again by epidemics and all sorts of other disasters; therefore, they could only multiply very slowly at first and only reached a total population of 11 million people about 10,000 years ago – distributed across the whole Earth, of course.

CR 248


Good, then the question about the comet: do you have any records that give information about
how large the comet was that triggered the Ark-Great Flood about 100,000 years ago, what
orbital period this comet has, and when it will come again? It would also interest me as to how
many such comets or other space projectiles are whizzing around in our solar system and how
many of these can endanger the Earth.


  1. Although I am unaware of that, I can retrieve the desired information through this device.
  2. It will just take a moment; please wait…
  3. Yes, here:
  4. The comet that you asked about had a diameter of around 260 kilometers and had an
    orbital period of 143.7 years.
  5. The time of the Ark events was its last passage through the SOL system because after it
    had passed by the Earth, it continued toward the Sun, just to plunge into it.
  6. Therefore, it won’t return.

OM 31:7

“Many cities and many nations and much human life have been destroyed, since times of old, due to the guilt of false protectors and false prophets, as already also long before the time of Noahndakan, who lived in wisdom and erected the ark and survived evil destruction with his kin and all servants and animals.”

CR 249

Now a question about the Noandakan, known to us as Noah. During our last conversation we also talked about him, but under the name Noankadnosser. Are they two different people or are they one and the same person? If so, why do you use two different names?

89. It is the same man who is called Noah on earth.
90. But Noah is only the short name of Noandakan or Noankadnosser.
91. Noandakan is a name that goes back to the ancient lyric language and was used by the ancient lyrans on earth, while the name Noankadnosser was coined and used by the earth people.
92. So when we talk about Noah or Noandakan and Noankadnosser in this way, we are always talking about the same name, which by the way means ‘man of rest’.

From which earthly language then does the name Noankadnosser originate?

93. The language died out about 80,000 years ago.
94. The name for it was Sentalin.

3 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark inspired by- yup, an Extraterrestrial

  1. I have to tell my experience to Beam of Light because this is how I came across your website. I have only told one other person about my experience and that is my oldest daughter. About two months ago I had a dream suddenly I was standing in a beauty shop and my oldest daughter and my youngest sister had just took off in the space ship. And so the Two women that were in the beauty shop was talking about the hair competition that my daughter had won and she was trying to pronounce her name, so I helped her out. Both Women were of African decent and one was pregnant with long hair to the middle of her back. So I asked them what was the name of their planet and the one that was not pregnant Said Haster and I said Haster and she said yes and the I asked her how far away was it from Earth and they both responded I don’t know, after that I was awakened by a call. That hole day I was boggled about that dream because I can sometimes for see things and my dreams are serious to me so I decide to go on the website and to my surprise Beam of Light says that this Planet does exist. What does this mean I don’t no but it sounds like a time travel experience to me. I can’t tell anyone else because they won’t believe me not even my husband. Even my daughter questioned me mom are you sure you have not heard of the planet Haster before even though you into astrology of the universe and I said no I never of it In til in my dream.


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