There is NO Ashtar, NO Sananda channeled messages

CR 233/700

1. Once again, the time has come that we must report and announce to you unpleasant things, which is why I visit you today.  
2. Actually, our intention was first to visit you again in February of next year and to give you pertinent information in accordance with your questions, but the latest events and incidents seem to us to be a reason to give you some knowledge already, which is only intended for you, however.  
3. However, there is also information that can and should be handled publicly, particularly information relating to incredibly hypocritical and shameless and truth-offending intrigues of the earth-born, who don’t shy away from malicious fraud and deception and from the most brazen lies and from slandering and defaming the truth.  
4. And as usual, these incredibly hypocritical machinations come from America, where malicious, mendacious earth-born people have the audacity to work shamelessly, unscrupulously, and truth-offensively and to deceive the whole world.  
Once again, all sorts of evils seem to trace back to the Americans.  
5. Indeed. –  
6. Once more, it proves itself that our caution towards America is completely justified, so also our compliance with the stipulation given to us by the High Council, that we should never enter into contacts with the American people and should never transmit knowledge and messages to them, which we have always held ourselves to, as you know – with one exception, regarding a disgracefully failed experiment.  
7. Thus, we still comply with the stipulation of the High Council to this day, and will do so far into the future, namely that we take up no contacts with Americans.  
8. Our experiences here since time immemorial prove that all great and world-embracing lies and machinations have, for several hundred years, already gone out from liars and deceivers, swindlers, charlatans, and lunatics, with respect to newly arising cultic sectarianism and new crazy and confused thought directions that are foreign to the truth and similarly directed movements and organizations, etc.  
9. The unbelievable and indescribable insolence that is displayed in hypocrisy, deception, and swindle by the liars and deceivers, who commit their dirty crimes against the truth, can in no way be put into words.  
10. In any event, we, and in particular myself, lack the words to describe these mendacious and deceitful machinations of all those many Americans, who flood the whole world with their mendacious and deceitful assertions and writings, in which insolent and dirty webs of lies appear, with fraudulent assertions of unimaginable deceit, that they – even these swindlers, liars, and deceivers – would have contacts with us or with some spirit forms.  
11. But we and the entire Federation, and I already stated this clearly and plainly during my visit on the 17th of November, we have and maintain no contacts with Americans, nor will we ever have such contacts.  
12. In the foreseeable future, we also have no reason to change our opinion concerning America or to concern ourselves with the possibility of contacts with members of that country.  
13. But this also applies to all other countries of the Earth and to all other people of this planet.  
14. You are and will continue to be the only exception in this respect, and with good reason.  
You’re excited, my friend. What has happened, then, that makes you so excited?  
15. If I wouldn’t explain it to you now, then the following would come as a surprise to you:  
16. In a short time, you will receive mail from America, namely from George Green, who is known to you.  
17. In his letter to you, you will find two writings that bear the titles “SPACE GATE: THE VEIL REMOVED,” by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, as well as “AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL,” by I AM SANANDA.  
18. Both hypocritical works are just two out of a whole series of nine works of lies, in which it is mendaciously and deceitfully maintained that a certain Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn – whose sign is Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet Ashtar Command: Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council on Earth Transition – has taken up contact with a person of the Earth, which refers, of course, once more to a person in America.  
19. But concerning this, it is to be explained that this incredible and insolent lie holds no truth in itself because as I already explained on the 17th of November, we maintain no contacts with Americans – especially not with these – and also not with other people on the Earth, except for and with you.  
20. Concerning the imaginary name Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, as well as the name Sananda (along with others), it is to be said that these are neither known to one of our peoples of the Pleiades nor to an allied people of the Federation nor anywhere else on any worlds or in any spirit levels of the far reaches of the Universe that are known to us, except on the Earth and in the brains of those swindlers, liars, and deceivers, who use these names for their lies and truth-offending fantasies.  
21. And as for the name Ashtar, I refer to all the information that we already delivered to you several years ago for the public, from which it clearly and unambiguously follows that Ashtar Sheran has never had and still doesn’t have those contacts with Earth people that are ascribed to him by various liars and deceivers of the Earth.  
22. As for the inglorious role that he had played, this is known to you very well, and moreover, his material existence expired, according to the terrestrial calendar in the year 1983, when he strove for things in the DAL Universe that did not fall within his competence.  
23. Having fallen back into his former, wrong, and old conduct, he fled into the twin universe and attempted to seize power there over Asket’s people, whereby his aircraft was destroyed and he lost his life.  
24. So he, as well as his spirit form, can in no way enter into contacts with Earth people, for on the one hand, his body was completely eliminated by the destruction, while his spirit form has no possibility of returning from the twin universe to our universe or to break through the barriers, which are insurmountable to any spirit form, of both buffering universes, in order to establish or maintain this kind of contact with the Earth people.  
