Tunguska Crater Caused By Exploding UFO

Asket’s Explanations, Part 1


86. Any advance, and any further visit to the Earth was forbidden, and a decree was even issued that, if, unexpectedly, a ship should stray onto Earth, and no further possibilities of progress could be found, the entire crew, together with their ship, must totally eliminate itself.

87. This actually also then soon happened according to the decree of this regulation, when a huge space ship, still in the terrestrial area, was not able to free itself anymore from Earth, where it had lain hidden for several months with severe technical damage, in the country which you call Russia.
88. The ship was able to lift itself up only a few hundred meters and then sank down again.
89. In accordance with the regulation that no spaceships, and so forth, were allowed to approach the earth anymore, all outside assistance was also impossible.
90. Other races from outer space, stationed on the earth, were, on the other hand, forbidden to bring the damaged ship assistance because, among the crew, a terrestrial epidemic had broken out which was very dangerous for this life form.
91. In the knowledge that they could anticipate no more help at all, they designed an enormous bomb from the foundation-stones of life, that you call atoms, forced the ship as far as possible up into the sky, and then let it simply fall.
92. Like an enormous comet it fell towards the earth, and before it could strike the earth, at a few hundred meters height, the atomic bomb was ignited.
93. An enormous explosion tore up the ship and the crew, turned everything to dust and destroyed the landscape.
94. From everything only a giant crater remained, which is erroneously called a meteor crater by your scientists.
95. More than 4,300 life forms of extraterrestrial origin were destroyed during this gigantic destruction, which only leads back to the terrestrial Christian cult, because the actual reason for this destruction was the insanity of this terrestrial religion.

CR 365

11. The articles are very interesting, but they do not correspond to the reality of what happened at that time.
12. It is true, as you know, that the event was caused by a spacecraft of alien intelligences, exactly according to Asket’s description as you read it to me with the 86th to 95th sentence of Asket’s explanations.
13. The crew of the large spacecraft, which was destroyed over the Tunguska region in 1908 on 30th June, came from the Setkatis Galaxy, a large spiral galaxy about 17 million light years away, also known to Earth’s astronomers, under the designation M 101.
14. The home of the astronauts was a planet of little more than earth size and is called Ketulas. It is a satellite of the solar system Bliira, which includes two suns and 18 planets, but only three of them carry human life.
15. The galaxy can be observed from the Earth from above, so to speak, but the Bliira solar system remains invisible from the Earth because it is beyond observation.
16. The crew members of the spacecraft belonged to the Gilas people, which is why we call them Gilasers.
17. The Gilaser people were already very advanced in space technology at that time and were also able to build huge spacecraft using small planetoids.
18. In these they created large cavities, in which they placed equipment for propulsion, for powerful weapons, for external protective shields and electron collectors, as well as energy storage, living quarters, work spaces, food production facilities and life-support systems etc., in other words everything that was necessary.
19. From the outside it was not recognizable that it was a spacecraft, because on the outside the object remained what it basically was, namely a small planetoid.
20. Its enormous weight could be calculated with about 179,854 tons, so what you read in the T-Online article is not close to the truth.
21. It is very likely that the enormous explosion threw fragments of the outer thick planetoid hull and metal parts of the interior of the planetoid spaceship to earth.
22. And what else is to be said about the huge crater:
23. It covered about 3,500 square kilometres.
24. The massive explosion originated at an altitude of 1,290 metres.
25. It is not a deep crater or hole crater, as it is created by a direct impact of a large projectile on the earth, because the explosion at high altitude created a so-called horizontal crater.
26. In a horizontal crater, the force of the explosion from above or the pressure wave depresses all the earth, as well as plants, animals and at least the weak trees.
27. The force of the pressure wave only forms a small bulge at the outermost edge of the crater, which can be thrown up from a few centimetres to twenty or thirty metres or more, depending on the energy of the pressure wave.
28. However, such horizontal craters are only formed by large pressure waves from above and are usually not or only poorly visible, because the distance from the centre of the crater to its rim is usually so far that the actual crater rim is difficult to find.

