Gilgamesh is a 50,000 year old shapeshifting E.T.

CR 222/700

Yes, exactly, that was the name. Then still another question: Gilgamesh was descended from a race that came from a galaxy that is still unknown on Earth. Moreover, he was about 3 meters tall. How can it be, that he still lives on Earth today unrecognized? Relatively seen to the Earth person, he also doesn’t age, for he, as you’ve explained, is 50,000 years old or more. And since you know him so well and also have the possibility of taking him back to his world, why don’t you do this?
24. You are mistaken in reference to the fact that the home galaxy of Gilgamesh is unknown on Earth because it was already discovered in the year 1781 by an astronomer named Méchain.
25. This is a somewhat oval spiral galaxy, which is simply called M94 – NGC 4736 by the earthly astro-scientists and which is seen about 20 million light years away from the Earth.
In our space-time configuration?
26. That is correct.
27. But listen further:
28. With Gilgamesh’s people, it concerned a race of morphogenetic ones, whose special ability was to change their shape and size.
29. A process that took several months for each occurrence, however.
First of all: why do you speak of “concerned” and “was?” And secondly: does your explanation with regard to the morphogenetic ones mean that it concerns a morphogenesis, precisely in terms of biological morphology? Morphogenesis, nevertheless, refers to the formation of an organism or life form during his or her development, whereby everything depends on the hereditary predisposition and on the environment. Do you mean this?
30. No, that is not the meaning of my words; rather, I speak of a shapeshifting that can be carried out arbitrarily during normal existence.
Do you mean, for example, when the development of the physical body has already been completed? By this, I mean that a shapeshifting can be accomplished when…
31. That is the meaning of my words, yes.
Shapeshifting – then one could very well call these humans “shapeshifters.” Can they change, then, also their external and internal features, apart from their shapes?
32. That is correct.
You have not yet answered my question, however, as to why you said “concerned” and “was.”
33. Gilgamesh’s people no longer exists because a sudden and unpredictable planetary catastrophe caused the whole race to become extinct within a few minutes.
34. There were no survivors because no human beings of this people also stayed outside of the planet.
35. Gilgamesh is, thus, the sole survivor, who has adapted his shape, however, to that of the earthly human and has morphogenetically transformed and found a new home in this world, which he no longer wants to leave.
Oh, so that’s how it is.


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