25. So all those lying and swindling Earth people, who maintain that they would have contact with Ashtar Sheran, are already punished by this fact.  
26. These swindlers, liars, and deceivers still continue on, however, because in the mentioned deceitful writings, it is even maintained that Jmmanuel, also known as Jesus Christ, would personally transmit messages to the liars, swindlers, and deceivers, particularly to the lying person DHARMA and such.  
27. But this also only corresponds to an incredibly insolent lie, as well as a swindle and deception beyond compare.  
28. No one knows better than we do, that this mendacious, fraudulent assertion has no truth content at all.  
29. Jmmanuel, who has mendaciously been given the name Jesus Christ, and you also know this very well, transmits no messages of any telepathic or otherwise similar form to the Earth people.  
30. On the one hand, his is reborn at the present time in Europe as another personality – which you, like we, know very well – because we know his person, and on the other hand, he doesn’t concern himself with transmitting messages and the like, or even the Talmud Jmmanuel, to delusional believers or deceivers, swindlers, and liars in telepathic form, etc.  
31. What is still offered further by these swindlers, liars, and deceivers is actually never to be surpassed, regarding the disgraceful impertinence and disrespect toward all spiritual levels and particularly toward the levels Petale and Arahat Athersata, since these filthy liars – I simply lack other and stronger words for them – and deceivers, swindlers, and truth-offending ones do not shy away from mendaciously drawing upon these levels of purity, with the dirty and maliciously deceptive and fraudulent assertion that even these would stand in contact with the liars and deceivers.  
32. A lie and deception beyond compare, for the sole fact that the spirit form levels never take up contact with material levels, in order to communicate with these, punishes such a fraudulent assertion.  
33. If such a contact takes place, however, then this only happens indirectly and over a way of several junction points, as this is very well-known to you.  
34. However, I don’t want to name this way and this possibility; otherwise, liars and deceivers will want to snatch profits again through this.  
35. But the spirit levels mentioned, Petale and Arahat Athersata, could come into contact with you, which has its reasons that are well-known to you, but these can’t be recognized by the swindlers, liars, and deceivers, and these also can’t be used by them.  
36. However, I don’t explain this for your knowledge because you know these facts better than I do, but I only mention them for all those lunatics who are of the false assumption that a material life form could simply come into contact with any spirit form, as this is maintained by all those who have succumbed to delusional faith or who simply lie deliberately, cheat and deceive, or who are simply ill in a schizophrenic form and call themselves mediums, who can allegedly talk and communicate with the deceased, spirit forms, demons, and us extraterrestrials, through trance states and channeling and similar nonsense, in order allegedly to receive messages of major importance.  
37. Yet all these assertions and machinations are nothing more than deliberate swindles, lies and deceptions, schizophrenic illnesses, self-deceptions, or delusional faith and the like.  
38. In truth, such possibilities for such connections only exist in very small amounts and only in a spiritually, very highly evolved framework, and thus, only with very few people.  
39. On the Earth, however, all those people who are equipped with such abilities are not of terrestrial origin; rather, they migrated from foreign worlds at earlier times.  
40. The liars, swindlers and deceivers, however, the lunatics, the delusional believers, the self-deceivers and schizophrenics, who designate and call themselves mediums and channelers or the like, and this is clarified down to the last detail, are all clearly of terrestrial origin.  
41. They are all earth-created and earth-born and have no connection at all to life forms of extraterrestrial origin.  
42. Still, they all exhibit a very deep level of knowledge and an equally deep evolutionary state.  
43. But just this fact misleads them to want to appear in front of and shine before their fellow human beings, as this is usual with the earth-born people, for they often suffer from inferiority complexes and from cravings for validity.  
44. The few people on the Earth, however, who can actually maintain contacts with spirit levels or with higher, extraterrestrial human life forms, are, on the one hand, clearly accompanied by higher evolutionary stages and, moreover, are of origins that are not to be found on the Earth.  
45. But the number of these people moves within a very small framework, so out of a billion people, there can only be found 1.03 of those who belong to this higher evolutionary stage and who are capable of such contacts.  
46. Those who belong to this, however, wrap themselves in silence and do not reveal their secret, except that they have a task and mission of great importance to fulfill, as this is the case with you, you who has no other option but who is instructed to disclose to the people of the Earth your vast knowledge, which even surpasses mine in many ways, but also to disclose the fact of your contacts with us and with the levels Arahat Athersata and Petale, etc.  
47. This, then, is inevitably associated with the fact that such people, so even you, offer the knowledge, the messages, and the teaching, etc. in a scholarly manner, which in no way acts in an inconsistent, uncertain, hesitant, or doubtful manner but rather in a certain, clear, honest, unerring, unequivocal and irrefutable, true, incontestable and absolute manner.  
48. This in contrast to all those uncertain and revocable false teachings or teachings of partial truth, which are presented and offered by people who have not yet reached that evolutionary state and that level which would allow and enable incontestability in the teaching of the spiritual and creative interests.  



