Mt. Everest not the highest mountain

CR 31/700

Man oh man, then during this short time we have traveled with this vehicle, higher than our tallest mountain on Earth, higher than Mount Everest.
120. (laughing) We have moved up very quickly – you are right about that, but concerning Mount Everest, I will have to correct you, since it is not the highest mountain on Earth.
Now you make me laugh, Semjase. Mount Everest is indeed the highest mountain on my dear mother Earth.
121. My words are meant seriously… they speak of the facts.
122. But of course you could not know this since you are starting from a mistaken assumption.
123. Your scientists count the elevation of land or of a mountain, in meters above sea level.
124. That is the exact mistake, for such measurements should not use sea-level as the starting point.
125. The starting point for all measurements should be from the center of the planet, which never changes.
126. This is because planetary shapes are never exactly round, but tend more towards the elliptical.
127. When you say that Mount Everest is the highest mountain of Earth, then this is correct only with respect to sea level.
128. But in truth it is around 2,150 meters lower than the highest mountain of your world.
129. When you measure Earth mountains, then the center of the planet is decisive, and measured from there, you will see, the highest mountain on Earth is not Mount Everest.
I understand. Your interpretation is very evident. Therefore one had to search for the highest mountains where by this ellipse the diameter of the Earth is enlarged. As far as I know, the only mountains that exist in that zone would be the Andes in South America, hence the highest mountain would be found there – or am I mistaken?
130. You are very perceptive, because your considerations are very precise.
131. Do you know the mountains in the Andes?
Only very few of them. One of the highest mountains, as far as I know, is Chimborazo in Ecuador.
132. Surely, and by calling it, you have named the highest mountain on Earth.
Have I? Fabulous!
133. So it is.
What do you mean?
134. You said “fabulous.”
135. This mountain is indeed surrounded by many myths and legends and in earlier times has played a very important role in the activities of extraterrestrial intelligences. [8]


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