Sodom and Gomorrah – What really happened

CR 215/740

Aha. And since we’re already talking about down there: what was up with Sodom and Gomorrah; what actually happened there – how were these two cities destroyed?

117. Several factors are to be mentioned: 118. On the one hand, a meteorite fell to the Earth and exploded high over the area of the two cities, which would now actually be designated as larger villages. 119. This led to devastating destructions of both cities, triggering a massive earthquake, by which the earth was torn open – like in Petra – and by underground volcanic activity, small and larger chunks of sulfur were flung high and across the country, which also naturally caused much disaster, and by this – as also by the exploding meteorite – many people were killed. 120. The remaining part of the total destruction was caused by the megalomaniac and crazy God of the Hebrews, an extraterrestrial who had his headquarters deep under the pyramid of Giza. 121. His punishment for the disobedience of the population of Sodom and Gomorrah against his commands was that he let two small atom bombs ignite over the two cities, which finally leveled everything to the ground, killing all humans and animals.


CR 230/740

519. That’s what I was about to say.
520. The Hebrew name is Yam-Hammelah = Dead Sea, which however is also known to you.
521. The lake is 15 kilometres wide and 80 kilometres long and covers an area of 1,020 square kilometre.
522. Due to the peninsula Lisan as well as due to solid sediments of salt, the lake i.e. the Dead Sea is divided into a small basin in the south and a large basin in the north.
523. The Dead Sea is about 400 meters deep, and the bottom of the Dead Sea lies at the deepest point 829 meters below sea level, which is the deepest depression on Earth.
524. The origin of the Dead Sea can be traced back to a primeval earthquake, during which the salty and partly rocky earth was deeply torn open and formed a deep canyon, in which in the course of time many waters accumulated, especially through the very ancient Jordan, which flows into the salt lake in the north.
525. Then about 4,500 years ago the big catastrophe occurred, as I explained on 28 February 1987.
526. However, in order to explain the events of the volcanism and the invisible ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah in more detail, the following shall be said:
527. The events with the meteorite, the ignition of the two small nuclear bombs of the irrational God as well as the volcanic eruption and the earthquake took place within a few hours and thus in rapid succession.
528. There were two earthquakes, the first of which had a magnitude of 6.3 according to the terrestrial Richter scale and the second a magnitude of 8.6, which resulted in devastating consequences.
529. Since the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were built on very unstable and loose ground in the near shore area of the Dead Sea, both cities slipped due to a huge landslide into the Dead Sea and sank on its bottom.
530. The landslide was caused by an enormous water pressure from the ground, from which water was pressed up, causing the layers of the ground to liquefy and slide.
531. From the beginning of the landslide to its end and until everything disappeared in the Dead Sea, a time of just 27 minutes passed.
532. This is the reason why practically no ruins of the cities can be found in the shore areas of the salt lake.
533. Only scattered ruins, which were located outside the cities, remained and were buried under sand and dust.
534. The fire, however, which rained from the sky before the two cities were completely destroyed and sank into the Dead Sea, consisted of glowing chunks of sulphur and glowing soil, whereby everything was flung up from within the ground by enormous volcanisms and rained down on the cities.
535. This volcanism, however, was not of the usual kind as it appears with normal volcanoes, because it was thruthly a methane volcanism, which means that methane gases ignited inside the Earth in large chambers.
536 This led to tremendous explosions, which tore open the ground in several places, eventually forming smaller craters from which the sulphur chunks and the glowing earth were ejected, thereby causing so to speak fire to rain from the sky.

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