Our Math is NOT a universal language

CR 248/569

Mathematics, as it is used by the Earth people, does this have universal validity?
76. No, not in any way, because the most diverse civilizations on other worlds have a variety of mathematical forms, which have no similarity or relationship with the terrestrial form.
How does it happen, then, that your measures are the same as ours or, at least, are similar to these?
77. They aren’t.
But you always speak of the fact that certain things have certain sizes, respectively measures, which are consistent with our measures. This is also true for physical values as well as for units of all kinds, etc.
78. When we gave you data on masses, weights, units, and values or mathematical forms, etc., these were, of course, always converted by us into terrestrial mathematical terms, as well as into corresponding terrestrial masses, weights, values, and units, etc.
But seven meters are still seven meters, when I speak, for example, of your ships, and 3 times 3 is always 9.
79. Certainly, but that is calculated and represented according to terrestrial mathematics.
80. With us, there is, for example, no measure that represents a meter, respectively 100 centimeters, but only one that measures roughly a meter, so namely 88.6 centimeters, according to the terrestrial term of measure.
81. Our aircraft, which you have cited as an example, are eight times this measure, so a diameter of 708.8 centimeters arises, in accordance with the terrestrial term of measure.
82. This is about 7 meters, which is why we also speak of this measure.
83. With regard to mathematics, that 3 times 3 is 9, it is to be said, of course, that the result is right and is also consistent with our mathematics, but the form of our mathematics is fundamentally different to the terrestrial one.
To explain this would probably be somewhat complicated, right?
84. A detailed explanation would take too long.
Then just don’t – it probably isn’t so important. In terms of physics, however, it must be supposed that your formulas also correspond to ours?
85. Like with the mathematical formulas, the physics formulas also differ.
86. But once they are converted, they yield the same values because universally, the mathematical and physical laws, etc. are uniform in their basic value and final value and, therefore, are one and the same, just with the difference that the various races, civilizations, and humanities of the various worlds throughout the vastness of the Universe call other forms of mathematics and other terms, etc. their own; consequently, they also have other methods of calculation than what are common among the Earth people.
87. Nevertheless, in mathematics, the basic value and final value yield the same results.
So if the different forms are put together and brought to a common denominator, in the way that they represent standard terms of values, for example, then mathematics is uniform throughout the whole Universe?
88. That’s right, because the overall universal laws and regularities, etc. are uniform.
89. A difference only arises in the various forms of terms of the individual values, as a result of the comprehension and judgment of the various human life forms of the various worlds.
All is clear, thanks. So the conclusion is that although mathematics does have a uniform universal validity and forms a fixed unit with the same terms of values, the man-made forms of mathematics are still fundamentally different from one another throughout the whole Universe.
90. Right.

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