The Largest Predator Ever On Earth Was A…

CR 223/700

Then I still have one last question for today, after which we can turn to the private matters: do you know what predatory animal was ever the largest on Earth, so by this, I mean throughout all times up to the actual primeval times, when the first creatures lived on the Earth, in the air, or in the water?
82. The largest predatory being of all times lived in the original seas.
83. A being that, when full-grown, was up to 32 meters long, weighed up to 185 tons, and had fins up to seven meters in length.
84. Nevertheless, the average of these enormous creatures was about 25 meters, with a fin length of three to four meters and a weight of approximately 150 tons.
85. In the future time, indications for this being will be found on Earth by the paleontologists, etc., after which it will then be named Liopleurodon, as I know from a look into the future.

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