Something to Look Forward To

Truly, it will take about another 800 years before you human beings of Earth finally wake up and until the majority of you slowly make an effort to give the creational truth and the laws of Creation and its recommendations their right. Only after this time will the ‹Goblet of Truth› or the ‹teaching of the true prophets› as well as the ‹spiritual teaching› and the ‹teaching of truth›, the ‹teaching of spirit›, the ‹teaching of life› slowly begin to bear fruit. Only then will you human beings learn to establish good interpersonal and true personal relationships with one another, to understand one another and then finally live in truth, peace, love, freedom and harmony. Only then will it come about that your earthly humanity will become united, a oneness in which case the best language will be chosen from all the languages of all peoples in order to make this into a single and uniform global language, although all other languages of all peoples will be retained. And through this world language, every person will be able to understand the other, irrespective of which people he or she belongs to. And this will then be the time when you human beings of Earth will fly through the broad expanse of space in an effective way, creating new living spaces for yourselves. And this will be both on alien worlds in the depths of the universe, as well as in and under the waters of Earth, on the moon and in Earth orbit. And this will therefore also be the time that you human beings will become taller in general and achieve a very ripe age, communicating peacefully with one another, being friendly and helpful to one another. Also true and good knowledge will grow amongst you human beings, and you will gain and discover more and more and larger and larger secrets of life as well as the creational laws, secrets of the present existence and the universe.

From this, you will learn, understand and follow everything, growing ever more in line with the creational laws and recommendations, understanding, using, learning and following them. However, this is not the merit of you men, but of you women who take up the staff of leadership and of dignity and steer the situation of you human beings of Earth, because your womanly intelligence and your sense of love, peace, freedom, human dignity, equality and harmony are directed in this way and stop the affectations of you men with regard to war, Gewalt and many kinds of degeneracy. Therefore, after all the millennia of evil, degeneracy, Gewalt-acts, disharmony, lovelessness, lack of freedom and lack of peace, womanhood will radiate hope and happiness as well as the lightness of life in which now all dreams come true that are oriented towards true love, peace, freedom and harmony – and yet it will take a long time until then because the path out of barbarity and into the good future is a long and tortuous one. And yet you will find the regulation again, together with Earth, with your climate, nature, your woods and plants and the waters which will once again be pure and healthy, the desert areas that will once again be awakened into life, because everything will once again be directed in accordance with creational laws and recommendations and their fulfilment. And in this way, in the restored regulation, you will heal diseases and prevent plagues before they occur, and each of you will know how to help yourself as well as how to help your neighbours. The entire change to the better, for good and the best which you women of Earth will achieve, will also end the poverty of many of you human beings of Earth, because the wisdom and kindheartedness of women will mean that they will be cared for from now on in joy and true humanity, and there will no longer merely be a taking and demanding something back.

And therefore now each of you human beings will be there for your neighbours and also for other fellow human beings in good interpersonal relationships, therefore loneliness will no longer exist and you will recognise and accept one another as human beings without conceit with regard to belonging to a particular people, the colour of one’s skin, one’s opinion, language or the status of knowledge and education. Truly, all this goodness is so near to you if only you knew how to grasp it, understand and use it, which is something that you cannot yet do however, and therefore goodness is so near and yet so far from you because you first need to find the right path to it as has been laid down for you in the creational laws and recommendations that you can read and follow in free nature. You human beings of Earth, you are however mistakenly directed in your thoughts and feelings so that you will first have to suffer great damage and fall into chaos and catastrophes before you turn to the effective truth and follow it.

Therefore, you need an iron fist to guide you, and you can find this in the ‹Goblet of Truth›, in the ‹teaching of the prophets› and therefore also in the ‹spiritual teaching› which is the ‹teaching of truth›, the ‹teaching of spirit›, the ‹teaching of life› as has been given over billions of years, brought forth by Nokodemion, carried to Earth from a far-off galaxy and taught by seven prophet personalities from his line of spirit-form. And this ‹teaching of the prophets›, teaches that you do not need to fear death because you have many lives, and therefore you will learn from the ‹Goblet of Truth› and the ‹spiritual teaching› or the ‹teaching of truth›, the ‹teaching of spirit›, the ‹teaching of life› and become knowing in the things that go round life and death. And so you will also be knowing of the creational and natural laws and recommendations which teach you that your spirit will never cease to exist, but will continue to exist endlessly and ultimately will unite with Creation, the universal consciousness.

Semjase Silver Star Center, 20 August 2008, 5:39 p.m. Billy


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