94. All of those – who can truly say that they have contacts with other life forms of a different kind but, in truth, only via impulses – are silent about this and don’t appear in public in order to publicize this fact, for their task isn’t rooted in such activity but rather in fulfilling their mission for humanity in silence and in different kinds of beneficial forms.
95. But their impulse-contacts, as I already explained, are in low numbers, so only 1.03 people out of a (1) billion people.  
96. Among these, however, there are actually none to be found who claim all over the world that they would have contacts with any extraterrestrial, otherworldly, or higher life forms.  
97. Out of all of those who truly have contacts in this manner, there are only two who, at the present time, consciously fulfill tasks that take place in the public domain, if I disregard you, who has a separate, special and, moreover, the most important task and who is also obligated to a very important and the most important mission of all, which you have to fulfill.  
98. Among all those who spread their webs of lies about alleged contacts with extraterrestrials or higher powers and life forms of other kinds and so on, there isn’t to be found one of those two people, whom I just mentioned as actual contactees, neither is there anyone to be found among them who must be counted among the remaining contact persons of a true form.  
99. First and foremost, these true contacts mostly take place through impulses and in unconscious forms for the people concerned, whereby the actual contact persons have no conscious knowledge of the fact that they receive any impulses from us or from other life forms of extraterrestrial origin or even such impulses and messages from higher levels and, thus, from high spirit forms.  
100. Therefore, the true contact persons have no conscious knowledge of this truth, so they can only guess if this ever happens.  

CR 260/700

Asthar Sheran, i.e. Aruseak or Atar Seran and whatever else this criminal called himself, was eliminated in the DAL Universe during a serious battle, as he was attacking a planet or something like that, as you’ve explained. Now, the question arose as to whether he is now incarnated again; do you know something about this?
77. What you say is correct, but whether he is now reincarnated should be answered with a “no,” for in the regions where he lost his life, no overpopulation problems prevail on the planet; therefore, it will still take a very long time before he will be arranged into a reincarnation.
78. To our knowledge, three hundred years will pass, when I make my statements in accordance with the earthly calendar.
So other time relationships prevail there, whereby I have just alluded to the duration of a year.
79. That planet – in whose outer space Asthar Sheran lost his life and in whose otherworldly space, in accordance with the valid creative regularities, his spirit form as well as entire consciousness block fixed themselves – has an orbital period around the central star that corresponds to 486 days, according to the earthly standard.
80. Moreover, a day has 27 hours and a little more than 36 minutes, measured by an earthly hour.


