Here is your Disclosure from the Plejarens- 1 in 22,286 solar systems host LIFE

CR 512/700

Well, then we must separate the whole lot into stars and planets. What results from that? Do you have more exact information as to how many stars and how many planets there are?
In this respect I can give you our data, and these state that your galaxy, the Milky Way, according to our calculations, has about 156,000,000,000 stars and 431,000,000,000 planets with solid matter. In addition, there are millions of objects of a gaseous nature, known by the Earth humans as a gaseous planets and nebulae. The principal normal stars, which are comparable to SOL, must be calculated to be about 21,000,000,000, and only in their sphere of influence are many forms of higher life possible. Furthermore there are even larger and many times brighter stars than these; just as there are also some which even surpass those that are greater and brighter in their mass and brightness.
Also overwhelmingly huge suns exist which, however, form from conglomerations of suns. Small stellar objects exist such as neutron stars, white dwarfs, red dwarfs and brown dwarfs within whose sphere of influence no higher life develops. Of these 156,000,000,000 stars about 7,000,000 are smaller and larger solar systems, which have planets and planet-planets upon which higher life is supported. Some of the smaller and larger solar systems have several planets and planet-planets upon which higher life exists, whereby the number of life supporting planets and planet-planets greatly increases.
Quetzal said that there are 2,630,000 highly developed civilizations and 1,040,000 low-developed civilizations within our Milky Way. Does this apply to the whole galaxy?
No, it applies only to those highly and lowly developed civilizations that are known to us. The full number of all higher and lower civilizations will likely run into a multiple of that.

Date/time of contact: Saturday, 1 January 2011

*planet-planet = moon

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