TWA flight 800 shot down by U.S. Navy

CR 258/569

TWA Flight 800 – Part One
Now the next question: On the 17th of July 1996 a jumbo jet, a Boeing 747, shortly after it’s start in New York exploded and fell into the sea, whereupon there were approximately 230 people killed. Do you know anything about it?
56. Certainly, because such instruments are registered by our airborne monitoring devices.
57. Furthermore, Florena also informed me about this regrettable incident.
58. But why do you ask?
Quite simply, it interests me why the plane exploded. The Americans have given various explanations but one doesn’t know which one is applicable.
59. About this, I can give you information.
60. Naturally the Americans want to conceal the truth and act by some flimsy explanation because it is their own fault that the disaster happened.
61. The truth is that the U.S. Navy shot an attack missile on their airplane where it was met by this and brought to an explosion.
62. Whether this happened intentionally or unintentionally could not yet be clarified by us. However it seems to us after the previous examinatinos that two possibilities must be taken into consideration.
Why is that?
63. To speak about it is actually still too early.
64. To our knowledge, an espionage-engaged person was on the airplane and was carrying important data that had been stolen from the American Secret Service.
65. That this person was on board is without question, but whether a deliberate launching took place regarding this is still unclear.
66. The possibility exists that many people were sacrificed because of a single spy.
67. Our investigations will show whether this really happened.
That would really be something if it actually happened. However, in political, military and secret service intelligence circle, much worse crimes were already committed, by which thousands and even umpteen thousands of people had to lose their lives. One only has to think of the contaminative radioactive tests of the Americans and the English etc., where thousands of people fell victim, which was concealed of course. And I have written an article here regarding this concealment if you want to read it shortly…oh yeah, but first one asks again about the suspected spy in the downed airplane whose data was marked as “TWA 800” to my knowledge and, to be precise, fell into Moriches Bay off the coast of Long Island, where UFO activity has been recorded over and over for a long time, which I read in my notes here. It interests me now into which context the espionage activity took place, military or economic?
68. Our previous realisations yielded that the concerning person possessed secret information of a military kind concerning, various occurrences in relation to extraterrestrial flying objects in the area of Moriches Bay etc., as well as concerning so-called Brookhaven “SDI” (Strategic Defense Initiative or ‘Star Wars’) experiments.
69. Whether this missile was consciously launched because of this espionage person, in order to bring them to silence this way, is only one possibility because another possibility is that it was all a tragic accident, though it is certain beyond a doubt that the U.S. Navy did launch the missile.
70. However, there is another possibility that we must also take into account, that the airplane was recorded and spotted on the radar of the U.S. Navy as a so-called “UFO”, whereupon the mistaken launching of the rocket took place.
71. And we must take this possibility exactly into consideration even sooner, just as with the espionage-activity person.
72. However, I can report to you nothing further about it still but must wait what the investigations of Florena’s Group yields who are handling everything in this connection.
That’s good. May one know what their analysis yielded when she knows the facts?
73. Of course, because from this no secret should be made since it is about an event that, if our previous analysis should be completely true, has criminal backgrounds.
Now a question regarding the further secrecy of certain facts or events that you have explained to me over the corse of the years and have prevented me from making them public so that I would be silent. May I actually speak freely about these things now or not?
74. You may speak freely about all those matters, data and facts that we have allowed you to identify.
75. All other facts you should keep in you under lock and key.
Therefore everything remains under time. And of course I will stick to your instructions and only speak about things that I may quite safely identify.



TWA Flight 800 – Part Two
I would immediately like to ask you about your investigations concerning the drama in the USA where a passenger plane exploded in Moriches Bay and fell. You promised you would immediately inform me if something had happened there after you had completed your investigation. This is probably the reason why you are now here.
5. That is right.
6. Now, our supposition regarding the circumstances of the crash of TWA Flight-800 on the 17th of July 1996 in the area of Moriches Bay was correct.
7. The cause of the disaster was a rocket-missile from the U.S. Navy that erroneously positioned the aircraft on its equipment as an unknown, foreign missile and identified therefore as a UFO whereupon the command went out to launch this missile without excuse because through ihe haste and great carelessness the airplane was classified as an unknown flying object and in certain respects the national security of the USA had supposedly been threatened.
8. This fact has now become concealed of course and run by all the government, the Secret Services and the Navy with the methods standing at their disposal.
That is really something. However you earlier said that you are not contravening against your directives with this explanation because you know that I would like to bring such matters publicly into the open through the Contact Reports.
9. We have also had thoughts about this and have therefore asked the High Council if the explanation may be made public or not.
10. The opinion of the High Council was that this event was a crime so human-unworthy, that this should be publicly announced.
11. Under the cloak of National Security, namely, as explained by the High Council, the U.S Military as well as the U S. Secret Services and their Government have committed human-shameful crimes in secret missions so that the world-wide public should be informed about it in order to denounce the whole human-unworthy machinations and in time to make them succumb.
12. This however we must not ourselves and not publicly do as we may only give the necessary information through which it is then left up to you and other persons to spread these in useful form.
These crimes also fall under secrecy in America, however.
13. That is correct, however through the assent of the High Council we may give you this piece of information in this particular case for public use.
I would like to thank the High Council. And of course thanks to all of you for clarifying the circumstances of these criminal events.

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