Rhal Zahi reports

Wedding cake UFO analysis

Pendulum video analysis

Corona Virus Info from the Plejaren and Billy

12-Nov-2019- need link to contact reports

02-Jan-2020 and 06-Jan-2020 need link to contact reports







14-Apr-2020-Ptaah-on-early-signs-of-virus-and-coverup (use Translation website)



09-May-2020-Memo 12 is out but I am not linking to it due to sensitivity of info

Memo 13 – putting on a mask

Memo 14 – all about the coronavirus disease and how it attacks

Memo 15- malignancy of the coronavirus from contact-737

Contact Report 738 excerpt on masks and social distancing must continue (May 19th)

Memo 17- CR 739 virus effects on organs, China govt innocent, inept leaders, precautions

Memo 18-thanks for listening to Plejaren advice, pandemic not over

Memo 20-Further information about necessary modes of behaviour,
which absolutely ought to be heeded Excerpt from the 740th contact, Sat, 23rd May, 2020

Get some “billy meier books pdf” and other related pdfs on this page.

FIGU in a nutshell 49 bullet points about FIGU pdf document

 Goblet of The Truth     We Came From The Stars, And Then From Mars

gott cover blue                                        we came

 Space Related Excerpts (PIOOSR)(from most of 622 out of 720 contact reports..)

plejaren info-space related- cover

New Essay –Destruction of the Environment as the Consequence of Overpopulation

destruction of the environment cover


To save the PDF files, click on the link or image, let it open up, and click the “Save a Copy” icon.

The ‹Goblet of the Truth› is not only a source of knowledge, truth and love, but also a straightforward handbook, text book and factual book for everyone who is asking themselves what they need to pay attention to in life and how they can live better lives.

WCFTSATFM is my compilation of contact reports and essays by Billy Meier explaining the galactic history of humans starting from 12 billion years ago.

PIOOSR is a compilation of contact reports in which Billy and the Plejaren discuss planets, stars, physics, astronomy, geology, and other related topics.

FIGU in a nutshell 49 bullet points about FIGU

What is the point of FIGU groups?


Updated lineage PDF

Reincarnation Process Chart PDF

(relatively) NEW (ly available):

sfath doc front page

An objective investigation of the case, evidence, and witnesses:

Light Years: An Investigation into the Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier

by Gary Kinder:


light years cover



NEW! —>  The Great Bow is Drawn, by Achim Wolf

NEW! —>  2PDF-Health-and-Wellness-advice-from-Plejaren-and-Spiritual-Teaching

NEW! —> The Correct Value of Pi,  by Christian Frehner


(everything listed ^ above ^ is free of charge)

NEW! —> Visit the BOOK STORE

and BUY Billy Meier’s Books:



keyword: WCFTSATFM

keyword: PIOOSR

keyword: GOTT





“etint” extraterrestrial intelligence

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  22. Where is the lineage to Hazarat Ali in the lineage table? A direct descendant exists today imbued with the knowledge of the truth who’s duty includes contemplating the times 100 years in advance.


    • I did not ever see a reference to this person in the Contact Reports, nor did I find any results in a search on the futureofmankind site.


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