Stonehenge not a sacred site

CR 285/700

Florena: I have occupied myself in fact with the megalithic complex of Stonehenge. The site situated in the area of Wiltshire in southern England was built in several stages of construction, where almost concentric circles of massive stones and a rampart ring with a radial projection were inserted in an original ditch. It was actually firstly 30 stones as you said, namely in the outer ring.
This consisted of 4 meters high stone pillars, that were united through deck stones or, as you name it, by horizontal beams. In this ring or circle there was a horseshoe-shaped settlement that consisted of five large doorway-type trilithons[1].  
In the centre of both circles, there was actually a structure, a large carved stone, which served respectively as an altar as well as a place of sacrifice and as a central observation and evaluation point for astronomical calculations.  
In addition, the whole thing was a worship site of religious barbaric form, where the altar played an important and very special role, because victims were offered on it, that not rarely was of human nature. The altar was in this way also a sacrificial stone.  
Furthermore the same altar and sacrificial stone was also used as executioner’s stone, which means that not only human sacrifices were offered on it, but also executions took place in respect to those sentenced to death.  
Billy: Then the whole thing was a cult site as well as an astronomy site and a place of slaughter at the same time.  
Florena: This is right, whereby is not to be forgotten, nevertheless, that there was also taught and was decided about right or wrong and with it also on life and death.  


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