Live Long and Prosper

CR 039

Then the case is, indeed, clear. There is something else, however, that you should explain for everyone for the interest of our cause, namely the connections or certain connections with the age of the Earth-human. I already know about these things because Sfath informed me about them when I was a boy. Nevertheless, these things were never written down, so others are not oriented about them. I am referring to the fact that the thought powers of every single human being are capable of raising or lowering the life force of others.

61. Certainly, this question is of great importance, and I will give you information about that for everyone.
62. The age of each life-form is partially determined by the external forces penetrating into them of a cosmic as well as environmental and nutritional nature, etc., as well as by forces of other similar life-forms, and to be sure, the genes play the predominant role.
63. Since the thinking of a life-form, through the cooperation of the spirit, generates an extremely logical, thus, Creation-based power that is released as high frequency swinging waves and radiations, a tremendous force is thereby generated which is capable of influencing everything.
64. This Creation-based power penetrates into everything, truly into all material life-forms and all matter, in order to influence them according to their type and form.
65. Every life-form has a lifespan in accordance with its genes and its level of life, including the human [life] forms of the Earth.
66. At the earliest times, when the human being of the Earth was also produced by his/her indirect ancestors, his/her average age was reckoned at 1,007 years of life, for he/she, trained and informed by his/her progenitors, possessed an enormous level of knowledge and abilities.
67. Unexpectedly quickly, however, they fell to the religions with their erroneous teachings and were thereby deprived of the true knowledge and the truth.
68. They also necessarily began to work against all natural laws, became alienated to them, and lived in a recommendation-breaking and law-breaking manner.
69. Everything together served for the loss of the high average life span, which fell lower and lower over the course of thousands of years and leveled off at a twentieth of its earlier time, and indeed, especially because many different factors over many thousands of years negatively affected the life and also altered the genes.
70. A turn for the better has only been apparent since the beginning of the new era; thus, the average life span slowly rises again.
71. The main reason for this is found in the recognition of the truth and in the positive evolution associated with it.
72. Thus, the more the development direction turns to the truth again, the higher the average lifespan develops again, for through this, the altered genetic factors and all other life-supporting factors are also regulated again, which were badly impaired over the course of tens of thousands of years.
73. The mass of Earth-humans moving in consciously evolving forms is still relatively very low and is often only connected with the beginnings of the real truth; thus, no major progress has been made yet.
74. But the more the Earth-human turns to the real truth and, with this, also towards evolution in all areas, and so also in reference to life extension, the more his/her average age of life rises again.
75. Seen as a whole, however, every single life-form is of most important significance, namely in its thinking and in the powers released from it.
76. All thoughts radiate as tremendous forces and encounter the other life-forms, which draw these towards themselves like magnets.
77. Depending on the quality and whether they are negative, positive, or well-balanced, they produce powers of the same kind, with corresponding effects, in the life-forms intercepting them.
78. Positive powers produce positive powers, and accordingly, negative powers produce negative powers, of course.
79. Through the erroneous teachings and other deceptions of the religions, however, the Earth-human, in the main, is able to deploy many powers that destructively influence all life-forms.
80. These destructions are based in the fact that they impair one’s age as a result of erroneous teachings and wrong lifestyles, etc., so the average age lowers.
81. The larger the gatherings of human beings are, such as in cities, the lower the average age falls, because exactly at such places, immeasurable thought energies, in terms of wrong lifestyles, are released and unconsciously penetrate into fellow human beings.
82. But also animals and many materials are impaired by these destructive forces of human irrationality and, thus, are left to an early destruction, like iron, for example, which normally never rusts as quickly as what is currently the case on Earth and which only does so because the thought-based and idea-based produced progressions are destroying the atmosphere and environment.
83. The most dangerous storehouses of wrong, humanly produced thought-swinging wave powers, however, are precious metals, precious stones, and crystals, which often accumulate these energies in deadly doses.
84. Thus, an Earth-human may make him/herself guilty in the death of a fellow human being, whether consciously or unconsciously, when they cultivate and maintain thoughts and feelings in a negatively degenerated form and thereby releases uncontrollable, destructive powers.
85. If the Earth-human wants to think and evolve correctly and in accordance with the Creation, then he/she may neither move his/her thought-forms in degenerated negative paths nor in degenerated positive paths, for both are degeneracies that can produce very bad and negative consequences, thus they are contrary to the Creation.
86. Right thinking and evolving express themselves through a well-balanced and neutral wise of thinking and through right actions and right feelings, which then generate and send out identical forces, through which life is produced and maintained, and an evolution that is truly appropriate for Creation is followed.

One thought on “Live Long and Prosper

  1. This teaching/truth is so comforting as so much seen seems unfair, yet in terms of thoughts, positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. Like attracts like. Though we all have to walk through shadows to learn and grow, a positive outcome comes to a positive thinking mind.
    Thank you for sharing.


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