See also:  CR 407

CR 252

Very unpleasant, as well as other things, e.g. in America, where again someone claims to be in contact with energy and light beings from the Pleiades. This time it is a woman whose name I have unfortunately forgotten again, but who is said to have written a book about alleged teachings from the Pleiadians, etc., which will also appear in German and will be a cult book in America.  
68. I know that.  
69. It is about a certain B. M., who in her madness is also active as a trance medium, but who is truthfully nothing else than a cunning deceiver and fantasist, of the same kind as the American F. B.  
70. She mumbles Earth humans and herself with alleged contacts to an energy collective from the Pleiades star cluster.  
71. Truthfully there exist only very young, blue and extremely hot stars, which do not carry any life in any form, neither in gross material nor semimaterial, nor in spiritual form.  
72. All the assertions of this deceiver and fantasist correspond to her very own invention and fantasy and do not even have a tiny fibre of truth, except perhaps for a few things which she has acquired from writings in which, to a lesser or greater extent, our contact conversations between you and us have been reproduced – these writings, moreover, being mostly made without your permission, with material stolen from you.  
73. And that on the Pleiades there is no life of any intelligent form or other kind, not even as an energy collective or similar earth-humanly invented nonsense, we have an explanation of this on the level of Arahat Athersata, which inquired about it in the highest spirit-form level of all existing high spirit-form levels PETALE and received the answer of it, which Arahat Athersata already knew before, namely that there are actually no intelligent forms of energy or even life forms of any kind on the Pleiades, as is not the case on Venus, Saturn and Jupiter as well as on Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, if microorganisms are excluded.  
74. The Pleiades with their approximately 62 million years of life, according to earthly age determination, are still far too young to accommodate life.  
75. Moreover, the Pleiades are of the kind that will never carry any life of energetic or material form, for their existence will only be short before they very quickly pass away again and dissolve again into interstellar energy, from which one day gases and new formations will emerge again.



CR 261


2. As we have explained several times before, you are also the only person on Earth who is in contact with us and with our spirit levels, which means that not only this Adrain-Arkon is lying and cheating about alleged contacts with us, but also all others who dare to claim to be in contact with us via channeling or telepathy or even physically.  
23. Apart from you, no other form of life on Earth has contact with us Pleiadians/Plejaren or with beings of our spiritual levels.

Excerpt from 1988 interview

On Earth countless people are lying about their “contacts” with extraterrestrials; among them are the so-called mediums and channelers. Could you tell me your opinion, respectively that of the Pleiadians/Plejarans, on this pesky matter?

