How the Pineal Gland is connected to the Paranormal

Fine-Fluidalness of the Fine-Spiritual Perception, Telepathy, Levitation and Teleportation, etc.

Explanation by Ptaah

Translation by Mariann Uehlinger, 7th October, 2014
Only the natural world that exists in material and fine-fluidal form corresponds to the reality, and also only in the reality is the effective truth pre-given; therefore the truth can nowhere else be found than in the reality itself. All of this says that the natural world not only has a material reality and truth, but also a fine-fluidal reality and truth. Thereby, fine-fluidalness – which is a fine-fluidal-consciousness-energetical factor – has effectively to be understood as a high-fine-fluidalness, because it corresponds to a purely spirit-energetical nature that is formed manifold times finer than the fine-fluidalness that builds a symbiosis with the purely material. At the present time, the human being of Earth is not yet able to comprehend, measure and make cognizable fine-fluidal energies by physical means, although he/she is certainly able to detect some fine-fluidal signals.

The reason for this lies in the fact that one kind of energy changes into another, wherethrough an energy conversion signal is triggered at the magnetic vector, that is to say, at the magnetic flux density. From the fine-fluidal energies also proceed electric and magnetic signals, whose outcoming effects can be observed and registered. The fine-fluidal energies, which are connected with the human being, are brought forth, i.e. created by the human being himself/herself, and as a result, the size and amount of electrons increases. And if the fine-fluidal energy is triggered by the human being, then he/she is also able to consciously steer the flow of this energy, in which case the interaction, i.e. the mutual impinging between the consciousness and the electrons, is effective over very great distances. Fundamentally, the fine-fluidal energies follow completely different laws than is the case with the material energies. The fine-fluidal energies show other and unique characteristics if they are emitted or radiated. In addition to this, it also has to be explained that there is not only one kind of fine-fluidal energy, but there are several, consequently each kind of fine-fluid also expands in a completely different space-time realm.

These different realms correspond to different reality-levels, such as those different ones which are purely humanly determined, as well as those that stand in connection with the fine-spiritual perceptions that derive from the realm of the spiritual Gemüt. The fine-fluidal energy that flows out of the highest realm is therefore the one that flows out of the spiritual Gemüt-realm, via the spiritual into the material subconsciousness and then finally gets into the material consciousness. So this fluidal energy practically flows from the top downwards. In the human-fine-fluidal realm each fine-fluidal level makes some kind of transparent copy-level available for the next following level. If then the fine-fluidal energy enters the next level, it adjusts to this level, informs and also teaches it. On each of these levels completely other laws are given, and namely because the energy gets more and more compact and indeed the lower it is, therefore the densest level corresponds to the physical realm. The fine-fluidal level lies directly above the physical level.

The energies of the fine-fluidal levels permeate all levels of the material existence and at the same time they form, according to the polarity-principle, the atoms and molecules which fundamentally build the coarse-material. The consciousness of the human being interacts with the lowest fine-fluidal level, as well as with those that lie above it. Through that, patterns are created that are responsible for the material world and that act like a power field that connects the human being with the energy level next to him/her. Thereby the physical level fills a positive space-time-frame that is mainly electromagnetic and in which – like with a magnet – the opposites attract each other. Thereby the potential decreases with time, whereas a condition results that indeed appears to be regulationless, however is in truth well-regulated. The fine-fluidal level, however, is a realm of negative space-time that corresponds to a very high electromagnetic form and, contrary to a magnet, attracts the same. The potential of the well-regulated regulationlessness decreases with time, for which reason everything becomes clearer.

Concerning the human being, it can be said that his/her communication on the material level comes about by means of the seven senses; however, to be able to reach the fine-fluidal level and all those above, the human being has to use his/her intuition that is anchored in the seventh sense, namely in the fine-spiritual perception. Concerning the fine-fluidal, the pineal gland acts like an antenna that recognizes consciousness-based signals and sends them from the physical to the higher fine-fluidal levels. These fine-fluidal structures interact however also between the fine-fluidal levels and the physical-material consciousness, because they have an effect on the lower and higher levels, consequently the human being can also perceive them on the physical, i.e. material consciousness-level. The material energy manifests itself in the frame of the positive space-time, and, according to its nature, it is electromagnetic and has a positive mass. This material energy causes a gravitation, although it is – contrary to the fine-fluidal energy – much slower than the speed of light, and contrary to the fine-fluidal energy it is visible in its motion. The fine-fluidal energy therefore takes up another space-time and manifests itself in the frame of the negative space-time, and has a negative mass. According to its nature, it is magnetic and its motion is faster than the speed of light.

The fine-fluidal energy is responsible for that which the human being of Earth calls paranormal-energy, which is used for the telekinesis, teleportation, levitation and telepathy, etc. This fine-fluidal energy however cannot be seen with the eyes, but is perceived fine-fluidally in a fine-spiritual wise, which is then, according to Earth-human sense, understood as a paranormal effect. Earth-scientifically, the fine-fluidal energy cannot be detected yet, also not with corresponding apparatuses and measuring tools, because such do not exist yet. Therefore it is still very difficult for the scientists to comprehend fine-fluidal energies thoroughly or even to explain them efficiently. The human being has to respect the natural world in the material and fine-fluidal as reality and understand it as wisdom of the unfolding of the creational-natural laws. Therefore the human being has to give up his/her resistance against it, in order to fully and knowingly unfold himself/herself in an evolutive wise, because only then, if the effective reality is perceived, understood and accepted, can it also be recognised and comprehended that the truth proceeds solely out of the reality. There is nothing else but the reality, wherefrom a truth could proceed, because what is not materially or fine-fluidally existent cannot include truth and cannot be proven, such as a belief – be it religious-sectarian or of another form –, which is not existent on any material or fine-fluidal level.

The natural world in material form corresponds to all that which can be seen with clear eyes, and which can be noticed in a scent- and smell-based wise and be materially comprehended. The natural world in fine-fluidal form corresponds to all that which can only be perceived in a fine-spiritual wise and through the fine-fluid-senses. The fine-fluidal senses are attached to the pineal gland and are programmed so that if impulses, etc., manifest themselves in fine-fluidal forms, they make themselves known as an ‘inner recognition’ and as an ‘inner perception’.

The comprehension of fine-spiritual perceptions is therefore not settled in the material, but in the fine-fluidal realm of perception, because these values are founded in fine-fluidal energies and swinging waves that are umpteen times finer than those of the normal-consciousness and the thoughts and feelings. Therefore, the term fine-fluidalness is known as the form of fine-material that is finer and more flexible than the coarse-substantial-material that builds the visible body. As a result, the postulated fine-fluid stands between the material and immaterial and actually serves as the explanation of an interaction between both elements, or as the explanation of immaterial phenomena in general.

Therefore, behind the coarse-substantially experienceable reality there is a fine-fluidal world that goes through every material and through which the human being can perceive fine-spiritual perceptions that, on the one hand, originating out of the spiritual realm of the “Gemüt” get into a fine-fluidal level of the consciousness via the subconscious-forms and the pineal gland. Or, on the other hand, it concerns fine-spiritual-perception-based fine-fluidal fine-spiritual-perception-impulses that proceed out of other sources and find their way via the pineal gland into those levels of the material consciousness, which have the capability to receive fine-fluidal information from the pineal gland and to forward it into the daily consciousness.



9th December 2013


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