E.T.s predicted today’s cell phone driving accidents in 1989

CR 226/569

9. Artificial light can, therefore, have a very negative and dangerous impact on the health of humans, and of course, the light intensity, radiation intensity, and oscillation intensity are of importance.
10. In order to counteract this evil, it is necessary that the light sources are constructed and secured in such a way that the health-hazardous factors do not appear.
It will, however, still take a long time before that is realized here on Earth and something is done about it. With us, the erroneous acceptance prevails that a lot of light would be health-promoting, etc.
11. That is, in principle, also correct, but that only applies when the health-endangering factors of artificial light sources are turned off.
12. And as you say, it will still actually take a long time before the earthly scientists responsible for this will recognize the stated facts.
13. And it will still take much longer before the decisive ways and means are found to produce harmless artificial light.
That probably won’t be in this century and millennium because everything is probably still very distant future music, right?
14. That is correct, my friend.
15. Decades will still pass before the insights relating to this mature.
16. And it will still take a very long time before the means and ways are found to eliminate the harmful factors of artificial light.
17. The same applies to electricity.
That probably means that also the oscillations of electricity on humans and probably also on animals and plants, birds, fish and insects, etc. produce pathogenic effects. At the same time, I think of electromagnetic waves, as these come from power lines or electric lines as well as from electrical appliances and radio equipment as well as transmission towers for radio and television, etc. Is this meant by your reference to electricity?
18. That is correct.
19. In the coming time, however, the whole thing will still increase because the progress will bring with it that small, portable communication devices, which will then be called mobile devices or mobile phones and so on, will become mass-produced items for the Earth people; consequently, there will only be few who won’t then equip themselves with such devices, which will very often find only pointless uses.
20. The whole thing will cause a technological progress epidemic and will cost many human lives.
21. This, on the one hand, through the dangerous radiation emitted by the devices and, on the other hand, also because these devices will be used irresponsibly at every impossible and possible opportunity, like when driving cars, etc., by what means attention and control are weakened and fatal accidents, etc. are caused.
Damage is the price of unreasonableness. However, it will then surely be denied by the manufacturers of such mobile phones that these devices emit harmful radiations.
22. That will be the case for a long time because the responsible persons won’t want to let their business with such devices be ruined.
23. Therefore, they will let falsified analyses be produced by notable places with bribes, which should prove that the radiation of the devices is harmless.


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