“Any claims related to alleged contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans by anyone else other than me are pure lies and fraud because, in fact, no other person on Earth except me, is capable of maintaining contacts with them, and these include contacts of a physical, telepathic or perceptual nature. Anyone claiming otherwise is ensnared in a lie, a hoax or fraud – and the Pleiadians/Plejarans have vehemently and repeatedly reconfirmed this fact over the course of my many contact years with them. However, at one time five individuals did have genuine impulse contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans. But these five persons in the meantime have passed away. Furthermore, to other extraterrestrials there likewise exist no personal contacts by terrestrial human beings. Therefore, such claims are nothing more than a lie, hoax or a fraud – regardless of what names or titles these ladies and gentlemen who claim they have had contacts with extraterrestrials, spirit or light entities and so forth bestow upon themselves. This includes mediums and channelers who usually are nothing but very deliberate, conscious liars, hoaxers and frauds – or they are delusional, schizophrenic or psychotic people and the like. Not to be disregarded though are certain examination contacts in which some extraterrestrials abduct terrestrials to be studied, analyzed – examine them, in other words. But their undertakings have nothing to do with the nonsense implying that extraterrestrials are impregnating terrestrial women or are having sex with them and the like. This form of tomfoolery is particularly prevalent in America and borders on mass hysteria. Often claimed in the same breath is the ridiculous statement that extraterrestrials are massacring farm animals, etc. Extraterrestrial flying objects and even their landings are frequently observed, even filmed or photographed by terrestrials. But one must clearly keep in mind that such events do not constitute a contact. Genuine contacts only occur where oral or telepathic communication takes place between extraterrestrials and a terrestrial human on Earth, and with the exception of me, no one on Earth is capable of doing so. Take into consideration that the multitude of male and female liars, hoaxers and frauds, who claim to be having telepathic contacts with Pleiadian entities, would require a waiting period of 1,000 years for a response, even if they were able to send a telepathic message to the Pleiades in the first place. To be precise, the distance to the Pleiades visible from Earth, is nearly 420 light years one way and would require 840 light years for the response to arrive back on Earth. And since everyone knows that telepathic thoughts only travel at the normal speed of light, they would require approximately 420 light years one way from Earth to the visible Pleiades. Let’s assume for one moment that some life form did exist on these Pleiades we know about, which are absolutely uninhabitable and uninhabited by either spirit or light entities or any other type of life form, then to receive an answer back would again require approximately 420 years. Who on Earth lives a total of 840 years anyway? This shows that all of these alleged contactees, mediums, and channelers are lying, are deceiving and defrauding the public, when they claim they are having contacts or the like with beings from distant stars or their planets. And not one of these liars has the capability to bridge these immense distances with telepathic thoughts. And as for me, I will not reveal at this time the secret behind how I can do so because I am certain that once I divulge what it is, every lying, deceiving, and fraudulent cheating character would suddenly claim he or she has the same ability.”

CR 675 / 749 – There are no “Pleiadians”, either

“…And this always happened in secret contact with Asket, which I had to hide from my wife, because she was boundlessly jealous, which also happened later, when your daughter Semjase became my new Plejaren contact person on 28th January, 1975 and ordered her according to higher order, that for certain reasons with regard to Earthly UFO contact fraudsters appearing with certainty etc. her origin was named as by the ‘Pleiades’. That actually happened, that in Germany, the USA and Canada etc. various fraudsters appeared and claimed that they had contact with ‘Pleiades’ and especially with Semjase and you, Ptaah. When all the fraudulent claims, lies and calumnies of these Earth humans became too much for you Plejaren, the cat was then let out of the bag and declared and officially announced that you do not come from the Seven Stars or from the Pleiades in our DERN universe, but from much further away, namely from far beyond the Pleiades and from another space-time structure in which you call your home system ‘Plejaren’.”

10 thoughts on “There is NO Ashtar, NO Sananda channeled messages

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  2. Bonsoir. J’ai lu votre mail. Et je suis très étonnée. J’ai cru comprendre que vous pensez que ashtar sheran. (Si j’ai bien compris). Serait un imposteur. Et n’existe plus. Ou n’avais jamais. Exister.??? Oui je suis tre s étonnée. Je continue. A envoyer bonne pensées pour l’univers amour paix et lumière


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  5. My apologies before hand,
    Based in what you have expressed here, sounds like nothing more than delusions as much as that of those you acuse of telling lies and or being schizophrenic, Your negativity against a whole continent of people insulting
    saying that the spirit world has and never will communicate with them and your praising of a single human amongst all others make the whole thing like the lies of an individual looking grandeur.

    Forgive this little earth born human being. Forgive my ignorance as I know nothing and you know all for I have never spoken to spirit as you have and or are oh grand ones!!!


  6. The information above is either true or false. Which is it? You decide.
    Not one channeler has ever made specific predictions that came true.
    I refused to be swindled by channelers 10 years ago. Hope you catch on too.


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