A Secret Service inside your TV, Computer, Internet

CR 512/700

Then I can talk openly thus: Zafenatpaneach explained again that on the Earth a religious-sectarian organization works together with a certain secret service to manipulate the people via television, computers and the Internet as they wish. Not only are television equipment and many monitors manipulated so that the organization can see directly into the room and observe and listen to everything, where the respective device is located, but the computers are also manipulated at will. However regarding the computers it means that these can be controlled from outside and impaired, if that is the wish of the organization concerned. This has been the case for many years whereby you also have been affected by it with your computer which was penetrated in order to disturb your work such that with certain writings, articles and books, that deal with religious and sectarian delusion, serious mistakes have been inserted or important facts deleted. Even pure computer disturbances are practiced with you, whereby even faults can occur. The whole thing, however, goes even further, because the mentioned secret service-religious-sectarian organization also intervenes in the lives of all users of televisions, monitors and Internet users and manipulates them. This organization which is protected in a secret service manner using all the rules of the art has achieved worldwide admittance by means of its countless number of manipulated devices into the consciousness of the people and steers their behavior in many areas.
As, for example, before in cinema and video films, etc. individual pictures of food and consumer goods were inserted that were registered into the subconsciousness of the spectator audience that resulted in the food and items being purchased commercially, this is done today in a similar manner by the said organization. With it the technology is so far developed with the assistance of the secret service concerned and their technicians and electronics engineers, programmers etc. that television sets, certain types of monitors as well as the entire Internet can be abused for their own purposes. The whole thing extends not only to the religions and sects, but also to the politics and economy, namely in the manner that vibration impulses are emitted by the manipulated devices and apparatuses which are taken up by the people subconsciously and influence them. These impulses steer people subconsciously so that they faithfully turn to religions and sects, become religious-sectarian fanatics, suicide bombers and terrorists. Also politics is steered in large measure in this manner; whereby at elections, the voters, are also being influenced by vibration impulses, consequently they choose those in the next government, etc, as directed by the emitted impulses. Even concerning food, commodities and luxury goods etc., the same methods of influencing the subconsciousness and controlling the person come to the fore, but also in terms of “contribution enthusiasm” at begging organizations and the like. Also disharmonious as well as religious-sectarian music is steered in this manner and through vibration impulses leads to mass hysteria etc. Today there is hardly anything that is not used to influence people subconsciously and to drive matters, actions and behaviors that are not self-determined, but criminally-determined by the thoughts and aspirations of those who gain some profit from it. Very many people are to such a degree no longer capable of their own decision-making, which they do not notice however, that therefore they do things and maintain thoughts that are given to them subconsciously by vibration impulses.
And probably hardly anyone can defend himself against it, because everyone assumes that he acts according to his own will.
This is right, because everything happens within the subconsciousness.
It should nevertheless be possible however that the human being can defend against it, I assume, or?
That is correct, but a clear consciousness is required which does not allow itself to be affected by vibration impulses of any kind. This includes open advertising and advertisements of all kinds, that are designed to entice people into doing certain things, actions, deeds and purchases etc.
In a time since passed, when I still went now and then to the cinema, the films were manipulated so with pictures that the spectators ran off during the breaks to buy ice cream, nuts, chocolate and Coca Cola because they were urged to do so by the inserted pictures that penetrated into the subconsciousness. One day, when these rotten activities became public, the film manipulations concerning the inserted pictures became banned.
This is right, however, now the whole thing repeats itself in the manner mentioned by Zafenatpaneach, namely many times more extensively than at the time when cinema films were still being manipulated. And what regrettably appears with the whole reprehensible thing, is the fact that worldwide, to the whole population of the earth, nothing is known of it and of their manipulation in this shameful manner.
Now I know this, I also understand why in politics the wrong people usually get at the helm of government. And it makes me understand why, during a sale of all kinds of goods in department stores, etc. hysterical masses get into a purchasing fury and also buy many other unnecessary things. Also it becomes understandable why, in today’s time, so many humans still cry for the death penalty and endorse wars, as well as commit terror and suicide attacks etc. Also the fact that the believers of religions and sects as well as the members of extreme right and left groups become more fanatical and do not shrink back from Gewalt [primal brute force] murder, torture, robbery and destruction etc., thereby has become explicable. All this leads to constantly increasing and ever more comprehensive discord. Consequently it is also no wonder that disastrous riots are ever more prevalent, since for about 2.5 decades a purported music has reached people worldwide that is entirely disharmonious by which these people become more active in Gewalt, unscrupulous, conscienceless and indifferent to each other. And if everything continues in the framework mentioned, then an uncontrollable anarchy and roaring chaos will ultimately develop.
These relationships actually exist, and so can your last remark also become reality.

source: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_512

2 thoughts on “A Secret Service inside your TV, Computer, Internet

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  2. N.S.A./ C.I.A. are implanting R.F.I.D. chips in U.S. citizens without their consent at doctors and dentists and chiropractor offices. These microchips make it possible for Law Enforcement (J.T.T.F.) to target them with gang stalkers and military grade microwave weapons through local cellphone towers. Tracking is also done using microdust or powder that can track movements from satellites. They are doing this for purely political reasons.


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