We live in a Binary star system

CR 544/700

Billy:… You make me embarrassed, my friend. I would rather have you explain something to me a little more precisely: actually why, for some time now, enormous changes take place in the Oort cloud, which is located just at the outermost edge of the SOL system, as you explained to me in a conversation on my Great Trip in 1975, when you permitted me to see the Dark Star. In one of our most recent conversations you also again privately indicated something regarding the changes taking place in the Oort cloud. You said that, due to the dark planet floating around out there, changes are taking place that will influence the whole SOL system. To my knowledge, the terrestrial scientists suspected something along these lines, that the Dark Star exists out there, but, for them, everything is based on pure conjecture. To my knowledge, they use the name Nemesis for the alleged Dark Star. But the whole thing has nothing to do with the dark planet, which moves along its trajectory on the other side of the Sun and cannot be perceived from the Earth and haunts through the system, because I think that this has nothing to do with the Dark Star, Nemesis, or?
That is right. The SOL system is a binary star system, where the SOL twin is a so-called Dark Star, as you say. Its size is about ten times smaller than the SOL itself, whereby this twin also has its own planets orbiting around it, as you have known since 1975. The radius of the Dark Star to the SOL encompasses more than a light-year, therefore, more than 9.5 trillion kilometres, and the circumnavigation of the SOL’s center of mass, that is to say, SOL’s own orbit, amounts to around 26 million years.
SOL’s own orbit – I do not understand. What does that mean?
The Sun, that is to say, SOL does not stand still in outer space; rather it turns, indeed in its own sweeping circle, around an imaginary midpoint.
Aha. I did not know that. And why, so far, have the terrestrial astronomers not yet discovered the Dark Star?
The hitherto existing astronomical technical equipment and devices are still not suitable. But it is only a question of time until a corresponding discovery occurs. The currently existing technical devices are not yet capable, however, of capturing the extremely faint light of the Dark Star and its satellites. And regarding that, to which the changes relate, in the Oort cloud, evoked by the Dark Star; the basis is that an enormous movement occurs in the innumerable – existing in billions – numbers of smallest, small, large and largest rock, ice and metal fragment formations, and sometimes great structures are hurled out as meteors from the Oort cloud, into orbits of the inner SOL system. A large chain of such meteors is, already for many decades, underway into the inner SOL system and has partly already passed the Earth or exploded high in its atmosphere. This is happening because of the Dark Star which has long since penetrated directly into the effective range of the Oort cloud, and since then evokes severe disturbances.

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