White Hole or Space Bulge explained in 1986

CR 210 June 11th, 1986


Then to something else: Ptaah made a remark to me that there are not only black holes in space, which pull all matter and all light, etc. into themselves, but that there is also the opposite, that which pushes and hurls away everything that comes within its range by tremendous force. Can you tell me what you call this phenomenon and whether it appears frequently or only sporadically in the vast regions of space?


15. With what Ptaah explained to you and with what you have addressed, it is all correct.

16. It concerns a closed space bulge, which is similar to a sphere, and it develops tremendous repulsive forces in itself, which act outwardly from the bulge and which reject and repel everything that lies within its range by unimaginable force.

17. The repulsive force vibrations reach out very far into free space, often over billions of kilometers away; although, their strength becomes lower.

18. This means that the repulsive force of the space bulge becomes correspondingly stronger.

19. The ratio can be estimated with a black hole because the same laws apply to such, but only in reverse form.


So you call the whole thing space-bulge. (Raum-Wölbung) (Space-curvature)


20. That is of correctness.

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