CR 424/722

Billy: It is unceasing, the thoughts begin simply to run.
But before we turn ourselves to the correcting work of Hans-Georg’s book, I want to ask yet something regarding that which you have addressed with the 424th official contact conversations on the 17th of June, namely the arrivals of extraterrestrials in the terrestrial air space.
There was indeed the Tunguska catastrophe in which those space travelers suffered a break down and exploded their large ship in the air because it could not be repaired again.
Is that also included in your clarifications?
You have namely made no statements about that although it would be interesting to know what the circumstances are regarding this.
Ptaah: The great space ship which at that time suffered a breakdown and was destroyed, out of which the so-called Tunguska event resulted, belonged to a people who live in a distant galaxy in your space-time configuration.
Christianity, however, which was brought to their home worlds by some of their space travelers and which quickly spread out, led to grave religious wars.
When then, finally, order could again be created, the space travelers were forbidden to make any further penetrations into the terrestrial space.
Around 1000 years after this decree a great space ship of these people erred into the SOL system as a result of faulty co-ordinates and became stranded on the Earth by a still emerging grave breakdown from which it could no longer extricate itself.
So, for several months, the space ship lay with grave technical damage hidden in the Tunguska region whereby a larger number of space travelers mixed, unrecognized, among the Earth humans, far from the hiding place, and sexually engaged with them which resulted in many of them becoming sick with syphilis and, with the return to their space ship, also infecting many others with it.
That had very evil results for the space travelers because very quickly, as a result of their constitutional difference, dangerous mutations of the disease arose which, just as quickly, expanded to a plague-like disease and epidemic which cost many their lives.
They could not expect help from the home world because, according to the old determination, it was forbidden for them to approach the Earth.
Apart from that, other extraterrestrials were stationed on the Earth – namely us and our confederates – who were prohibited, by the government of the home world, from helping the space travelers. Consequently we had to hold ourselves to our directives.
Therefore, only self-destruction remained for the Earth strangers as their determination demanded, consequently they built an atom bomb, brought the space ship to a height in the atmosphere which was still possible and then caused it to fall in order to then ignite the bomb.
Through the mighty explosion the great space ship was completely ripped apart and torn to pieces whereby the monstrous explosion transformed practically the whole ship, and the entire remaining crew of 4387 humans, into dust and ash.
Everything was observed and recorded from our side, subsequently we naturally constantly relayed our information to the stranded space travelers’ home world, however we did not receive permission to intervene in the events.
Therefore we had to let things run their course, however, this was built on the fact that we could teach the space travelers’ government and people in relation to this: that no danger existed anymore for them from the Earth humans’ religions if they would no longer get involved in these.
Our intentions succeeded in the course of time, which then also had the result that all three peoples, respectively, races – namely there were three – joined our federation.
They come from a region of a large cluster of galaxies which is around 400,000,000 light-years distant from the Earth.
The three peoples, respectively, races, have three different home worlds, yet they are tightly connected with each other and call themselves the People’s Union of Bardan, because they also name their home worlds Bardan 1, 2, and 3 and have a common government.
The Bardan belong to those five peoples foreign to Earth who I named for you and who joined our federation.
Billy: And do these humans come again to Earth in the current time?
And the galaxy cluster named by you – is that also known to our astronomers?
Ptaah: Yes, and indeed already since the time around 80 years ago when they allowed themselves to be taught by us and joined our federation.
But since then they have never taken up contact with Earth humans.
And in regard to the galaxy cluster: This is known to the terrestrial astronomers and is named Coma by them.
Billy: And they look like us or different?
Ptaah: They are humans like us, if you mean that.
They have somewhat mongoloid characteristics and a somewhat coarse as well as light brownish-yellowish skin.
Billy: It would be interesting one time to get to know one of these humans.
Ptaah: If that is your wish then I can concern myself with that.
I can possibly arrange a visit.




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