Age of oldest solid material and a lesson in time

CR 238

But then can you at least tell me which age is indicated by any materials, in the form of coarse-matter, as is known to you?
649. That is no secret over which I must remain silent:
650. The oldest solid material known to us is numbered by our scientists with an age of 37,100,000,000 years, whereby it deals with the material of an iron meteorite, which originated in a very distant galaxy, which is about 2,763,000,000 light years away from the Pleiades stars.

Since you can also equally say, that any galaxy – what are they actually called?, is about this distance away from the Earth or SOL system, then the 500 little light-years from the Earth to the Pleiades also don’t carry much weight compared to these gigantic distances.

651. That is naturally correct.
Exactly, exactly, so why then also so complicated when it also goes simply.
2,763,000,000 light years, that is a figure with about – wait a moment – yes, indeed with about nine zeros, therefore ten to the power of nine.
A quite tidy quantity of light-years, if one thinks that way.
652. Certainly.
You said that the oldest solid coarse matter known to you indicates an age of 37,100,000,000 years.
Our DERN universe is now just 46,000,000,000,000 years old, even when the smart Earth scientists ignorantly and uncomprehendingly assert that this cannot correspond to the truth, because, since the formation of the universe, only 13,000,000,000 years have passed, over the entire course of time.
On one hand I, indeed, understand their error, on the other hand, however, their narrow-mindedness and megalomania are simply repugnant to me.
According to your statement alone you are in possession of coarse matter material which is already double the age that the Earth scientists assert that the universe is.
Already that testifies to how short-sighted the Earth scientists are, who often only assert things according to erroneous measurements and assumptions over which nonsense one bristles.
Indeed I understand that they can err regarding the age of the material, because they indeed only have at their disposal material pieces which stem from the realm of our solar system, and which on average are about 4,600,000,000 years old, whereby the greatest part of such material consists of stone and iron meteoric material.
That the scientists are thereby, however, blinded and let themselves be deceived to megalomania and, from that, draw their wrong conclusions that the universe is just 13,000,000,000 years old, already borders on narrow-minded stupidity and arrogance.
It is completely striking that an unrivaled narrow-mindedness dominates here, even though actually a great many things indicate that the scientific astronomical calculations, data and assumptions, as well as measurements, and so on and so forth, are not correct, or in certain things simply cannot be applicable.
Even if the authoritative scientists perhaps really think a lot, they indeed very often think erroneously and in a short sighted way.
Naturally that can happen to anyone, so therefore also you and me.
But yet I find that people other than even downright narrow-minded scientists often think more accurately and sooner recognize the reality than even the so-called learned, who are often not more than specialist-idiots and, in this characteristic, have a constructed framework in front of their skulls.
Indeed, I am also not exactly a luminary regarding astronomy, and so forth, yet I think that at least I am able to think logically, and likewise, put two and two together, whereby I can often get to the bottom of things and facts, which appears to be phenomenal to others, although there is nothing phenomenal about it.
Thinking logically, logically combining and acting logically, often emerges over long years of study and brings more than any irritating shop-talk about things and matters of which one has only a little knowledge.
You see, Ptaah, therefore, once again I am struck by something that is, to be sure, only a theory and therefore an assumption from me, but of which I am certain that some of it must correspond to the truth.
It therewith deals with the age of the universe, which reaches 46,000,000,000,000 years.
When, every now and then, I spoke with Semjase or Quetzal or with somebody else from you about the age of the universe, then the talk was really always only about the age of the universe, and only since the course of recent time, did I come to the salient point that therewith something very essential was forgotten.
The universe is indeed comprised of seven different belts, and indeed the talk about that was always that these seven belts, namely, together and entirely, form the universe.
We only ever spoke of that.
It never came to our minds to be more exactly precise in regard to that which we essentially meant and really wanted to know, namely, how old actually the oldest galaxies and their suns and planetary systems are, and which age the materialization belt indicates as it began to form the first denser, and therefore coarse, matter.
I want information about that from you, friend Ptaah.
653. First I must clarify just once that we speak, then, of a solid material, when this is entirely formed as such.
654. It …
Just a moment please.
Therewith, you presumably want to say that your term solid material, according to terrestrial understanding, designates completed course material, and indeed such that it is already developed to the extent that the lowest life is able to emerge out of it … or?
655. That is actually what is meant by that.
Good, then you can answer my question further, which is directed thus; that the solid coarse-matter material, in its emerging, cannot indicate the same age of 46,000,000,000,000 years as does the actual universe, rather that this material in the materialization belt perhaps first had its origin about 40,000,000,000,000 or even only 39,000,000,000,000 years ago, and then the first galaxies, and so forth, formed out of it.
656. Has anybody already informed you about this?
No, why?
I have never yet spoken with anybody about that.
657. Then you now see me astounded, as your assumptions come very close to reality.
658. According to our research, and according to information from higher planes, what occurred is that approximately 41,800,000,000,000 years ago that stage of the universe’s development was reached in which the first fine matter began to change into its transitional form and …
Excuse me, do you mean that transitional form that looks like a fluctuating, translucent and ungraspable mass, as when, in the reverse case, solid material transforms into fine matter energy or fine matter material?
I mean, exactly as is presently the case with the Supreme Council?
659. That corresponds to the meaning of my explanation.
And then how long did it take for the first solid material to come into existence?
660. Approximately 1,500,000,000,000 years.
And when did the first human life forms come, which then also developed in higher levels, and where did the spirit forms of the different levels come from, like, for example, Arahat Athersata and Petale and so forth?
661. At their formation, all higher levels, through the creativity of Creation, are already equipped with spirit forms which are equipped with the required knowledge and all the wisdom of that pertinent level.
662. These spirit forms then further develop themselves quite normally, so they thus are subject to natural evolution.
663. They are then, now and again, also the leading and guiding spirit-form powers of these levels for those evolving ones following from lower levels.
664. The first higher forms of life came into being seemingly exactly 39,260,000,000,000 years ago, after which, the possibility was created, through fauna and flora, that even human life could develop, which, since then, evolves during between 60,000,000,000 and 80,000,000,000 years in such a way that it can enter into a half spiritual, and later in a purely spiritual, level of a higher form.
I’ve also thought everything was approximately like that.
Then I haven’t been horribly off the mark.
Perhaps I lie in the realm of the possible, when I assume that coarse matter material does not exist very long, rather, is subject to a constant change of coming into being and passing away.
This might also be the grounds for why you have only found pieces of meteorite as the oldest material which exhibit an age of 37,100,000,000 years.
If I have really correctly understood cosmic life, then the coarse material forms out of fine matter material, which, in its turn comes out of fine matter energy, and so forth.
But the coarse matter material, as, for example, suns, moons, asteroids, comets and planets, and so forth, again disintegrate, become dust and gasses, and change back again into energy, into gasses and radiation and the tiniest particles, and so forth, which through the cosmic laws, inevitably again finds itself together, and conglomerates, and new gas and matter clouds form, as well as new galaxies with new sun and planet systems.
So there is practically no coarse matter in the universe, neither iron nor other metals nor stone nor minerals, and so forth, which would be older than even perhaps 37,000,000,000 or 40,000,000,000 years, indeed, then, these also exist only in places in the universe where similarly old suns or planet systems and, naturally, also such old galaxies exist, or existed.
665. You could be one of our scientists, because they have the same explanations.
You’re joking.
But now tell me, is it also known to you or your scientists when the first human life formed in the region of our Milky Way?
666. I can serve you with some information about that.
667. According to our research and according to the information from the Arahat Athersata level, the first humans, in their original form, came into being on the oldest planetary systems nearly 28,000,000 years ago, after which, then, about 27,000,000 years ago, the first physically recognizable humans emerged from them quite certainly as the life forms named hominids, which, however, first appeared very much later on the Earth.
Aha, and therefore that means that, until now, no human life forms whatsoever in our Milky Way system could have developed as far as those only in the form of the fluctuating Supreme Council, not to mention, also then being able to enter into a higher level, as, for example, in the Arahat Athersata level.
As is generally known, it indeed takes 60,000,000,000 to 80,000,000,000 years until the form of spirituality is reached which leads to the Arahat Athersata level which comprises the first pure spirit level.
But now the question remains open, where did, for example, Nokodemion come from, who not only established and engendered new peoples, rather he also created new peoples, who he then equipped with an advanced knowledge.
It is generally indeed known that Nokodemion knows an age of 86,000,000,000 years and his oldest created people 29,500,000,000 years.
Therefore he can certainly not stem from this Milky Way system, nor can the old Lyrans and their direct ancestors, nor can the Plejaren.
The first genuinely recognizably human forms of life were created on the oldest planets of our Milky Way system about 9,000,000 to 12,000,000 years ago, and, before these then became real humans, who could really be designated human, certainly yet nearly another 1,000,000 years passed, or perhaps even more.
Therefore Nokodemion and his peoples could never have stemmed from the Milky Way system.
So, from where did he and his peoples come?
668. This question also occupied us, so we asked the Arahat Athersata level, who explained to us that Nokodemion was a creation of the planet SADR, which was in the WARON sun system, which moved in the LYREN galaxy, 3,816,000,000 light years distant from the SOL system.
You said it moved.
Then does it no longer exist?
699. The LYREN galaxy also went the eternal way of coming into being and passing away.
670. It dissolved itself and turned into energy, out of which new stars and planets and a new galaxy came into being.
671. This happened 26,000,000 years ago, which is why Nokodemion left the home worlds with his peoples prior to that and settled on the worlds of the LYRA and VEGA star systems, however shifted a little and only about a fraction of a second from the present time.
672. So Nokodemion and his peoples therefore came very far out of the depths of the universe and settled themselves in the oldest space-shifted system area of the Milky Way galaxy.
673. However, this was already Nokodemion’s third exodus, because before he established or created his people on the planet SADR, he came from other galaxies and planets that were older than the LYREN galaxy, and which also passed into the way of decay.

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